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{May 1, 2010}   If My Life Were a 6-song EP Soundtrack

If your life was condensed to a small 6 song EP soundtrack, what 6 songs would accurately describe you to the world? Heres my soundtrack:


1. “ALL IN LOVE IS FAIR” by Stevie Wonder.
^my: in life…and after death… swan song and feelings about closeness and love on every level: romantic love, platonic love and friendship love-regardless whether or not amity turned to enmity; all really is or was fair, because the experience is what it is (or was): relative. Relative to your perception or relative to my perception. Relative to your reality or relative to my reality. It’s just how things work out sometimes: we’re both left with or have our perceptions, but then, there is a reality… (This song is to be played at my funeral for everybody whom I’ve shared feelings of closeness with-on any level)

2. “RUN TO YOU” by Whitney Houston.
^ the song that exposes me and my heart; trepidation

3. “WITH YOU” by Jessica Simpson.
^the song that exposes the real me beyond my many layers (when I’ve been in love)

4.”DROPS OF JUPITER” by Train.
^me transcendently, self-efficaciously. I love this song because it’s a perfect metaphor about self-discovery and I (my person) am a soooo all through every lyric of that song. He read my diary and exposed me! Beginninng to end-song.

5. “DRIVE” by Incubus.
^the song that exposes my personal strength and intrepidity. It’s a perfect metaphor all wrapped up into a song-about how I view life-my life: making a conscious decision to live my life (figuratively and literally) sober and sound as possible-rather than inebriated and intoxicated from a glass half empty

6. MEET VIRGINIA by “Train.”
^the song that reminds me of the unconventional and individual me-versus the world and its expectations

“Welcome to my world. If you ever want to know me, or think you already do-listen to those 6 songs…”
With love,

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