A Girl in the World & the World in a Girl…

{January 31, 2011}   Love from Top to Bottom.

Love a selfless emotion in which all its euphoria
has everything to do with that which is opposite you.

Love is simply for and about that which we claim to love.
It’s not about “you.”

I read somewhere, a quote that said something to the effect of:
“Love is that burning desire to be desired by the one(s) we love.”
That’s not “love,” that’s back to it being about “you.”

Is selfless in that, to ask someone: “why do you love me?” the
laundry list is usually ways you make them feel, or what things
you do to and for them that makes them feel special and loved
That is not what love is-that again, is about “you,”
not what “I love YOU [the other person] is.”

“I love YOU” is that laundry list of things about
someone else that you love-that list should have
everything to do with them, and nothing about “you.”

What’s love got to do with it?
Everything. When it is filled with selflessness-complete selflessness.
And surrender-complete surrender…

It is still that thing in your eye that gleams-all wheely neely.
But the (true) meaning of love is like taking one for the team.…that is what
(true) love is: You, “taking one for the team.”

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