A Girl in the World & the World in a Girl…

{February 16, 2011}   Universe. Time. Yours. Mine.

Time is a funny thing.
You have a brand new appreciation for it when (even for a short amount of time), you spend time doing something else that you would much rather not be doing. And while doing so, you fantasize about all the things you would rather be doing, that-when that time was gifted to you-you did not respect it like you should have.

Time has been called many things from: mother, father, unforgiving and a thief.

Yet, the one other thing about Time is that while it slowly moves, and that pendulum swings and does its thing; it is subtly forgiving as well.

Forgiving in that, while it can be unforgiving (once it passes); that time becomes the past (every single second and minute of the day-consider it spent-no change left over. Yet,

the universe will sometimes conspire with Time to allow certain things to be removed or rearranged in your life, to allow Time to swing its way right back around to you and seductively ask: “I’m back now, so what are you going to do with me: now?

When the universe acts as a go-between and brings Time back around to you; you value Time, respect Time, and treat Time a whole lot better than you did when that time was once before-yours.

The relationship with Time, is a funny thing.
It is a gift and something to be cherished, valued and guarded with your life, for life.

Enjoy your time, today-all day, everyday.
Because once it is spent, it’s spent-no saving or change given back.

There’s no account made possible for it, we simply have to account for it.
So, make it count for something.

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