A Girl in the World & the World in a Girl…

{March 29, 2011}   Case of the Fake People

It’s delusion.

When people do not know you, but want and expect something from you-they will often call you fake because they (subconsciously) know their rationale is ego-centered and unreal-so, the only way to justify their thinking is to call you “fake.”

How presumptuous, and preposterous.


“Fake” is a common word turned moniker, damned you by those who either: don’t know you and want to know you, or once upon a time in life, had your real and full attention-undivided, and no longer do (usually because of their own inaction or actions).

We will even go so far as to use terms, words and sayings such as:
“he/she is the devil,” “he/she is a snake,” “I see him/her for what they really are,” “he/she is wicked,” “now I see his/her true colors,” etc. as if our subjective feelings are objective facts.

The more deluded of us, will even go so far as to even attacking someone else’s character over ourfeelings (as if they are substantial).

Our personal feelings and what we want or expect from another are not indicative of that person’s: person, integrity or character.

If someone literally stole something from you and are no where to be found, question their character and integrity-call them fake.

If someone breached a contract with you or reneged on any (mutually agreed upon) commitment with you-question their character and integrity-call them fake.

Examples like those are substantial-they have merit and reason-nothing to do with our “feelings.”
They are just facts (of actual happenings-not emotions).

When we are emotionally mature (and true to ourselves), we do not go around convicting people based on our emotions.
That’s federal (and foolish).

People die everyday in spirit, of broken hearts and literally die-all over other people’s EMOTIONS.
People lose jobs over other people’s emotions, lose money, lose relationships, lose deals-all that (over people’s unreasonable and unchecked personal emotions).
Wars are even fought because of emotions.
You have to deal with them accordingly-properly.

Most emotion goes haywire when left unchecked and properly articulated and expressed (to whom it concerns).
That’s what’s “fake.”

When we are real (and not fake-ourselves), we hold our selves accountable for our own personal feelings rather than projecting them off onto other people; labeling other people messy and sticky things that are sticky in our messy and heads and hearts’ eye-view.

We have to hold ourselves accountable for the part we play in things (spoken or unspoken) even if we think the other person does not know…
What we “think” shows in our actions (and inaction).
Every single human being’s intuition is in use like animals’ instincts are.
Some of ours is just stronger than others. But do not underestimate your fellow human being’s intuition-simply because something is kept in your head…
Your aura will tell on you anyways-you will “give it off,” so do not expect other people to respond to you based upon (what you think) they do not know…
We are all sensitive/feeling/intuitive beings.
So if it is in your head-it is in your heart-so, hold yourself accountable to the reactions you get, as well as your actions or inactions you give (or get).

When we do hold ourselves accountable for our own feelings, it is then (and only then) that we grow to be emotionally mature and are able to live and let live-be liberated in our thinking and feeling; thus freeing others from our delusional, emotional, unreal and fake grasps-clarity then begins, and we are truly able to decipher (and accept) what it is we simply “feel” (in our own heads and hearts) versus what really is not…

Don’t let your personal feelings fake you out. Grow up.

In the court of life, you cannot win cases on “feelings.”
You win cases on facts that can be proven and substantiated beyond a reasonable doubt.

“Feelings” are not reasonable (in a factual/objective sense).
Because they are: subjective, relative, varying, situational, individual-specific. Period.

However, the good thing about feelings is that, if it means that much to us that we allow other people to occupy space in our heart and mind’s time; then that is when it is evident and clear that we need to be pleading our case to whom it concerns.

And well, if we find that we cannot do that-then we have nothing but proof that we are either: delusional or irrational, as are our thoughts and feelings about what’s real and what’s fake.

Hold that truth to be self-evident…It will truly make you brave (and free).

What say you?


{March 21, 2011}   Spiritual Gossip.

Don’t fret, don’t worry.

Anyone who works at trying to block you at any thing will themselves, forever be jumping hurdles and running into brick walls ten times over.

Universe loves to gossip to her friend named Karma…

{March 20, 2011}   Debt Pro-ject.

In life, nothing is owed to us outside of what we lend or extend.

Whatever you expect, just make sure you pro-ject.

{March 20, 2011}   Don’t Receive The Hype.

When most sincere, true and from the pure heart; giving requires no claim or proclaim-no status post or boast.

It is a thought, deed or an act of a silent kind of kindness. Period.

The universe is a powerful and reliable messenger that needs no hype-man.

{March 20, 2011}   Decisions. Remissions.

You will always lose and forever be on a noose, if afraid to miss whatever you never had, and left with never an option to choose.

Anyone who mean you well, simply means you well: simply.

{March 20, 2011}   Boys and Girls.

A girl never gives up on trying to impress her father-watch her and see.

A boy never gives up on trying to impress his mother-watch him with glee.

{March 20, 2011}   Good Foot.

The best good you can do is put your best good foot forward.

Because at any given moment, at any given time-you never know who you might be the good, best blessing for.

{March 20, 2011}   What’s Yours is Yours.

Whatever is blessed, is recyclable, flourishing, overflowing: abundant.

Whatever is God-given is blessed, and therefore: for you.

You can never lose it-because there’s plenty more blessings from where those blessings come.

You can only neglect to use it or misuse it-that is when you lose it…

{March 19, 2011}   Introspect Chin Check.

Validate feelings by making sure they are first: valid.

Separate feelings of upset, anger or resentment toward someone by being true to yourself and asking yourself this question:

“Do I feel this way because of something he/she did to me, or is it the direct result of something that I just feel?”

Truth is relative, and once we accept our own personal truth, we can grow on and go on, from there.

{March 17, 2011}   Square Biz and Balance Beams

Life is a funny thing.

I learn that we really “live it” when we stop trying to figure it all out.

Daily, I get some kind of confirmation from above that we will never figure it all out-because we are imperfect and human.

The only thing that is of “one,” constant, and balanced is that which is omnipotent-the rest come in twos as does the balance, continuity and consistency (that we seek).

What strenghtens us is to experience one thing and then opposite that thing.

We cannot fully know the effects of one thing, unless we have caused or felt the effects of opposite that thing.

We (as imperfect humans) are always teetering on the balance beam of life-trying to make it stand still.
We can never fully obtain this:

It is not for us to “obtain.”
I believe that it is for us to accept that we can never obtain it (consistently). That is merely “life happening” (as it is should).

No matter how perfectly “balanced” we have in mind a thing to be, or what we are to do, often times, something always comes along and knocks us off our square-putting us in a position to have to do some last minute changes and rearranging.

Day by day, in learning to really “live,” I believe that is how it is supposed to be, so that when all is balanced and consistent; we learn to appreciate it-like a surprise and gift.

In centering ourselves and getting our minds right, the best we can do [while in the moment of a thing], is ask ourselves: “is this thing right for me, after this thing?” (Whatever that “thing” may be).

Because in accepting the fact that some days we are surprised, blessed and granted with being firmly planted on our square, for the times we are not, the best we can do is to feel ahead and think ahead by having one of the most essential and valuable conversations we can have with ourselves-alone and in complete silence-beginning with these questions:

“Who am I?”

“How am I?”

“Why am I?”

…then we have the answer to “I am…” (fill in the blank).

After which, no one can knock you off your square-no matter how life happens.

I believe that no matter what happens, as long as we can answer those questions, we can get clear-and allow life to happen and then we can happen to life.

{March 13, 2011}   Reality Gone Real.

That middle pic of Shaunie is CLASSIC. I love it! LoLoLoL. Scroll up. Look at it real quick & you will bust out laughing

Let’s all face it: “cliques” (especially girl cliques) are messy-no matter how:
neat, nice or how good they begin.

From the outside looking in, especially for us girls who could care less about
“cliquing up” etc., we love to judge them and point the finger at them.

But when it comes to pointing fingers and judging how someone else works, lives,
plays or socializes; the truth is-it’s not for us to “judge” but rather: accept.

People misunderstand “accepting” a thing for “agreeing” with a thing.

To accept a thing is to merely acknowledge that you recognize that there are other
things outside of what you do-that other’s do-regardless whether you agree or not.

Accept that just because someone does not socialize, play, work, or “clique up”
like we do; it does not make what they do (or how they do what they do) any better
or worse than us (and what or how we do what we do).

I said that as a sidebar mention about what I am about to blog about-so as to
remind those of us who aren’t “cliquish,” or roll with a posse of girls (and to
remind those of us who do-but think our way is any better or whatever) to put our
“silly posse/cliques” judgment guns down-because I am blogging about the issue within
in “the clique”-putting aside whatever I may think or feel about posse’s of girls and
stick to the issue/blog at hand without judgment them: these “BasketBall Wives.”

(I felt I had to preface that, because sometimes before I blog, I will have read so many
comments over the net-and the comments’ bullets go flying every direction, but mostly
straight from “judgment guns” that have each girls’ name on it-rather than what happened
or what the issue was).

So as I blog steering clear of that, I write in hope that my blog reader interprets it
for that-because we all are human and imperfect.

When I saw this heartfelt episode:

...where Tami poured out her heart to the girls regarding them embracing and accepting her
in-I couldn’t help but empathize with what she expressed. I feel it was real, despite the
cameras and the fact that it is a “reality show.”

With regard to Evelyn confessing that she “dated” (and slept with) Tami’s (ex-husband),
(especially after listening to and being in receipt of such a heartfelt moment that Tami expressed);
how could you not feel compelled to lay it all on the table.
That was commendable-on Evelyn's part, because she didn't have to. And in my honest opinion,
their association hadn't "matured" enough for Tami to handle that kind of information (especially on camera).

The reality (of the reality) becomes this [seemingly blunt] but reality check:
Evelyn should have either kept that a secret that she Jennifer shared, or at least revealed it off-camera.

Hold your horses!

But that is the emotional side.
That is the: “woman-to-woman” side.
That is the: “if I truly had any intentions on a friendship between you and me blossoming once
these camera’s are off” side.

But, on the inside of the paint (the business/tv show side), that is where “reality-tv” and
the players in it-have big split-second decisions to make.
That is when something is so serious that it should be dealt with off-camera happens to make
good “tv” for the camera, however, does the most damage for the person/s involved when
the camera stops rolling and the lights go out.

What do you do?

I'll tell (like Shaunie-the executive producer showed you): you keep the camera’s
rolling-that is what you do.

For the love of friendship, yet, the business for television, the reality is that everybody
signed on for it.

And in signing on for it, you enroll (not just the side of you and life that you want to
glamorize or promote), but you also enroll your heart and quite possibly the darker and
unexpected surprises in your life too (depending on who the other players are and what their
relationship or connection is to you).

That is the harsh reality of when “reality” is on the television camera.

That is where “Reality TV” really gets “real.”

The reality of it all (when that camera is rolling and I am sure that
Shaunie-the executive producer of the show itself-would probably agree)-the hardcore fact is:
The main thing, is to keep the main thing: the main thing

…And with that said (and done), let’s drop that bomb by having this Tami-Evelyn pow-wow on
camera...keep it rolling…
And this is what happened as a result:

…(As a sidenote), I have to say that I think that Shaunie was so caught in
the middle of that fiasco in the worse way. And I truly think her empathy (for Tami) was sincere.
I feel that she was straddled the fence on having being closest to the “bad guy” in this
(Evelyn), yet, having been the “victim” and in the same predicament as Tami.
She felt her pain-especially around that 4:20-5:00 moment of the scene. That was a sad,
heartfelt girl to girl moment of care, empathy and understanding.

Also on the flip side of that. After reviewing that same previous video, I won’t waste
time scribing and belaboring the obvious:

• never expect any ball player’s wife (ex or otherwise) to believe that any woman
does not know the ball players marital status especially when you-yourself, were once
(almost married) to one yourself. Any wife (or almost-wife) knows how the “come up” game goes
with these dudes when these girls are on the “come up” on them. Any wife (or almost-wife)
knows that even in college, those type of girls know: the roster, these dudes’ stats and
how to be where they are going to be at even before these dudes step foot on campus soil-and
the same is true for these dudes when they reach the league. Let’s keep it real, Evelyn.

• never expect a human being who just ingratiated themselves to you to react in
any less the manner that Tami did with a lil’ buzz of alcohol, and probably having wished that
confession took place without the cameras on her

• (on or off camera): never tell a woman who you just confessed having slept with her
(then husband), that she was a “non-motherfuckin’ factor” back when you slept with him
(I cant lie-that was funny as hell. I fell out laughing. That line put a whopping on the notorious:
“Who Gone’ Check Me Boo.” But on a serious note, still-you can’t spew that kind of venom in a moment like
that and expect a halo, hymnal music and white wings to appear on the (wife or ex-wife) of the man you
slept with-you just can’t) LoL.

Henceforth, that is when “Reality TV” goes real: having Tami hurt and left with nothing left to
say but: “I can’t trust any of these bitches-that’s really how I feel/The only thing I am sure about,
is these bitches are not my friends and I gotta learn to face the truth about that.”

Well, let me give up the truth about it.

The reality of these types of “cliques,” is that none of them are really true friends (unfortunately).

And as harsh as it may sound, the life of being (as Tami so eloquently put it): “the bitch, the hoe,
the trick, or the jump-off,” of any ball player is a game in and of itself.

It’s a game within a game.

It’s like a culture and within the culture of its own subcultures:
• The wives/ex-wives.
• The fiancés/ex- fiancé’s
• The dancers/cheerleaders.
• The groupies.

In the greater scheme of things, a great majority of these kinds of “friendships”
are no different a game than the actual game/strategy that these husbands and fiancés are
playing (for real) that brought all these women together (for play).

It’s all a “game” nonetheless.

For the men-it’s physical scrimmage (team to team).

For the women; it’s social scrimmage (wives, ex-wives, fiancés, ex- fiancés, dancers,
cheerleaders & groupies).

It’s all still a game-but on two totally different playing fields.

The sad thing about women who step into a man’s “world,” is that while you can step into a man’s
“world” (whatever that “world” may be) with all our womanly mental and emotional faculties;
you still have to understand his “game,” (whatever that “game” may be-whether it’s on
the field or how he socializes).
And then you have to know how to play that game “accordingly.”

When these girls step into these ball-player’s world, and then set up shop socializing with
fellow ball-player’s significant others (ex or otherwise), it’s just like with anything:
The fruition, blossoming and flourishing of any thing is dependent upon the
foundation by which it was built

Any ball players girl that you socialize with, is apart of the same (but different) type of “game.”
And just like it was because of a “game” that brought you all together, you cannot ignore the fact
that chances are there are going to be constant “games” in keeping these kinds of
“friendships” and associations together.

It’s a social scrimmage-survival of the fittest is only guaranteed for those built to champion it.

Unlike women, men can get caught up in the same type of situations (like Tami and Evelyn), but
what’s different about men versus women, is that those two men can (and MOST OFTEN always do)-carry
on and hang out (even though deep down inside, his emotions may feel another way).

Women (MOST OFTEN) cannot.

So, if you are not built for this “game,” (emotionally and mentally-like men are) do not expect
to reap from it: any fruit or blossoming.

If these women are anything smart, they have to associate themselves just like their
husbands and fiancé’s are playing their (real life game): by SEASON.

And if anything blossoms during that “season,” consider it a blessing.

However, do not expect anything more or anything less in order to avoid a bittersweet end.

{March 11, 2011}   Kiss of Life.

Flirting with the delete key of life, virtual or otherwise-a kiss becomes essential.

That kiss, in certain farewells that we bid, should be considered their
kiss of life: a spiritual favor and deed-deemed necessary by cutting off your
lifeline to certain things or people (so that you may help them discover that
they-themselves-really do have a life…outside of you).

Despite their claims and proclaims to not; some people
love drama and turmoil-constantly: all day-everyday.
They invite their minds and spirits to it-they insist on it-really (despite what they say).

They say you get “it” how you live “it.”
And you get “it” how you give “it.”

The same is true for what we seek.
When you seek peace, love or inspiration-you will find: peace, love and inspiration.
When you seek seek strife, drama and turmoil-you will find: strife, drama and turmoil.
It’s that simple.
In life and with people-you get what you come for (regardless the degree of it).

Certain people do not have the strength to free themselves.
That is because they do not have peace within themselves, so, they cannot
know how…they only know of what they really love constantly

In such case(s) you have to teach them and show them (by freeing them).

When they flirt with the delete key of life (virtual or otherwise) then you must kiss them.

Simple as that.

Sometimes, that is the best and kindest thing you can do for them, so that they can
discover and find the kind of peace that you feel, the kind of peace that you
insist on having and living (and wish to not to have disrupted).

When you truly love yourself…you truly value yourself and your peace.

When you truly know love and peace-then you are able to
[and have no problem with] demonstrating these words:

If I cannot be a gift to you, then the best I can be is a lift to you-for you.
Thank me for you loving you (enough) when you didn’t love yourself enough (to free yourself).
Thank me for pointing you in the direction of what it means to love yourself-by freeing you and
giving you the wish and kiss of life. Peace

{March 10, 2011}   *Edith Bunker Voice*


{March 9, 2011}   The Balancing Knack.

Never make decisions based on your emotions-when you are emotionally euphoric or emotionally challenged/upset (just the same).

Emotion and reason are not distant cousins-they are not even related.

Anything ruled by emotion has to be backed by logic (or at bare minimum)
rationale-in order for:
-truth to be founded (however relative to the beholder).
-anything sound or solid can be formed.

Emotion merely needs a place.

Rationale or logic need a reason.

Such as life: there will be more places to be and more things to do
[and fewer reasons] why or how.

Works for me.


(meanwhile, back at New York Post’s Offices):
I mean. Look guys. They BOTH have blonde tresses.
KERI ! …MARY! Get it?
That could work.
Come on guys.

(NYP office employees sigh in unison)

MARY ! KERI ! VERY ! very…pretty girls!
I mean-they both are awesome singers…I mean.
Help me out here guys!

(office employee):
Just…just…issue the apology dude. You screwed up the article-THIS is Mary:

Singer Mary J. Blige performs at Tyler Perry’s First Annual Rise Above It celebration at Boulevard3 on March 4, 2011 in Hollywood, California. Photo Credits: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

T.H.E Mary J. Blige

(NYP office employee):
And THIS is the MaryKeri you were thinking of big guy!

Charity starts at home and then spreads abroad

Each one teach one

Be the change you wish to see in the world

O beautiful for spacious skies,
For amber waves of grain;
For purple mountain majesties,
Above the fruited plain! America!
America! God shed His grace on thee,
And crown thy good with brotherhood,
From sea to shining sea

…Oh how perfect. I can feel the perfection from here.
Can’t you?

Oh say you can. (I know you do).

Truth is: you don’t.

If charity started at home and then spread abroad, if each one taught
one and we were the change that we wished to see in the world; most probably,
there would be no discord from sea to shining sea.

Truth is: it’s impossible.

Why: because time tick keeps on ticking into the future-second by minute
by hour by day by year and whatever and all moment(s) with those times that we
did not spend on spreading our charity within our own home then spreads abroad,
teaching one, and being the change we wished to see in the world; we missed it-not hard to do.

Truth is: it’s inevitable.

That is because people are going to be who they are, like what they like and
subscribe to whatever they wish to; regardless of our charity, our teachings
and our being (shining) examples.

What brought this piece to mind for me was the recent (popular/culture) news happening
where it was reported that Louis Farrakhan had a few
choice words (of opinion) for pop singer Rihanna, where, he criticized her sexually-charged lyrics by referring to them as “filthy.”
(I am assuming he is referring to her recent S&M smash, laced with the following lyrics:
‘Cause I may be bad, But I’m perfectly good at it. Sex in the air-don’t care, I love the
smell of it. Sticks and stones may break my bones but chains and whips excite me

Welcome to America!
It all began on July 4, 1776 when…(oh, you know the story)…where, fortunately, we have certain
freedoms that contradict, offend, arouse or disappoint many (the adjectives go on and on).
But the reality is (and visualize, and understand this fact):

Notta’ one day since the days of old, has time gone back to
the days of old.

I repeat:
Not one day since the days if old, has time gone back to the days of old

Bummer 😦

But there’s a bright side!
We all have had some tender moments where we’ve puts our hands to our chests because of
sparks of nostalgia.
We have all had conversations and emotional moments that reflected days of yesterday.
But the truth is-those are moments, times have changed.
And tomorrow-going forward-they are going to keep changing and going and changing.

Never demand or ask anyone (public figure or private citizen) to rearrange their
grind to suit your agenda, ego, faith, belief or set of standards that you
subscribe to-especially if they are not your child or loved one.

As much as we would like to grab hold of certain public figures in the media
(who do have the “power” to control, change rearrange many things) it is not their job.
Their job is their “grind” and whatever that grind is-there is an audience for it.

Oh the horror!
How dare there be an audience for such filth and swine!
How dare there be an audience for science-fiction!
How dare there be an audience for wizardry!
Oh…How dare there be an audience for gardening. 😦
All those worms and dirt? What filth and slime!

There is an audience for every single thing we like and approve of.

There is an audience for every single thing that we don’t like and disapprove of.

Accept that.

Accept that by knowing that there are many things you-yourself may subscribe to that
the next person will refuse to give audience to.

You can have an opinion about whatever you would like to, but if your opinion is not law,
despite how “gospel” it may be, it does not matter-because you do not rule the world and
you are not God. No matter how much you go on crusades to fight against,
defame or rant, time ticks into the future and you…are…not…God…
Sorry to break the news to you.



A melting crock pot of a wide variety of: egos, faiths, beliefs and subscribers. And at some point,
especially if you as a: dignitary, intellectual, religious leader, educator or whatever
your“grind” (or label is), if you are really intelligent,
then you are rational.
If you are rational, then you are logical.
If you are logical, then you know how to separate your emotions from a thing from the reality
of an even bigger picture (involving that thing).

Anything outside of that is pure ignorance.

Make up your mind.

Are you ignorant?

Or are you intelligent?

Are you a dignitary, intellectual, educator or religious leader who fancies him/herself intelligent
but simply refuse to ignore your own ignorance all in an effort to try and control a thing that you
haven’t the power to control?

That’s ignorant.
And you can’t have it both ways.
You cannot expect people to fancy you dignified, an intellectual or educated but expect that all around
you starts and stops where your very own personal tastes, standards, beliefs and ego lie.
I’m sorry-it doesn’t work like that.

Regardless your walk of life, we all have them.
You know, those lil’ old ladies and lil’ old men who will tear a new hole into your butt for behaving
or speaking in a way that was frowned upon [and some-in their day and time] would have even gotten you
The kind that will insult us from head to toe-and all we should do in return is giggle.
Well, the thing about those lil’ old ladies and men, be they in our families or in our hoods; they do
not care to, have not worked for, nor do they strive to be “viewed” or considered dignitary/intellectual etc.
They simply are who they are (and out of respect for them-and what they are used to) it is expected that we
tip-toe around them and curb our worldly ways around them. And as well-we should.
They get a “pass.”
They are allowed to be as “battle-axey” as they please-without incident, upset or the mere thought
of disrespect.
Because usually, those kinds of lil’ old ladies and lil’ old men, have not been exposed to worldly things
in areas of education-leading them to more “dignified and intellectual” personas.
They are “TIME.” They represent “time” through many ages, generations and moments in time.
They have seen and experienced things that only history books collect-and some: none. Only memories in
their timeless minds.
They have lived lives one day at a time and raised and reared their families-generation to generation.
And because they do not present themselves as having been privy to that other side of life, they should
be respected in ways that we tip-toe around them and “Yes-ma’am” and “No Ma’am” and “No Sir” them so much
so that they begin to feel like it is apart of their name.
Our way with them should be toned down to what they are used to (as respectful as we can
and as best that we know how to-because the fact still remains; we live and have been brought up in a different
time in life).
These elders are dignitaries nonetheless-they are our superstars of time.
It is an honor to be asked by them to…go to the store for them, do their hair for them, be there cabbie
for the day, help clean their house, wash their feet, clip their toenails-it’s an honor.
It is an honor to be acknowledged by them-even if it is to simply do something for them.
When you are around these types, if you have any ounce of humility and respect about yourself as well as their
life’s climb; you should feel almost child-like.

Does that mean our elder men and women who are intellectuals, dignitaries (etc). should be respected
any less?

But there is a difference-a different set of responsibilities expected of them, as they too, have their
own set responsibilities and expectations placed upon us.
It’s simple.

When you (as an elder man or woman) have been exposed to a side of life and education where, because of,
you fancy yourself a dignitary, and intellectual, a leader (religious or otherwise) etc.; that means that
you have been exposed to a side of life that the average elder has not.
Your horizons have been expanded.
The other kind of elders (unfortunately) have not.
You expect to be respected as not only an elder, but as a dignitary, intellectual, leader etc.
They just expect to be respected on having lived lives and raised and reared families.
With being an intellectual, dignitary or leader (young or elder), there are set of responsibilities that
you have to adhere to and abide by:
And as an educated dignitary, intellectual, or leader; you are educated enough to know that acceptance
does not necessarily mean “agreeing” on a thing.
It simply means that we you are humble enough and unassuming enough to acknowledge and recognize that
other things and ways of life and time exist around you-other than what is in your immediate grasp-regardless
your subscription to it or no.

That is the difference between the elders of the old/”old-school” and the elders of the old-
co-existing with the “new school.”

So…What’s it gonna be?
Who are you gonna be?

Whenever we have a persona, label or title we expect others to respect and see us as, it’s never just-
“one-sided.” We, too have a responsibility-and that responsibility is not just all about us and our views,
standards and likes. We have to share and respect other’s-regardless how we feel about it or them.
When we are “intelligent/dignitaries,” we recognize, utilize, separate and use rationale as the divide between
our emotions and logic.

Education is not so much about learning “how to do” a certain thing in a field as it is the experience
afforded you: the accessibility of various subjects and fields of study that help you expand your thoughts
and questions-provide answers to things that we contemplate and consider.
“Education” is something we uncover down to the types of people in the world we work and live in.
And as an intellectual/dignitary/educated person; you are expected to know how to “accept” all; accordingly.

Like being married, for instance.
You can run around flagging a marriage certificate and a ring claiming “now married,” until you’re blue
in the face. But the bigger picture is the fact that there is responsibility involved in some things behind
that piece of paper.
That responsibility is the fact that it’s no longer about just-“you,” (alone).
It’s now about you and your significant other.

Same thing goes for claiming a degree of any kind.
We “educated” people get so caught up in our titles, labels and certificates, that we think it stops
there. The responsibility behind that certificate that we earn or work towards earning, is the fact that-that
degrees states that we made or are making certain sacrifices.
And within those sacrifices, we are forced to spend a great majority of our time: thinking, reading, studying
and testing from various subjects-all things that further expand our horizons.
Therefore, holding that certificate or working towards one; require that you not only throw your label,
title or accomplishment around; you now are expected to apply it.
Not just in your field of study, but apply the fact that your horizons have been expanded.
Your fellow man should be in receipt of this awareness in you-from you, versus the average (uneducated) person whose
horizons have not been expanded.
(Obviously, education is not the only “horizon expander.” Life experience is as well). And if you fancy
yourself mentally and spiritually elevated and a Life Student-you too, have a responsibility to apply the fact
that your horizons have been expanded as well.
That is the part of “education” and “being educated” that “educated people” forget [and some-don’t
even know] after the books are paid for, read and closed.

At some point, in your dignified, intelligent, religious or educated life, you are going to have to “accept” and
come to terms with that fact that time ticks into the future.

We cannot hold on to time (as much as we would love to), and while apart of living in this ticking of time into the
future; you also have to remove your label or whatever you subscribe to-with the understanding that not only does
this world revolve, it does not revolve around “you.”

The best that you can do is:
-mentor where you can
-mentor when you can
-mentor where it is wanted
-mentor where it is well-received.

If you are (truly) intelligent and educated and dignified, you do not press upon other people who too, share this
world with you, your views by way of cryptic, defamatory and aggressive tactics just to get your
point across in hopes that they will dignify [what is essentially your: ignorance, need for attention and control]
of a society for which you do not govern or own.
And interjecting God into the pot to ride shotgun (with your personal hang-ups does not count.
Because you are not God).

If you are intelligent and dignified and educated, you would know somewhere along the lines
and throughout the passing of time, charity starting at home and then spreading abroad, each one teaching one
and being the change that we wish to see in the world…somewhere along that careful passing down of “the way things
were” versus “the way things are,” somebody: neglected the lesson, rejected the
lesson or was not given the lesson-something you will never be able to pinpoint where, how or at what point.

How do I know this?
Because this world is imperfect and unpredictable in all its relative splendor.
Goose and Gander.
Throw it in the pot!

As you get older and fancy yourself wiser, at some point, you are going to haveto accept that time
and people will never be the way they were in your yesteryear. Grow up.

Throw it in the pot!
Nothing irks me more than for people [who fancy themselves: older and wiser, dignified, educated,
rational, logical and reasonable] to forget that they were once too, 20-30 something, but refuse to acknowledge and
let go of the fact (much to their dismay, upset and disapproval), that life at their 20-30 somethings,
was at a different time in life (in America)

Grow up.

Be dignified.

Prove that you are educated, wise, rational and logical.

But more importantly realize the best you can do is evolve (with the times).
As the world revolves, you have to: live and let be.

Throw it in the pot!
BE dignified enough to refrain from judgment, and attack on a thing for which you cannot control or change
(like at least she obviously was advised to do-seeing as thought her Twitter responses were removed):

But on an ironic and lighter note.
If you are going to go on a full-on attack a recording “artist”…“performing,” please make sure that you are not
photographed out frolicking, smiling from ear to ear and hob-knobbing (no pun intended), with someone who earned
the moniker: “Superhead” because of “performing” too.
You cannot convince the world that none of the Brothers in the Nation of Islam (following and guarding you)
did not tell you who she was before the photo op-I refuse to believe that. LoL.
They keep their ears to the street just as you do to pop culture-hence how you ran upon Rihanna. LoL.

Not judging her-but rather, Farrakhan’s obvious oxymoron.


*throws hands in the air*

Just charge it to the game and admit that you like the limelight, paparazzi, propaganda, attention garnering and publicity-justlike: Rihanna’s occupation’s grind (and um-Superhead, too).

So, (let you tell it) anyone who gives audience to Rihanna’s “stage” antics is, too:
Throw it in the pot!

The irony of that is-quite a few people have an opinion about anyone giving audience to Superhead as well (but, we’ll just charge that to the game as well).

And as a bonus, I will even give you credit for being too dignified, too intelligent, too educated, too intellectual (and too old) to know about all-a-‘dat 🙂

I could so caption the above these 2 pics-but even in all the laughter and humor of it all, that would open up a whole n’other can of worms. LoL.

{March 1, 2011}   The Poster Child For…

…no matter your celebrity, influence, “power” or “authority”;
you are only as (worldly) successful and mentally sane as those in
your personal and professional life who ARE NOT
afraid to lose their place at that table of yours.

Bone appetite: (Gone appetite.)

Whether sipping on cheap bottles of wine,
pina colada, or nature’s finest–diluting: cloud,
mud, or smog (from the world outside love)…fluidity can bring about a kind
of clarity where newness can begin again.

These two songs remind me of that. Take a listen to the lyrics of both songs. I love ’em:



{March 1, 2011}   Who You Be.

After the proclaim, you do not have to say
what you do or how you do.
Because when you do what you do;you live what you do,
and be what you do.
Others will know who you be by what you do
…that requires no elaboration or explanation-only what we say does.
We do, who we be.
We be, who we are.
Or we say what we do.

et cetera