A Girl in the World & the World in a Girl…

{February 15, 2011}   Eat. Pray. Live Life to Be Alive.

Life is really a beautiful thing.

And so are people (and all alive things in it).

Everyday, even on moments in days when I feel not so inspired by life; in a matter of minutes, I find: people, scenery, and various things that bring me right back in it.

Just…little things are life-affirming for me. And I feel grateful, then thankful, then blessed.

Day by day, I learn that one of the main ways to be free in spirit and to truly “live and let live,” is to be at peace with the fact that all things we dislike and disapprove of in others (in some variation or another) we too, have either done or met the very same disapproval in the eyes of another.

It is a repeated cycle of life that we will all continuously do (on both ends), so, about the best that we can [humanly possible] do is, blow it in the wind rather than digest it.

I learned that when you fight against that realization as being a fact of life-it is very hard for you to not only live it-but also hard for you to be alive in it.

Often times, (as it pertains to people, rather than life situations) “it is what it is,” is not only some trite, misused and recycled choice of words for lack of better ones; but it is also relative judgment of another. (Relative interpretation of your personal feelings-rather than their reality).

“It is-whatever,” is letting the alive: live, and in doing so, you too, can ingest, live, and be alive (just like them).

Large or small, in spite of affliction and all; life is good-filled with beautiful people doing and feeling wonderful things.

Thriving and truly living life is the focus and concern on all the things we can love and do (something) about.

There is a whole big something of a world out there to love about, and do about.

Won’t you have some?

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