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{March 29, 2011}   Case of the Fake People

It’s delusion.

When people do not know you, but want and expect something from you-they will often call you fake because they (subconsciously) know their rationale is ego-centered and unreal-so, the only way to justify their thinking is to call you “fake.”

How presumptuous, and preposterous.


“Fake” is a common word turned moniker, damned you by those who either: don’t know you and want to know you, or once upon a time in life, had your real and full attention-undivided, and no longer do (usually because of their own inaction or actions).

We will even go so far as to use terms, words and sayings such as:
“he/she is the devil,” “he/she is a snake,” “I see him/her for what they really are,” “he/she is wicked,” “now I see his/her true colors,” etc. as if our subjective feelings are objective facts.

The more deluded of us, will even go so far as to even attacking someone else’s character over ourfeelings (as if they are substantial).

Our personal feelings and what we want or expect from another are not indicative of that person’s: person, integrity or character.

If someone literally stole something from you and are no where to be found, question their character and integrity-call them fake.

If someone breached a contract with you or reneged on any (mutually agreed upon) commitment with you-question their character and integrity-call them fake.

Examples like those are substantial-they have merit and reason-nothing to do with our “feelings.”
They are just facts (of actual happenings-not emotions).

When we are emotionally mature (and true to ourselves), we do not go around convicting people based on our emotions.
That’s federal (and foolish).

People die everyday in spirit, of broken hearts and literally die-all over other people’s EMOTIONS.
People lose jobs over other people’s emotions, lose money, lose relationships, lose deals-all that (over people’s unreasonable and unchecked personal emotions).
Wars are even fought because of emotions.
You have to deal with them accordingly-properly.

Most emotion goes haywire when left unchecked and properly articulated and expressed (to whom it concerns).
That’s what’s “fake.”

When we are real (and not fake-ourselves), we hold our selves accountable for our own personal feelings rather than projecting them off onto other people; labeling other people messy and sticky things that are sticky in our messy and heads and hearts’ eye-view.

We have to hold ourselves accountable for the part we play in things (spoken or unspoken) even if we think the other person does not know…
What we “think” shows in our actions (and inaction).
Every single human being’s intuition is in use like animals’ instincts are.
Some of ours is just stronger than others. But do not underestimate your fellow human being’s intuition-simply because something is kept in your head…
Your aura will tell on you anyways-you will “give it off,” so do not expect other people to respond to you based upon (what you think) they do not know…
We are all sensitive/feeling/intuitive beings.
So if it is in your head-it is in your heart-so, hold yourself accountable to the reactions you get, as well as your actions or inactions you give (or get).

When we do hold ourselves accountable for our own feelings, it is then (and only then) that we grow to be emotionally mature and are able to live and let live-be liberated in our thinking and feeling; thus freeing others from our delusional, emotional, unreal and fake grasps-clarity then begins, and we are truly able to decipher (and accept) what it is we simply “feel” (in our own heads and hearts) versus what really is not…

Don’t let your personal feelings fake you out. Grow up.

In the court of life, you cannot win cases on “feelings.”
You win cases on facts that can be proven and substantiated beyond a reasonable doubt.

“Feelings” are not reasonable (in a factual/objective sense).
Because they are: subjective, relative, varying, situational, individual-specific. Period.

However, the good thing about feelings is that, if it means that much to us that we allow other people to occupy space in our heart and mind’s time; then that is when it is evident and clear that we need to be pleading our case to whom it concerns.

And well, if we find that we cannot do that-then we have nothing but proof that we are either: delusional or irrational, as are our thoughts and feelings about what’s real and what’s fake.

Hold that truth to be self-evident…It will truly make you brave (and free).

What say you?


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