A Girl in the World & the World in a Girl…

{January 30, 2011}   A Woman

A woman can be complex.
But one complex-simple thing about her is: no matter how gullible she seems (or may be/has been); she always pays attention to how well-respected you are by everyone around you (male, female, friends, siblings, clerk at the store, at leisure, at work, at play-all that).

Be it now or later, that observation secretly plays a major part in what she thinks of you (no matter how much she may love/d you).

The irony of that fact however, is that-that observation is true for a woman if she’s gullible and as well-if she is not.

But she will never realize that fact until she is no longer gullible.

While she’s gullible: she is watching.

When she is past the gullible stage; she has seen.

That is such a complex fact about any woman that she-herself-probably cannot explain if she’s 18 or 80 (regardless her zodiac sign or whatever her walk in life is).

It just is what it is or it ‘aint what it ‘aint.

If you know or learn nothing else about a woman, know that fact.

Because for some strange reason, no matter what; that will trump everything-later, should the later occur.

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