A Girl in the World & the World in a Girl…

{January 30, 2011}   I Can’t Stay Long

I don’t get out much but I came out to play
With you since we’ve anticipated this day
It’s clear that you know I have someone at home
Which is the reason why I cant stay long

I’m here because I wanna be, and you wanted me too
And for you to show and prove what you told me you could do
How selfish of me, this lusty desire
Now is just as good a time as any, besides, my heart is on fire

I felt somewhat bad when I just left from home
Kissing my baby and rushing out, dressed in just a trench coat and thong
Hell I’m here, forgetting about it, even though I knew it was wrong
But I’m gonna tell you once again, I can’t stay long

Pardon me if it seems I’m in a rush, believe it or not my mind is at ease
I’ll show you by caressing you and telling you to do what you please
Hold on for a second, this just doesn’t feel right
I’m here spending time with you and left my baby alone tonight

Well actually that’s not so, because it’s our home and my presence is always there
He’s probably lighting candles, and preparing my bubble bath to show that he cares
It’s funny, he’s always been like that, doing things for me to ensure I won’t leave
The things he does and says to and for me, you could never believe

Listen to me, sitting here, talking about my baby in the middle of this scandal
Imagining me with someone else is something I know he couldn’t handle
Yet, I’m sitting here allowing you to admire me dressed in nothing but this thong
For the third time I must remind you that I can’t stay long

Thinking about my baby and talking to you is making me see something clear
There really is no good reason why I should be here
He gives me good lovin’ and everything from A-Z
No one has ever loved me the way that he loves me

Hmm. Chante thinks she’s got a man? Well I got the rock to prove it
A date he’s dying for me to make and rushing me to move it
He’s not sitting at home, twiddling his thumbs thinking I’m out on a prowl
He’s writing a list of things to do for me; what, when, where, and how

But even if he had nothing, but his good love you see
I’d still be with him because of the way that he loves me

He’s forever thinking of things that he could have done some way better
If I come home and he is not there, he always writes me a letter
We don’t play silly games, trying to keep this thing called “mystery”
For, my heart is in his hands and his is right here with me

We’ve been together for so long and he tells me every day is like the first
Married now or never, he reiterates for better or for worse
But he tries his damnedest to see to it that there is no such a thing
At night when he holds me he’s thinking of what tomorrow will bring

For us, he looks forward to a new day and does all that he could
He actually does all that and more than what you told me you would
Treat me right? We never fight? We talk about everything
Obsessed with cleaning this rock on my finger, that’s more than just a ring

He says he loves to watch it sparkle like the sexiness in my eyes
Wines and dines? Shit he cooks for me and he never tells me lies
Took me home to meet his mama? I’m the only one she knows
He makes love to me from my head to my feet and even massages my toes

In this game of love you see, it’s more than just me
It’s him, the two of us, loving unselfishly
That’s right, me and him; the two of us together
Making it through all the storms and any kind of weather

Well, I already told you that I couldn’t stay long and sorry things didn’t go your way
But hopefully you learned a lot from me and will remember this day
If you ever find someone that you feel for the way you say that you feel for me
Make sure that you treat her like my baby does me, and I’m sure she’ll never leave

One lesson that I hope you learned you see
When loved the way that my baby loves me
It’s so very important to look outside of yourself
While your baby at home thinking for them there is no one else

I’m terribly sorry if this one night with me has made you blue
But my homie/lover/friend loves me more than you
If you could be a fly on the wall you would know that this were true
But the love he gives me, right here and now, is exuding from me to you

You can stay the night here, I don’t mind, the room is already paid for
Looking at the timepiece you see, he bought for me, I must now walk to the door

Wearing what he bought me-this trench coat and panty thong
Our love was built to last and is ever so strong
I’m going home to a love so right-that never goes wrong
I forewarned you when I came: I can’t stay long…


Regarding this poem.
My friend had me read to her-this poem, while she closed her eyes to absorb it. When she opened her eyes, she was tearing up, and she said to me: “but Angela, there are no men in the world like that.”
(Hmmm. To be continued?)…

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