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{January 30, 2011}   Flight and Fly

“I let my ‘haters’ be my motivators.”
I hear that so much that I felt the need to write about it.
That song is one so high and hot, that it ought to be inducted into the “Need To Rock then Roll Hall of Shame.”

Stop “letting (your) ‘haters’ be (your) motivators.”
That is a tension-filled, fight or flight negative experience.

Whatever it may be; be at one, and at peace with yourself and your process (if anything substantial is to be felt from it).

Succeed for yourself and the people who love, support and believe in you-not your “haters.”

When whatever it is you do, you do it for the love of it; you are on auto-pilot motivation, so there is no fight, just-flight.

On auto-pilot, you are already a success at take-off and through to the journey itself (regardless where it may or may not land).

Pardon the philosophy and psych major in me, but on the flip side of “letting (our) ‘haters’ be (our) motivators;” some “haters” are mere imaginary defense mechanisms for the frustration in our heads when we feel the pressure of, fear, and our inability to fulfill a task or goal.
That is natural-we are not super-human.

With that flip-side as a possibility, that is twice the reason to do what it is you do for the love of it and as well, for you-first. Because although (from our mind’s eyes and our finger pointed outward) the “hater” could very well be “them.”
As well, it could be the frustration in your head too-simply-you “hating” on you. (Blocking yourself, and being in your own way).

“Let my ‘haters’ be my motivators.”
Exhaustive, unnecessary, but more more importantly: impossible.
So why put yourself through it?

I know some cliches’ can sound so poetically good that it seems so “right.”
But all that is good is not always “right,” right?

Trust me, I know…we do have real “haters,” when we are not idle, but instead are moving about and trying to work towards our dreams or goals.
But since they are “haters,” why give them your attention and call their hate “motivation” for you?

If someone “hates” you, they will not gas you up to motivate you.
They have no fuel for your fire, they want to snuff yours out-that is the only motivation they have for you-can, and will give to you.
They do not want to give you encouragement-they want to point out your flaws to hurt-not help you.
They do not want to inspire you in your process, they want to make feel like your process is flawed.
They do not want to motivate you-they spend too much time accusing you of having ulterior motives.
Why let them cause you any turbulence?
Spare them.
They are already a torment to themselves: competing, cutting and working overtime trying counterbalance your balance.
They can’t fly.
They need your air-your wings.
They’re too busy navigating negatively; hoping to crash into you-hoping to break you apart.
You can’t fly if you’re too busy focusing on them “hating” on you.
Ignore them-they are just out gas for themselves when they’re out of focus-but so will you, if you provide the gravity.

When what you do is truly a God-given blessing and a gift given to you-you have no competition.
Only the blessed, and spiritually in-touch know and respect that law and secret.
You’re on Most-High, they’re on low-high.
Your thoughts and processes are peaceful and calm with clarity in your eyes.
Their thoughts are turbulent and wrecked with shrapnel in theirs.
They can’t see you past the debris in their eyes.
They don’t see you beyond their contempt and scorn.
They do not want to see you.
They do not want to see anything right, positive, good or true in anything that you do.

Only once you fully understand that everything is relative and the Most High is the only one who has jurisdiction and sovereignty over what is righteous, real and true; can you dream, be, and live from a place that is authentically you.

“Hate,” giving power to “haters” or even hating on yourself (being in your own way) begets nothing.
Nothing motivated and conceived by hate of any kind has ever given birth to anything great.

Fall in love again with your progress by showing some love and respect for your process, rather than giving power to hate and “haters.”

One thing for certain but this flip-side is for sure: when you let your haters (real or imagined) ALL fall back, you will find the strength to be more motivated to move on and forward filled up with a diesel kind of petroleum to send you to altitudes high as you plan and pray on.

And should you experience any turbulence, at least you took your lovers rather than your “haters” along the flight with you.

With their love for you, support and belief in you-you certainly will not crash.
The “haters”-just bypass and fly past in order to keep your process, thoughts, and dreams in the clouds.

Land for light and love-not darkness and hate.

Do like the songs says: “pretend like airplanes in the night-time are like shooting stars.”

Landing for love and the lovers. Stay motivated.
Love, -Angie.

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