A Girl in the World & the World in a Girl…

{January 30, 2011}   What’s Your HTML?

Go to your Tool Bar.

Click: “View.”

Then: “Source” or “View Source.”
…that is called “HTML” (Hyper Text Markup Language).

Hyper Text Markup Language is the words and symbols
behind the face [of any page] that you are looking at…

It is the cryptic language behind the face that tells the
face how to present itself to you…

Those words and symbols tell a story and paint a picture with
its words but in front of those words is the face-the HTML is merely
the complexity behind that face which exhibits simplicity…

Any page of mine is my face, my canvas and my “HTML-” upfront rather
than behind…

Keep in mind however that though my HTML is on the front, I am a person;
not just a picture behind HTML…

My HTML (and complexity) is what lies behind this PERSON
(flesh and bone-just like you)…

Everybody has their own HTML…

I am merely displaying HTML-a mixture of how I think and what I think.
Which comes from various sources of experience or observation;
gathered into HTML code.

How I feel and what I feel (generally speaking).
A mixture of emotions: personal, interpersonal and not so personal.
Merely observations or experiences of others as well-past or present.

I write-so that is what I do: write-about a lot of things…

Because I chose to exhibit my HTML in way(s) that you may not chose to,
will not dare to or can’t…do not negatively judge me or challenge me when
what I’m merely doing is sharing with you for:
I am not judging.
I am not challenging.
I feel that if one does not judge-he should not feel judged.
I feel that if one does not challenge-he should not feel challenged…
(now decode then download that^ for a sec)…

If within the source of your HTML is filled with and of hate, envy,
strife, anger, feelings of resentment, mean-spirit and any other
weak emotional fear; then what you will see is merely you are
and what’s already inside of you.

If the source of your HTML is of happiness, joy, love and light and any
other emotion of strength (faith, hope, love, courage);
then what you will see is merely you are and
what is already inside of you as well.

If within the source of your HTML you love me, have love for me and/or you
personally KNOW me-then you fully understand, can decode, most probably have
seen or been with me while living some of my HTML, with and because of that,
you can do nothing but love me more after sharing my HTML…

So ask yourself this question:

Have you ever literally viewed the source of your very own HTML?

Where is YOUR HTML?

Don’t ever think that because it may not be written…that you yourself do not have a
story to tell and that because it may not be written, that it’s tucked away oh so well…

That’s just the very nature of cryptic (or hidden) HTML…


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