A Girl in the World & the World in a Girl…

{January 30, 2011}   The Moon Was So Pretty Last Night.

The moon was so pretty last night.
As it shined through my window pane.
Glaring in my face, bright enough to make a stain.
But it didn’t.
Instead it called out my name.
Staring at it made me remember all the things I could not change.
It just sat there, immovable and stubborn-sort of like you.
I’m watching it, telling it things I wanted it to do.
But it just sat there…
It wouldn’t move, or do what I told it to.
But still that moon was so pretty you see
Reminding me of the feeling I had when you were first sent to me

But when I look at that pretty moon, I know that in a matter of days, its shape will change
Just like our love from bass, alto, to soprano range
Like the way we cuss, holler and fight;
Oh this tumultuous love affair
The tears that I cry, just needs to know that you care

It’s so funny unlike before; confidently I can say I’m at a “safe” place today
If you stray or stay either way, I’ll play
The intensity could go almost any way

For I spend just as much time crying with you as I do when we are apart
Still trying to find a name for this feeling inside my heart

It hurts so much for me to leave, and hurts just as much for me to stay.
It’s so funny how I talk about how much I love you and how much you love me
Yet love isn’t supposed to be this way

Never understanding the why or how
I’m packing up my life and love for now
Taking a deep breath, I have to do it now or never
Though in my heart I know for you or for me
There’s no one else out there who makes the other better.
You bring out the best in me.
And also the worst
Sort of like an irreplaceable curse

You see loving you is so very simple, not hard to do
For me it comes easily. I never ever had to deceive you
Lie, cheat or steal? All I had to was leave you
Because I know that it would hurt you more
So now I’m walking through the door

And what about the way you lied to my heart, cheated me of my chance
Stole all of my love with just one glance?
Slighted us of making good love and great romance

A love like ours, should it ever be?
The way we love, then hate, so passionately
In circles-just like that moon shining through my window pane
Making me wonder if our love will ever be the same

Or am I fooling myself, packing up my love, my life; calling myself leaving you?
Knowing in my heart and mind that you, on the other side of that pretty moon
It’s making you blue
Me? On this side. I’m bluer than blue.
Thought you knew…

Thinking of the way we play tug of war with each others hearts
A love like ours, shouldn’t have ever fallen apart
You and me; we could have wrote the book on it
But I’m on this side of the pretty moon, trying hard to close the book on it
By making myself disappear from all five of your senses
Reminding myself that this time I meant it
Knowing that you’re on the other side of that pretty moon-still waiting for me
You can’t imagine how much on this side of the moon, the same thing applies to me

Stretching my imagination a little bit
Picture this.
You, on the other side saying, “you’re cute and fine but you just aint her-
She’s one of a kind, 1 more than a 9. A love like hers is hard to find.”
Me? On my side inferring the very same thing to the person in my face,
They’re cute and fine, and all that, but could never take your place
I’m envisioning you right now with your jealous lil face;
Frowning and mad, your everyday pace.
Woe to anyone who tries to invade your space
In my heart and mind and all my five senses
But these games that we play are ever so senseless

I must admit, your jealousy turns me on.
But not from the other side of the moon…

How unfair of you on the other side of that pretty moon above
Looking like the thief who stole all of my love
Unable to feel that wrath of my jealous ways
Or see my fits of angry displays
I know there are a lot of things that you do
That I’m more than sure I won’t agree to
While on that other side of the moon…

I’m staring at the pretty moon, bright, stubborn, round-and in a circle: like our love
Staring at the heavens up above, telling it to tell you it’s you that I’m thinking of
That moon, shaped sort of like how I’m talking, in circles, cause I aint going nowhere
You without me and me without you, us without us- I could not bare

I ask you once again, are you here to stay or play?
I won’t try to stop you if you should decide to stray
The gloved one said it best in a song one day
“I like living this way. I like loving this way”
So I’m unpacking my lil bags of life and love
To show you that you are the one I’m always thinking of

I know when I wake to the sun that you will be there
To take over all my five senses and to show that you care
I’m inviting you to hold me and see all that I see
And show you exactly what you mean to me
I’m inviting you to the sweet sounds of you and I when we make love
Underneath that pretty moon shining up above
I’m inviting you to the smell of you and me on fire
And feel our hearts melt into one desire
I’m inviting you to the taste of ecstasy
Of me on you and you on me
I’m inviting you to touch me the way you want to
And to do all the things that you want me to do
Then you’ll know for sure what’s in my heart and mind
‘Cause a love like ours, we’ll never find……………….

The sun was so pretty this morning…


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