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{January 30, 2011}   Fame

Most people who chase and run behind fame, do so-because they do not know their worth (if any) outside of the buffoonery that is widely celebrated and popular in the world today.

But for the ones who do know their worth and what they bring to the table; their hustle is no different than a college graduate refusing to work at Burger King.

They know that from beyond the sideshows and clownery-in its righteous, blessed and due time-they too, can have it their way (just like Burger King).

If I can do nothing else in this world, even down to lacing my shoes right, there is one gift that I do know that I was blessed with, it’s: the gift of gab and having a way with words-something that is worth more in value than buffoonery, popularity and fame-chasing (after the smoke and mirrors).

I love music. I can rap a lot. I can hold a tune, so I love to write hot: rap/pop/rnb/songs.
I am a student of life. A great story teller, and I know how to make you feel whatever I want you to feel-think whatever I want you to think (like a good storyteller is supposed to) so I write hot books.
I can draw and bring to life, things that work in my mind.
I stay inspired, intrigued and interested, so, I have a few resolves about how some things should work. So, I draw designs for those things (from my mind).
When it comes down to business, no matter what the business (but especially my business); I am as shrewd as it gets.
So I do all things necessary to legally make sure what came from my mind-is mine.

My vision is broad.
I see workable ways in how to make what works-work better.
My horizons are expanded every day that I wake.

My talents and my skills that I thrive in that that make me feel fulfilled, just happen to far extend sitting at a desk from nine to five. No, there’s nothing wrong with that-I do that too, but my spirit is drained and killed there.

With all that said, should I just toss, hide, ignore and bury my head in shame-simply because what I most excel and am interested in happens to be (in your eyes) “all about the fame?”
I don’t think so.
To do so would not serve me-that would only serve and make you feel full-right?…
So which do you feel-I should chose?
Which do you think is most important (to me). Your way or mine?…
I work hard, to be respected for what I do and can bring to the table.
I don’t seek to get by on my beauty and my booty.
For me, images of me are what’s smoke and mirrors. Should my will get weak-then I can compete.
Some things matter more to some people, for others-it doesn’t…
That’s just life. But I’m not concerned with that-I know what matters to me and I know who I am.

But since you so confidently and assuredly ride your assumption, allow me to humbly mount you with this ONE question:

Can you rock these words like me?
You’re human. Sure you would, if [like Burger King-you had it your way] and you could…

(That should address quite a few people who’ve been cruising for that dose of enlightenment that they so badly needed to digest).

Know the difference between a “Fame-Chaser” and somebody who happens to excel or love what they do that looks like fame to you. You may not have an idea, and as well-you have no idea of what I go through.

What I say is not about conceit or arrogance.
I have nothing to be conceited or arrogant about-everyday I am a work in progress.
None of what I say is behind malice or hostility of any kind, for I have nothing to necessarily defend.
But sometimes in life, and especially on this internet with a world of eyes and people who know you (but only thought your life and relationship with them only extended as far as talks about bullshit talk and bills); sometimes situations do not permit you to know the full person (depending on their connection with you).
It’s unfortunate if we never got to the part about dreams and aspirations and goals…
Well: surprise-surprise…This is what I do.
This is that other side of me.
Hello, hi-you. I am pleased to re-acquaint myself with you.
This is what I dreamed and worked on for years in between all the bullshit that we would say and do.
Sorry if I didn’t dream you. Dream around you or share my dreams with you.
I think that is very unfortunate, very
If I could have-I would have…

On another note, on the internet-behind pixels and words on a screen-people who definitely do not know you and have never so much as had a conversation with you, form opinions about you and question your motives; working overtime trying to discredit you, and diminish you to comfort their own insecurities.
As if somehow, what you eat will make them fat.

I don’t get that… 😦

There come times when you have to make yourself abundantly clear (on the internet) when you and all you do is on display.

My display probably looks very decorated. But trust me when I say, I was research, working, working towards and doing all of this-years before there was a Twitter, a Facebook and all these social forums with (partial) mounds of gossip, mean-spiritedness and inuendo running amok.

To some, my way and display may seem a big way.
Not because I’m bragging or fronting-it’s because I can deliver what I display, that is why I display samplers.
This ‘aint nothing new to me.
I worked on and towards everything I’m doing without an audience.
Sometimes I have to remind myself that I do have an audience.
That is what’s new to me…
All that you see on display, was in preparation wayyyy before the birth of a Twitter and a Facebook.
The highest paid woman in all of television can even vouch for that fact and you best believe I’m going to hang onto that as my time stamp in this thing-if nothing else. LoL. πŸ™‚

I sign off by saying that I wrote this in my blog because I would much rather make draw my conclusions and facts for you, than to have to have them draw for me-incorrectly and untrue πŸ˜‰

If you got nothing but love for me, thank you.
Rock with me while I rock with you.
And if you don’t-just kick ’em! LoL.
Nah. I got love for yous too.
‘Cause if you don’t have love for me-ohhh…it was only because you didn’t understand me.
But you do now! πŸ™‚

Love all πŸ™‚

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