A Girl in the World & the World in a Girl…

{January 30, 2011}   Evolve. Humilty and Freedom is ‘Power.’

What it is to know humility and when you have evolved, is to maintain the same plight, presence, stance and person full with abundance or empty with deficiency.

If on one extreme, or the other, you find that you cannot handle either extreme (with the same plight, presence, stance and person) then, somewhere along the way you have allowed the world and all of and in it to control you.
And have done yourself solid deception and disservice…

Freedom is the indefinite subscription to the fact that you cannot miss what you never had.

It is attachment to nothing-so nothing is owed to you, therefore, you owe nothing.

Freedom is adhering to never putting yourself in any situation that you cannot walk away from.

Ownership of the self is atop the pyramid of power-a kind of power in the game of life where you have no challengers, therefore: no competitors.
The necessary common denominator is the greatness in you.

Having ownership of oneself is a little like this: the strings that dangle and the wands that swings from left to right in the faces of others; (controlling their lives, greed, desires and needs) in your eyes; are merely pendulums.
Pendulums by which your: resistance, ability to do without, willingness to tear down and rebuild by your own watch and rules, is what separates they: the weak and owned who cannot function without. from you: free and strong-built for this and willing to do without.

That kind of power is exclusive only to the mentally adept, emotionally intelligent and spiritually lifted.
With that, and with all the above; you stand strong, secure and proud-content in knowing that with or without any thing(s) in particular, you remain who you are and do what you do-just the same. And as if it or they never came…

When you adhere to that, you invite nothing to your life but that which too, is only for the right thing and ready to do right by you…

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