A Girl in the World & the World in a Girl…

{January 31, 2011}   Shoe In

There’s been this little black patent-leather shoe with a little pink sock stuffed in it, sitting in the corner of the exit of my building.
It has been there for about two weeks now.
When mom finally discovers that she lost it, I’m gonna miss it.
It makes me giggle so much every single time I walk past it.
I love it (and am laughing right now as I type this).

Awwwww. Nook-at-dere. *baby-talk*

{January 31, 2011}   The Sun is the Star.

The sun is the star.
The brightest in the sky.
The source of heat, energy and life force.
The vessel from which many seek life source.

As it plays its position high and above, standing front and center of 12 constellation’s admiration and love-still-I am humbled…

Where from its literal element, it gets its shine on…
Excuse me, I mean: shines down on…
It is often times in need of a down-to-earthly kind of nudge…

To put many things into perspective.
‘Cause from high above there’s no time for introspective.
Its main function is: “look at me-how I glisten and when I speak-you should only listen.”

But from groundness and earth, there’s quite simply another mission.
Most often times it’s the reality check that it’s been missin:’

Did you forget?
Let me reit:
You have a daily 12-hour window to shine and ex-hi-bit.

Which should transcend this message:
“The world is not yours. All in it does not revolve around you. It is the constellation’s duty to do.

All things in life have a time, place, reason, season and mission.
From the sky is where you play yours…
And from groundness is my position…

You’re up so high up, that lis’nin…is exactly what you’ve been missin.’



A good thing about being a writer is that, a writer is in charge of drawing their own conclusions.

When a writer becomes published, he is then referred to as an “author.”

A man who is alive, is too, an author of his own life-should he chose to write it.

That being said, every moment that you live, live as alive as possible: etch your sketch rather than having your sketch being etched and concluded by others.

Because on a real live “Magic Etch A Sketch Screen,” there are two circular control knobs.
They read: “horizontal dial” and “vertical dial.”
Those dials put, control in the hands of others.
Having only directions of horizontal and vertical as controls, affords others the ability to sketch you in a box (where you will be etched).

The good thing about etching your own sketch (being the author of your own life) is that you are in control of your own direction.
That’s the magic in it.

{January 31, 2011}   Love from Top to Bottom.

Love a selfless emotion in which all its euphoria
has everything to do with that which is opposite you.

Love is simply for and about that which we claim to love.
It’s not about “you.”

I read somewhere, a quote that said something to the effect of:
“Love is that burning desire to be desired by the one(s) we love.”
That’s not “love,” that’s back to it being about “you.”

Is selfless in that, to ask someone: “why do you love me?” the
laundry list is usually ways you make them feel, or what things
you do to and for them that makes them feel special and loved
That is not what love is-that again, is about “you,”
not what “I love YOU [the other person] is.”

“I love YOU” is that laundry list of things about
someone else that you love-that list should have
everything to do with them, and nothing about “you.”

What’s love got to do with it?
Everything. When it is filled with selflessness-complete selflessness.
And surrender-complete surrender…

It is still that thing in your eye that gleams-all wheely neely.
But the (true) meaning of love is like taking one for the team.…that is what
(true) love is: You, “taking one for the team.”

{January 30, 2011}   A Woman

A woman can be complex.
But one complex-simple thing about her is: no matter how gullible she seems (or may be/has been); she always pays attention to how well-respected you are by everyone around you (male, female, friends, siblings, clerk at the store, at leisure, at work, at play-all that).

Be it now or later, that observation secretly plays a major part in what she thinks of you (no matter how much she may love/d you).

The irony of that fact however, is that-that observation is true for a woman if she’s gullible and as well-if she is not.

But she will never realize that fact until she is no longer gullible.

While she’s gullible: she is watching.

When she is past the gullible stage; she has seen.

That is such a complex fact about any woman that she-herself-probably cannot explain if she’s 18 or 80 (regardless her zodiac sign or whatever her walk in life is).

It just is what it is or it ‘aint what it ‘aint.

If you know or learn nothing else about a woman, know that fact.

Because for some strange reason, no matter what; that will trump everything-later, should the later occur.

{January 30, 2011}   Undefined.

Give me Dread.
Give you Red.
Give me Boo.
Give you Blue.
Earn my Loyalty.
Give you Royalty.
Never duplicated.
Somewhat complicated.
Simply stated:
One Me.
One You.
Such a Rarity.
Way you stare at me.
Not a Parody.
Give me You.
Give you Glue.
Give me True.
Crazy Glue.
Unguarded Me
Just for You.
Through & Through.
Others I’m passing.
Standing Tall.
No more wall.
Beckoned to call.
In to win.
All within.
Truth is thin?
Gone like wind…
Said it once.
Say it two:
Give me You.
Give me True.
Like Crazy Glue…



{January 30, 2011}   My Autotune.

With the exception of a tear in the eye.
I never have or will press rewind.
I live on pressing: Fast Forward. Stop. Pause. & Play.
To live in regret and rewind
To me, is to be in denial of where you are in this moment in time.
Well, for me, these moments in time require no rewind.
Those moments only require right, wrong, reasons, and contemplation.
Conversation or explanation-but no rewind of that personal station.
For I NEVER bow my head in sadness, sorrow or shame.
I know full WELL my name, heart and mane.
I do nothing just for thrills, fame, money or in vain.
Whatever I do, wherever I go, I stake my claim.
When you stand still on water, is when I bow to your name.
On my walls and in life I write, rhyme and converse that.
All which I feel needs a cap twist-back.
Or I write of love, happiness and all that is fine.
What I see, think or feel for that moment in time.
Other times I turn the mirror to the buffoon
And then release MY autotune:
From Angie’s mane, what I press is the only name of my game:
Fast Forward.
So pleeeeaaaassse don’t get it twisted.
If I let a lot of things get to me I’d be sifted.
I stay blessed and know that I’m lifted.
Good mind, great eyes, green thumbs, big heart
…I am gifted.


Mimosas, toasters & sofas: things like rollercoasters.
Doing everything that you’re s’posedta.
Shown true colors and then most of.
Up then down, around like a rollercoaster:
Instant. Fast. Stop! To the head like mimosa…
Think I’d better rest on that sofa.
Sleep til’ mornings-clarity, it’ll be over.
On to keeping focused like I’m s’posedta.
See, I don’t drink or sip mimosa.
Been years since I rode a rollercoaster.
So rest on that like a sofa.
In to that silver box.
Burned up to the top.
You go in, then up you pop.
Just like that toaster…
I can’t tell you any better than I can show ya…



{January 30, 2011}   What’s Your HTML?

Go to your Tool Bar.

Click: “View.”

Then: “Source” or “View Source.”
…that is called “HTML” (Hyper Text Markup Language).

Hyper Text Markup Language is the words and symbols
behind the face [of any page] that you are looking at…

It is the cryptic language behind the face that tells the
face how to present itself to you…

Those words and symbols tell a story and paint a picture with
its words but in front of those words is the face-the HTML is merely
the complexity behind that face which exhibits simplicity…

Any page of mine is my face, my canvas and my “HTML-” upfront rather
than behind…

Keep in mind however that though my HTML is on the front, I am a person;
not just a picture behind HTML…

My HTML (and complexity) is what lies behind this PERSON
(flesh and bone-just like you)…

Everybody has their own HTML…

I am merely displaying HTML-a mixture of how I think and what I think.
Which comes from various sources of experience or observation;
gathered into HTML code.

How I feel and what I feel (generally speaking).
A mixture of emotions: personal, interpersonal and not so personal.
Merely observations or experiences of others as well-past or present.

I write-so that is what I do: write-about a lot of things…

Because I chose to exhibit my HTML in way(s) that you may not chose to,
will not dare to or can’t…do not negatively judge me or challenge me when
what I’m merely doing is sharing with you for:
I am not judging.
I am not challenging.
I feel that if one does not judge-he should not feel judged.
I feel that if one does not challenge-he should not feel challenged…
(now decode then download that^ for a sec)…

If within the source of your HTML is filled with and of hate, envy,
strife, anger, feelings of resentment, mean-spirit and any other
weak emotional fear; then what you will see is merely you are
and what’s already inside of you.

If the source of your HTML is of happiness, joy, love and light and any
other emotion of strength (faith, hope, love, courage);
then what you will see is merely you are and
what is already inside of you as well.

If within the source of your HTML you love me, have love for me and/or you
personally KNOW me-then you fully understand, can decode, most probably have
seen or been with me while living some of my HTML, with and because of that,
you can do nothing but love me more after sharing my HTML…

So ask yourself this question:

Have you ever literally viewed the source of your very own HTML?

Where is YOUR HTML?

Don’t ever think that because it may not be written…that you yourself do not have a
story to tell and that because it may not be written, that it’s tucked away oh so well…

That’s just the very nature of cryptic (or hidden) HTML…


What it is to know humility and when you have evolved, is to maintain the same plight, presence, stance and person full with abundance or empty with deficiency.

If on one extreme, or the other, you find that you cannot handle either extreme (with the same plight, presence, stance and person) then, somewhere along the way you have allowed the world and all of and in it to control you.
And have done yourself solid deception and disservice…

Freedom is the indefinite subscription to the fact that you cannot miss what you never had.

It is attachment to nothing-so nothing is owed to you, therefore, you owe nothing.

Freedom is adhering to never putting yourself in any situation that you cannot walk away from.

Ownership of the self is atop the pyramid of power-a kind of power in the game of life where you have no challengers, therefore: no competitors.
The necessary common denominator is the greatness in you.

Having ownership of oneself is a little like this: the strings that dangle and the wands that swings from left to right in the faces of others; (controlling their lives, greed, desires and needs) in your eyes; are merely pendulums.
Pendulums by which your: resistance, ability to do without, willingness to tear down and rebuild by your own watch and rules, is what separates they: the weak and owned who cannot function without. from you: free and strong-built for this and willing to do without.

That kind of power is exclusive only to the mentally adept, emotionally intelligent and spiritually lifted.
With that, and with all the above; you stand strong, secure and proud-content in knowing that with or without any thing(s) in particular, you remain who you are and do what you do-just the same. And as if it or they never came…

When you adhere to that, you invite nothing to your life but that which too, is only for the right thing and ready to do right by you…

{January 30, 2011}   Fame

Most people who chase and run behind fame, do so-because they do not know their worth (if any) outside of the buffoonery that is widely celebrated and popular in the world today.

But for the ones who do know their worth and what they bring to the table; their hustle is no different than a college graduate refusing to work at Burger King.

They know that from beyond the sideshows and clownery-in its righteous, blessed and due time-they too, can have it their way (just like Burger King).

If I can do nothing else in this world, even down to lacing my shoes right, there is one gift that I do know that I was blessed with, it’s: the gift of gab and having a way with words-something that is worth more in value than buffoonery, popularity and fame-chasing (after the smoke and mirrors).

I love music. I can rap a lot. I can hold a tune, so I love to write hot: rap/pop/rnb/songs.
I am a student of life. A great story teller, and I know how to make you feel whatever I want you to feel-think whatever I want you to think (like a good storyteller is supposed to) so I write hot books.
I can draw and bring to life, things that work in my mind.
I stay inspired, intrigued and interested, so, I have a few resolves about how some things should work. So, I draw designs for those things (from my mind).
When it comes down to business, no matter what the business (but especially my business); I am as shrewd as it gets.
So I do all things necessary to legally make sure what came from my mind-is mine.

My vision is broad.
I see workable ways in how to make what works-work better.
My horizons are expanded every day that I wake.

My talents and my skills that I thrive in that that make me feel fulfilled, just happen to far extend sitting at a desk from nine to five. No, there’s nothing wrong with that-I do that too, but my spirit is drained and killed there.

With all that said, should I just toss, hide, ignore and bury my head in shame-simply because what I most excel and am interested in happens to be (in your eyes) “all about the fame?”
I don’t think so.
To do so would not serve me-that would only serve and make you feel full-right?…
So which do you feel-I should chose?
Which do you think is most important (to me). Your way or mine?…
I work hard, to be respected for what I do and can bring to the table.
I don’t seek to get by on my beauty and my booty.
For me, images of me are what’s smoke and mirrors. Should my will get weak-then I can compete.
Some things matter more to some people, for others-it doesn’t…
That’s just life. But I’m not concerned with that-I know what matters to me and I know who I am.

But since you so confidently and assuredly ride your assumption, allow me to humbly mount you with this ONE question:

Can you rock these words like me?
You’re human. Sure you would, if [like Burger King-you had it your way] and you could…

(That should address quite a few people who’ve been cruising for that dose of enlightenment that they so badly needed to digest).

Know the difference between a “Fame-Chaser” and somebody who happens to excel or love what they do that looks like fame to you. You may not have an idea, and as well-you have no idea of what I go through.

What I say is not about conceit or arrogance.
I have nothing to be conceited or arrogant about-everyday I am a work in progress.
None of what I say is behind malice or hostility of any kind, for I have nothing to necessarily defend.
But sometimes in life, and especially on this internet with a world of eyes and people who know you (but only thought your life and relationship with them only extended as far as talks about bullshit talk and bills); sometimes situations do not permit you to know the full person (depending on their connection with you).
It’s unfortunate if we never got to the part about dreams and aspirations and goals…
Well: surprise-surprise…This is what I do.
This is that other side of me.
Hello, hi-you. I am pleased to re-acquaint myself with you.
This is what I dreamed and worked on for years in between all the bullshit that we would say and do.
Sorry if I didn’t dream you. Dream around you or share my dreams with you.
I think that is very unfortunate, very
If I could have-I would have…

On another note, on the internet-behind pixels and words on a screen-people who definitely do not know you and have never so much as had a conversation with you, form opinions about you and question your motives; working overtime trying to discredit you, and diminish you to comfort their own insecurities.
As if somehow, what you eat will make them fat.

I don’t get that… 😦

There come times when you have to make yourself abundantly clear (on the internet) when you and all you do is on display.

My display probably looks very decorated. But trust me when I say, I was research, working, working towards and doing all of this-years before there was a Twitter, a Facebook and all these social forums with (partial) mounds of gossip, mean-spiritedness and inuendo running amok.

To some, my way and display may seem a big way.
Not because I’m bragging or fronting-it’s because I can deliver what I display, that is why I display samplers.
This ‘aint nothing new to me.
I worked on and towards everything I’m doing without an audience.
Sometimes I have to remind myself that I do have an audience.
That is what’s new to me…
All that you see on display, was in preparation wayyyy before the birth of a Twitter and a Facebook.
The highest paid woman in all of television can even vouch for that fact and you best believe I’m going to hang onto that as my time stamp in this thing-if nothing else. LoL. 🙂

I sign off by saying that I wrote this in my blog because I would much rather make draw my conclusions and facts for you, than to have to have them draw for me-incorrectly and untrue 😉

If you got nothing but love for me, thank you.
Rock with me while I rock with you.
And if you don’t-just kick ’em! LoL.
Nah. I got love for yous too.
‘Cause if you don’t have love for me-ohhh…it was only because you didn’t understand me.
But you do now! 🙂

Love all 🙂

{January 30, 2011}   Walking Shoes

God is not:
A gavel, a knife, a sword, a gun, a noose, venomous sputum.
Or only for Sunday, Wednesday, Easter Sunday mornings and afternoon services or Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day feast pray-overs…

(God is not a weapon, situation or occasion)…

God is more than
A mid-sentence conversation piece or convenience to use to stand in front of our own personal feelings, weaknesses, judgment and insecurities…

(That is not Godly or “of God”-period)…

Yes, fear God-not living life…

God is not:
Condemnation, a competition or race; trite, fight, habitual, empty and redundant repetition or a shield for when we fear life and living in the world around us when it becomes just too much for us to handle…

(That is not Godly or “of God”-either)…

God is not:
To be called upon to hurry up and shut it down “beam me up!” for times when we feel that our emotional, interpersonal, personal, social, mental or financial needs aren’t met to our satisfaction-so we lose hope and faith that all negative things too shall pass and instead, we hope for, pray for and wish for him to stop doing HIS job, and HIS work to let us come play amongst him.

Sorry, if you woke up this morning-God’s not through with you; HE’S BUSY-he still has work to do…

(God made patience a virtue-practice it)…

Pure, unadulterated, angst and anticipation for God should be an almost selfish act of spiritual obsession:

“I just want to meet you! smell you! touch you! hear you! and bow to your feet because I crave you! need you! miss you! I want to hold you! hear you say that you love me and tell me that everything is going to be okay…”OH GOD!!!!!” (we’ve all yelled THAT many times before…) I LOVE YOU!…”

Anticipation of God should have NOTHING to do with anything other than the simple fact that you, yourself and YOU…just HAVE to have him…

(That is spiritual desire for God when your heart is on fire for Him)…

Anything other than that is to be waiting for Him in vain which means that you have lost faith that while he is at work when we are at play; he is overseeing things and ensuring that everything will be okay…

(That is impatience, faithlessness, despair and mistrust).

God is not:
Only a convenience to be called upon during times of thoughts of inferiority, distress, bad times and kicked-rock luck, but in good times and abundance as well. Don’t you think he knows “what’s really going on?”

(God is not a user or fair-weather, why should we be?)

A walk with God is not just enough to be in servitude, congregation, giving glory [or secretly, silently, viciously and spitefully demanding of others] the same glory and praise when and wherever; for YOU have NOTHING to do with someone else’s close personal relationship with the same God.

That other man has NOTHING to prove to little ole’ you but EVERYTHING to prove to his God…

God knows that without [or even WITH] Him getting the glory or honorable mention in ANYTHING man does, if He had a hand in it or not.

God knows if He is or is not the foundation, genesis and through to the end of ANYTHING your fellow man does, even though YOU may not-it’s just none of your business.

How, why or does knowing either way, serve you? Let God bless that or mess that..

(Keep religious spirituality in perspective-He’s big enough to tend to, watch over and listen to everybody, right?)…

He who does not exhibit spiritual scorn (by way of his words, energy and spirit itself) does not seek to antagonize and show contempt and as well, he is free of thoughts or feelings of scorn or contempt toward him-for his spirit, love and work is for and about his God-period.

He knows that his (true) devotion for his God uses him positively (for gospel: “good” and “good news”)-never antagonistically, therefore, he knows that all that he is in receipt of, is to, positive and without scorn or contempt as well.

He trusts that God uses and works on everybody.

You and your fellow man have a right to a relationship with the same God-no matter how loud the scream.

Do not assume that because you choose to scream louder, that the next man has any less a relationship with God than you do.

How dare you?

(Share Him. Trust in Him to oversee another man’s devotion to him or lack thereof)…

A TRUE walk with God is while in mid-thought, action, word or deed of anything vicious, evil, self-serving or venomous…or while: mid-PROUD, mid-ENVY, mid-GLUTTONY, mid-LUST, mid-WRATH, mid-GREED and mid-SLOTH; we stop in our tracks and ask for guidance, direction and re-direction while MID-EXPERIENCING these things…

That is what it is to be walking with God…

(Talk to Him)…

So as long as we pop, rock, drop and rep God, we should REMEMBER that we must CONSISTENTLY and CONSCIOUSLY rule it, pursue it (and if it FITS)…put on your OWN walking shoes…face-FORWARD, tunnel vision and DO IT…

(Walk with Him)…

{January 30, 2011}   Presidential. Period.

I like to collect President O’bama’s pics that float around the internet.
The photography is usually amazing.
For some reason, the pics always compel me to add captions to them-like they speak out.
Obviously, at the beginning of his term, I was having a field day collecting them to spoof.
But as time goes on, I’m not able to keep up with them all.
Please feel free to view and get your laugh on.
If you have some Pres pics, please share them with me.
Email them to me: angelashericeblog@email.com so that I can scan and caption them!


The moon was so pretty last night.
As it shined through my window pane.
Glaring in my face, bright enough to make a stain.
But it didn’t.
Instead it called out my name.
Staring at it made me remember all the things I could not change.
It just sat there, immovable and stubborn-sort of like you.
I’m watching it, telling it things I wanted it to do.
But it just sat there…
It wouldn’t move, or do what I told it to.
But still that moon was so pretty you see
Reminding me of the feeling I had when you were first sent to me

But when I look at that pretty moon, I know that in a matter of days, its shape will change
Just like our love from bass, alto, to soprano range
Like the way we cuss, holler and fight;
Oh this tumultuous love affair
The tears that I cry, just needs to know that you care

It’s so funny unlike before; confidently I can say I’m at a “safe” place today
If you stray or stay either way, I’ll play
The intensity could go almost any way

For I spend just as much time crying with you as I do when we are apart
Still trying to find a name for this feeling inside my heart

It hurts so much for me to leave, and hurts just as much for me to stay.
It’s so funny how I talk about how much I love you and how much you love me
Yet love isn’t supposed to be this way

Never understanding the why or how
I’m packing up my life and love for now
Taking a deep breath, I have to do it now or never
Though in my heart I know for you or for me
There’s no one else out there who makes the other better.
You bring out the best in me.
And also the worst
Sort of like an irreplaceable curse

You see loving you is so very simple, not hard to do
For me it comes easily. I never ever had to deceive you
Lie, cheat or steal? All I had to was leave you
Because I know that it would hurt you more
So now I’m walking through the door

And what about the way you lied to my heart, cheated me of my chance
Stole all of my love with just one glance?
Slighted us of making good love and great romance

A love like ours, should it ever be?
The way we love, then hate, so passionately
In circles-just like that moon shining through my window pane
Making me wonder if our love will ever be the same

Or am I fooling myself, packing up my love, my life; calling myself leaving you?
Knowing in my heart and mind that you, on the other side of that pretty moon
It’s making you blue
Me? On this side. I’m bluer than blue.
Thought you knew…

Thinking of the way we play tug of war with each others hearts
A love like ours, shouldn’t have ever fallen apart
You and me; we could have wrote the book on it
But I’m on this side of the pretty moon, trying hard to close the book on it
By making myself disappear from all five of your senses
Reminding myself that this time I meant it
Knowing that you’re on the other side of that pretty moon-still waiting for me
You can’t imagine how much on this side of the moon, the same thing applies to me

Stretching my imagination a little bit
Picture this.
You, on the other side saying, “you’re cute and fine but you just aint her-
She’s one of a kind, 1 more than a 9. A love like hers is hard to find.”
Me? On my side inferring the very same thing to the person in my face,
They’re cute and fine, and all that, but could never take your place
I’m envisioning you right now with your jealous lil face;
Frowning and mad, your everyday pace.
Woe to anyone who tries to invade your space
In my heart and mind and all my five senses
But these games that we play are ever so senseless

I must admit, your jealousy turns me on.
But not from the other side of the moon…

How unfair of you on the other side of that pretty moon above
Looking like the thief who stole all of my love
Unable to feel that wrath of my jealous ways
Or see my fits of angry displays
I know there are a lot of things that you do
That I’m more than sure I won’t agree to
While on that other side of the moon…

I’m staring at the pretty moon, bright, stubborn, round-and in a circle: like our love
Staring at the heavens up above, telling it to tell you it’s you that I’m thinking of
That moon, shaped sort of like how I’m talking, in circles, cause I aint going nowhere
You without me and me without you, us without us- I could not bare

I ask you once again, are you here to stay or play?
I won’t try to stop you if you should decide to stray
The gloved one said it best in a song one day
“I like living this way. I like loving this way”
So I’m unpacking my lil bags of life and love
To show you that you are the one I’m always thinking of

I know when I wake to the sun that you will be there
To take over all my five senses and to show that you care
I’m inviting you to hold me and see all that I see
And show you exactly what you mean to me
I’m inviting you to the sweet sounds of you and I when we make love
Underneath that pretty moon shining up above
I’m inviting you to the smell of you and me on fire
And feel our hearts melt into one desire
I’m inviting you to the taste of ecstasy
Of me on you and you on me
I’m inviting you to touch me the way you want to
And to do all the things that you want me to do
Then you’ll know for sure what’s in my heart and mind
‘Cause a love like ours, we’ll never find……………….

The sun was so pretty this morning…


{January 30, 2011}   I Can’t Stay Long

I don’t get out much but I came out to play
With you since we’ve anticipated this day
It’s clear that you know I have someone at home
Which is the reason why I cant stay long

I’m here because I wanna be, and you wanted me too
And for you to show and prove what you told me you could do
How selfish of me, this lusty desire
Now is just as good a time as any, besides, my heart is on fire

I felt somewhat bad when I just left from home
Kissing my baby and rushing out, dressed in just a trench coat and thong
Hell I’m here, forgetting about it, even though I knew it was wrong
But I’m gonna tell you once again, I can’t stay long

Pardon me if it seems I’m in a rush, believe it or not my mind is at ease
I’ll show you by caressing you and telling you to do what you please
Hold on for a second, this just doesn’t feel right
I’m here spending time with you and left my baby alone tonight

Well actually that’s not so, because it’s our home and my presence is always there
He’s probably lighting candles, and preparing my bubble bath to show that he cares
It’s funny, he’s always been like that, doing things for me to ensure I won’t leave
The things he does and says to and for me, you could never believe

Listen to me, sitting here, talking about my baby in the middle of this scandal
Imagining me with someone else is something I know he couldn’t handle
Yet, I’m sitting here allowing you to admire me dressed in nothing but this thong
For the third time I must remind you that I can’t stay long

Thinking about my baby and talking to you is making me see something clear
There really is no good reason why I should be here
He gives me good lovin’ and everything from A-Z
No one has ever loved me the way that he loves me

Hmm. Chante thinks she’s got a man? Well I got the rock to prove it
A date he’s dying for me to make and rushing me to move it
He’s not sitting at home, twiddling his thumbs thinking I’m out on a prowl
He’s writing a list of things to do for me; what, when, where, and how

But even if he had nothing, but his good love you see
I’d still be with him because of the way that he loves me

He’s forever thinking of things that he could have done some way better
If I come home and he is not there, he always writes me a letter
We don’t play silly games, trying to keep this thing called “mystery”
For, my heart is in his hands and his is right here with me

We’ve been together for so long and he tells me every day is like the first
Married now or never, he reiterates for better or for worse
But he tries his damnedest to see to it that there is no such a thing
At night when he holds me he’s thinking of what tomorrow will bring

For us, he looks forward to a new day and does all that he could
He actually does all that and more than what you told me you would
Treat me right? We never fight? We talk about everything
Obsessed with cleaning this rock on my finger, that’s more than just a ring

He says he loves to watch it sparkle like the sexiness in my eyes
Wines and dines? Shit he cooks for me and he never tells me lies
Took me home to meet his mama? I’m the only one she knows
He makes love to me from my head to my feet and even massages my toes

In this game of love you see, it’s more than just me
It’s him, the two of us, loving unselfishly
That’s right, me and him; the two of us together
Making it through all the storms and any kind of weather

Well, I already told you that I couldn’t stay long and sorry things didn’t go your way
But hopefully you learned a lot from me and will remember this day
If you ever find someone that you feel for the way you say that you feel for me
Make sure that you treat her like my baby does me, and I’m sure she’ll never leave

One lesson that I hope you learned you see
When loved the way that my baby loves me
It’s so very important to look outside of yourself
While your baby at home thinking for them there is no one else

I’m terribly sorry if this one night with me has made you blue
But my homie/lover/friend loves me more than you
If you could be a fly on the wall you would know that this were true
But the love he gives me, right here and now, is exuding from me to you

You can stay the night here, I don’t mind, the room is already paid for
Looking at the timepiece you see, he bought for me, I must now walk to the door

Wearing what he bought me-this trench coat and panty thong
Our love was built to last and is ever so strong
I’m going home to a love so right-that never goes wrong
I forewarned you when I came: I can’t stay long…


Regarding this poem.
My friend had me read to her-this poem, while she closed her eyes to absorb it. When she opened her eyes, she was tearing up, and she said to me: “but Angela, there are no men in the world like that.”
(Hmmm. To be continued?)…

{January 30, 2011}   For Michael Jackson Fans.

I wanted to share my online scrapbook of Michael Jackson.
I put it together and scanned it all on June 26, 2009 A.D.
Feel free to view.
It’s fun.
I loved Michael Jackson RIP


{January 30, 2011}   Love is.

When you are in control of your own head and
your own heart-you do not have to “guard” it from
love (platonic love, romantic love or otherwise).

You guard your head and your heart from people,
situations and surroundings that truly have no
love for you.
And yet at still, you can only do that too-if you’re
control of your own head and heart-just the same.

True love (platonic, romantic or otherwise), has no
consequences or repercussions. That is, if it’s true love…
The funny thing about love is-in life, you’re going to fall for it,
fall into it, stand up for it, and fall down from it, but in the end,
it still falls back to you.
If you are in control of your head and your heart, you down have a problem
picking up the pieces and falling for it, falling into it, standing up for it,
and falling down from it-again.
And sometimes, again and again, until you get it right.
That’s love and that’s life…
People who complicate love typically have no business out here in the game
of it-because they’re usually not done with working on love for
themselves-head and heart-first, (in my opinion).

People are much-much too concerned with: “did you love him/her more than me,”
and all kinds of unnecessary mind wrangles that whether we express them aloud or not;
we are too preoccupied with. That complicates love.
Healthy love, is the realization that chances are, you might have loved him/her more or
less or in different ways for different reasons but if someone is willing to share love
with you and you are willing to share and accept that love, then work with the fact that
it’s us-here and now. So let’s rock and roll with the-us, here and now.
All else is just too complicated.
Love is not complicated (true love isn’t).



{January 30, 2011}   Delivery.

You can lead a horse to water.
But you can’t make him drink.
You “CAN” claim you’re a champion lover, but the proof is in your delivery.
You can help make a baby, but can you deliver?
Well then the product of the prize is essentially the fruits of the deliverer’s labor.

Debts I paid them all to you. I paid and paved the way for you.
If the proof is in the puttin’ then it was me who put it on.

What good are dancin’ feet to one who can’t deliver the dance?
Can do is what really matters, all else means nothing at all.
‘Cause you “can” pull the rug from beneath my dancin’ (and deliverin’) feet, doesn’t mean that I will fall.
Nobody is perfect, I know I’ve done my wrongs, but I have no reason to hide in a shell.
My strength comes from those who remained in my corner, knows my heart and mean me well.
I said it once before, it’s not what you “can” say, but what you “can” do.
Ooops, I contradicted myself in that song I did and delivered about you.

It’s not all about what you “can” do, but it’s all in the delivery.
So I ask-once again: “Is it true that you “can” (deliver too?)”

I wrote this to put something on your head, for the next time you think of slaying and defaming my name.
Make sure you “can” do AND deliver all of your claims to fame.

Until then, I’m turning my back on you-my shoes you’ll never fit
May the last words you’ll here from me come from that other hit:
“These boots are made for walkin-’ tell you what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna put on my walking boots and I’m gonna walk all over YOU…”



{January 30, 2011}   I Never Finished What I Started.

Ever since I was a child, my mind has traveled from mile to mile
To many places, persons and things
Refraining from making promises, afraid of what tomorrow brings
But you can’t call me a procrastinator
I never promise to get back later
Everything from A to Z, every canvas that I’ve touched
Friendships/relationships, yes they all meant much
It’s just that I never finish what I’ve started.
Yet I try so hard not to do anything half-hearted.

Detached? Astrology tells me that I am not.
Does completion really put me on the spot?
Though my mind at times appears lost in space
My heart has always been in the right place:
With you…
And everything else for that matter
But since loving you this one thing I have gathered
That I never finish what I started, yet I try so hard not to do anything half-hearted
But of everything from A to Z
I’m so glad that you were sent to me
To help me finish what I have started, to give you my all whole hearted.
You’ve proven to me time and time again that you are here to stay
And wouldn’t have it any other way
You make me finish what I started
Regardless how many times we’ve parted

If I could think of one song that reminds me of you
One that makes me cry even when I’m not feeling blue
It’s called “The Wind Beneath My Wings,” you know that one, don’t you?

I never finish what I started…



{January 30, 2011}   I Hate You.

When I see you I see fog.
I hear rain. I feel fire. I feel pain.
The mere thought of your touch to mine feels like brisk cold wind to my skin.
And it’s because I hate you.
I hate you for all that you did, and all that you didn’t do.
Can’t say that I hate you for all you didn’t say. You said plenty-you just never followed through…
Nor did anything “Me” or anything “You…”
No matter what I think of when I think of you, tears from the years marinade from inside
And make their way to crowd my tired eyes.
But they never fall anymore.
They just sit there.
Filling up in the wells of my soul and then like the Grim Reaper, here comes the fog: Guess who?
I hate you.
On fire, my heart palpitates and sends Fahrenheited sensations to my chest down through my limbs.
A place once filled with the pitter-patter of butterflies moving all around and about at whim.
I hate you so very much because you put many miles on my heart.
You make me wonder if this was in your plan right from the start…
Funny how you crept on me, then in to me and left nothing but skid marks all the way through me.
I hate you for all that I went through for you, with you and because of you.
I hate the fact that I share this universe with you.
I hate everything that reminds me of you.
I hate that you breathe the same air that I breathe.
I hate you.
I just hate you, and wish that you would leave…
I never loved so hard, hated or hurt so bad.
I hate you so much because with no warning-like the same way you entered my life-you made me hate you right in the middle of loving you…
And for that, I just nothing but hate you.

©2001 AngelaSherice


{January 30, 2011}   Flight and Fly

“I let my ‘haters’ be my motivators.”
I hear that so much that I felt the need to write about it.
That song is one so high and hot, that it ought to be inducted into the “Need To Rock then Roll Hall of Shame.”

Stop “letting (your) ‘haters’ be (your) motivators.”
That is a tension-filled, fight or flight negative experience.

Whatever it may be; be at one, and at peace with yourself and your process (if anything substantial is to be felt from it).

Succeed for yourself and the people who love, support and believe in you-not your “haters.”

When whatever it is you do, you do it for the love of it; you are on auto-pilot motivation, so there is no fight, just-flight.

On auto-pilot, you are already a success at take-off and through to the journey itself (regardless where it may or may not land).

Pardon the philosophy and psych major in me, but on the flip side of “letting (our) ‘haters’ be (our) motivators;” some “haters” are mere imaginary defense mechanisms for the frustration in our heads when we feel the pressure of, fear, and our inability to fulfill a task or goal.
That is natural-we are not super-human.

With that flip-side as a possibility, that is twice the reason to do what it is you do for the love of it and as well, for you-first. Because although (from our mind’s eyes and our finger pointed outward) the “hater” could very well be “them.”
As well, it could be the frustration in your head too-simply-you “hating” on you. (Blocking yourself, and being in your own way).

“Let my ‘haters’ be my motivators.”
Exhaustive, unnecessary, but more more importantly: impossible.
So why put yourself through it?

I know some cliches’ can sound so poetically good that it seems so “right.”
But all that is good is not always “right,” right?

Trust me, I know…we do have real “haters,” when we are not idle, but instead are moving about and trying to work towards our dreams or goals.
But since they are “haters,” why give them your attention and call their hate “motivation” for you?

If someone “hates” you, they will not gas you up to motivate you.
They have no fuel for your fire, they want to snuff yours out-that is the only motivation they have for you-can, and will give to you.
They do not want to give you encouragement-they want to point out your flaws to hurt-not help you.
They do not want to inspire you in your process, they want to make feel like your process is flawed.
They do not want to motivate you-they spend too much time accusing you of having ulterior motives.
Why let them cause you any turbulence?
Spare them.
They are already a torment to themselves: competing, cutting and working overtime trying counterbalance your balance.
They can’t fly.
They need your air-your wings.
They’re too busy navigating negatively; hoping to crash into you-hoping to break you apart.
You can’t fly if you’re too busy focusing on them “hating” on you.
Ignore them-they are just out gas for themselves when they’re out of focus-but so will you, if you provide the gravity.

When what you do is truly a God-given blessing and a gift given to you-you have no competition.
Only the blessed, and spiritually in-touch know and respect that law and secret.
You’re on Most-High, they’re on low-high.
Your thoughts and processes are peaceful and calm with clarity in your eyes.
Their thoughts are turbulent and wrecked with shrapnel in theirs.
They can’t see you past the debris in their eyes.
They don’t see you beyond their contempt and scorn.
They do not want to see you.
They do not want to see anything right, positive, good or true in anything that you do.

Only once you fully understand that everything is relative and the Most High is the only one who has jurisdiction and sovereignty over what is righteous, real and true; can you dream, be, and live from a place that is authentically you.

“Hate,” giving power to “haters” or even hating on yourself (being in your own way) begets nothing.
Nothing motivated and conceived by hate of any kind has ever given birth to anything great.

Fall in love again with your progress by showing some love and respect for your process, rather than giving power to hate and “haters.”

One thing for certain but this flip-side is for sure: when you let your haters (real or imagined) ALL fall back, you will find the strength to be more motivated to move on and forward filled up with a diesel kind of petroleum to send you to altitudes high as you plan and pray on.

And should you experience any turbulence, at least you took your lovers rather than your “haters” along the flight with you.

With their love for you, support and belief in you-you certainly will not crash.
The “haters”-just bypass and fly past in order to keep your process, thoughts, and dreams in the clouds.

Land for light and love-not darkness and hate.

Do like the songs says: “pretend like airplanes in the night-time are like shooting stars.”

Landing for love and the lovers. Stay motivated.
Love, -Angie.

{January 30, 2011}   So Compatible…Are We.

I turned to the television
To the sounds of the land and the sea
As always, you capture me-and keep my undivided attention.

no one was waiting there
the atmosphere belonged to only You and to Me

you see
are the Land-the Sand
am the Sea.
my still waters ran deep-the moment the wind introduced You to me

I am pleased to meet You.
Your magnetism kind of reminds me of how the Sea can’t stay away from the Sand

it’s so beautiful how We blend together, and I sink in…to You…
But what’s happening to Me?

You’re always there
i feel your warmth from the sun welcoming me
thirsting for my coolness
longing for my moisture that the sun steals
from you-the Sand
who needs Me-the Sea
We never need an audience. We make our own music.

You love the way I dance
the way I make my waves to you from the wind whispering to me
And I love the way you glisten
from the sun and part of me

the wind touching Me and the sun touching You
just wants to know why
You-the Sand
and Me-the Sea
are so inseparable
so compatible-are we…

But yet, the Sea is a reminder of all that has flown from within Me…
You-the Sand
Me-the Sea
are so inseparable.
So compatible-are we?

©2000 AngelaSherice


{January 29, 2011}   ABOUT THIS BLOG SITE

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