A Girl in the World & the World in a Girl…

{March 11, 2011}   Kiss of Life.

Flirting with the delete key of life, virtual or otherwise-a kiss becomes essential.

That kiss, in certain farewells that we bid, should be considered their
kiss of life: a spiritual favor and deed-deemed necessary by cutting off your
lifeline to certain things or people (so that you may help them discover that
they-themselves-really do have a life…outside of you).

Despite their claims and proclaims to not; some people
love drama and turmoil-constantly: all day-everyday.
They invite their minds and spirits to it-they insist on it-really (despite what they say).

They say you get “it” how you live “it.”
And you get “it” how you give “it.”

The same is true for what we seek.
When you seek peace, love or inspiration-you will find: peace, love and inspiration.
When you seek seek strife, drama and turmoil-you will find: strife, drama and turmoil.
It’s that simple.
In life and with people-you get what you come for (regardless the degree of it).

Certain people do not have the strength to free themselves.
That is because they do not have peace within themselves, so, they cannot
know how…they only know of what they really love constantly

In such case(s) you have to teach them and show them (by freeing them).

When they flirt with the delete key of life (virtual or otherwise) then you must kiss them.

Simple as that.

Sometimes, that is the best and kindest thing you can do for them, so that they can
discover and find the kind of peace that you feel, the kind of peace that you
insist on having and living (and wish to not to have disrupted).

When you truly love yourself…you truly value yourself and your peace.

When you truly know love and peace-then you are able to
[and have no problem with] demonstrating these words:

If I cannot be a gift to you, then the best I can be is a lift to you-for you.
Thank me for you loving you (enough) when you didn’t love yourself enough (to free yourself).
Thank me for pointing you in the direction of what it means to love yourself-by freeing you and
giving you the wish and kiss of life. Peace

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