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{June 7, 2011}   Superhead: The Icing on the Fake.

Karrine “Superhead” Steffans strikes again.

In defense of her doing the video explanation in her underwear and bra, as a visual
artist and “expressionist” (writer)-I immediately looked at her doo-rag and knew that
she did it this way in an attempt demonstrate “naturalness,” (versus being all dolled-up
with the hair and makeup and being dressed scantily clad).

Her message (slash explanation) along with how she was (underdressed)
called that out to me.

If I were to take it a little further and give it my dramatic or “director’s” eye;
I would say (a little Tarrantino-ish) that, her brushing her teeth while offering this
explanation and bearing herself in this manner, was a demonstration of washing and
cleansing away the demons of an area that made her famous- with an attempt to bare her [soul?]
(in this last-ditch effort to derive any empathy whatsoever, so that she could redeem herself
and perhaps come from beneath all that has plagued her-for all these years).

I know you might laugh, but don’t take what I just said as a joke, or as cynicism-I’m serious,
because I could truly see where she was going with this.

It’s just unfortunate that her reputation [will always] precede her.

Even if she did this video buttoned up to her neck, sitting in a church pew next to Jesus on a
life-sized cross; people would still judge it as the same amount of blasphemy as regarded her
message in this video (while under dressed).

The problem is, just like before she wrote the book-she didn’t use her head (no pun intended).

Nobody believes her.

Not simply because she’s earned a moniker representative of the things she’s done that made
her famous, but the premise of what made her the money for the life
she sought while being “Superhead,” started off as a lie.

By “premise,” I’m not talking about the stories in the book or the book itself, but
rather her message used for marketing the book, when it was evident and clear
in the book that (in her own words) she prefaced it by talking about how things
went one way while she was the “it” girl: “Superhead,” but then after a while, she couldn’t
even get a phone call returned from these same people that gave audience to her.


And what we “intuitively” know…

As far as the content of the book, I’m not writing about that.

If you would ask me if I believe it was true, I would say “yes,” without a doubt.

Thatbeing my belief, the above-shown video is a farce-a ploy and a fake
(however) with (not so much as “good” intent) but with the intent
on redemption for herself, understandably.

But there-in lies the problem.

No matter what kind of “spin” you put on a publicity campaign for a book as such,
(i.e “I wrote the book for other girls out there who have a misconception about
the video-girl lifestyle/I don’t want them to follow in my footsteps,”) [sic].
Never go on a full-on publicity campaign as such and use that as a (“positive?”)
spin, but omit the (real) truth:
“I was the ‘it’ girl who earned the moniker “Superhead;” giving lots of dudes
some good times in their lives and inflating egos and such. But then after a while,
I couldn’t even get a phone call returned. I eventually had nothing and no one
to go to, while they all just went on with their lives. So I figured, what the hell-I
got one hell of a story to tell, and hopefully these chicks out here posing naked with
their asses plopped in the air in bikini’s, and these “stage-door Annie” chicks will
know the real goings-on about how it all LITERALLY goes down once the flashing lights
and cameras are turned off and things change.”

That’s: using your [Super]head.

…Because we already knew the intention behind it all. But don’t just sell us the
book + (“positive”) spin and omit the intent and reason why it was written as if that
was the true (positive) premise.

One thing about the truth is that it will set you free.

I know it sounds cliche’ but boy is the truth-the truth.

It will keep you from being beneath anyone’s foot ‘til the end of time.

The truth should be romanced.

It’s something to be obsessed with.

The truth is that thing that requires no thought, contemplation or dress-rehearsal.

You don’t have to remember what you said, what to say next time or what to do.

It’s one of those things that no matter who you hurt (with the truth-whether you
are exposing them or schooling them), as long as you expose and but be a student of
your truth (and intent), you can endure and withstand anything-come what may…

But what you can’t do, is spend years after a book as such, still trying to attach
yourself to the same industry of men that you exposed, in an effort to prove to the world
that you are still: likable, wanted, and significant.

The “redemption” that she now seeks (all these years later since the book) no one cares
about anymore.

Her redemption (or revenge) would have been best-served by writing the book, going on the
publicity tour and bowing out (the industry)-gracefully-thennnnn go incognito and
anonymous, and pop opiates and drink and write (as she stated in the above video).

At this point (in her career) “anonymous” is out the door. About the only redeeming she
could (possibly) do is with truth-not futile public service announcements.
“Anonymous” is no more, for her-to the public and as well as for herself. Even she
(obviously) hasn’t realized that about herself.

She’s (still) too caught up into the illusion of it all to have the discipline to exist

She stays in the news and on the internet trying to prove who (in the industry)
still wanted her, who (in the industry) she was in a relationship with, who (in the industry)
was still hitting on her etc.
Ho-hum…that’s just what it was looking like-to everybody.

So now, here it is years later, “Superhead” wants to (literally) go bare-backed, and put the
icing on the fake by telling us that all of that was a “lie” and some fable she made up.

Now, she wants to be taken serious as a “writer…”
(And said it like she owns that-and that was what she set out to originally do)…


As a (real) writer myself (who does it all “bare-backed” and in the buff-real-time, letting
you see all my perfections and imperfections before the finish) does that to let you know
that it’s all-me. When you buy it-you’re gonna know I wrote it-start to finish.

When I say I’m a writer-I mean it. I own it. I have no problem proving it, and I respect
all writers who do.

Writing is emotional. It’s mental. It’s spiritual. It’s neurotic. You write in one world,
then have to step out of that world to live and co-exist in the moving/real world.
A “real” writer goes through varying emotions and thoughts in a day while gathering
material in his or her mind (while co-existing in the real world). Blood, and literal
sweat and tears are all intertwined. Easy reading is “hard” writing.

Don’t step in this game half-stepping or having took a short-cut and expect your work to
be respected. If she wrote that book all by herself without a short-cut
(a complete publishing company editing overhaul and ghostwriter) then she gets my respect
(in that regard). That makes her a real “writer” (in my book)-because anybody can be an “author.”

An author could simply be someone who wrote notes and voice recorded all they wanted to
be written in the book.
All materials are then turned over to the ghostwriters and editors in the publishing company,
and the book is packaged and sold with the “author’s” name on it on the strength that the
“author’s” name would sell, simply because they may have a marketable “name.”
Then: “viola” there’s your: “New York Times-Best Seller.”

What the hell?
That should be a different list. I have always felt that way.
All “(celebrity) New York Times Best-sellers” should have their own New York Times
Best-Seller list, and duke it out amongst their marketable named peers-not real writers.
Let them duke out: whose name was bigger or whose ghostwriter was better.
Leave the “best-selling” to the best “real” writer who’s a writer before he’s a “marketable name.”

It’s disrespectful to real writer-totally.
Just about as disrespectful to a real actor as the reality-tv show boom is to their craft,
their work, and the scarcity in getting work.

I sure as hell wouldn’t talk a concept into a voice recorder, scribble some notes on
a notepad, take it to a songwriter and have them write a rap or sing the song for me
(simply because I have a name that will sell it), and then say that I completely wrote it
by myself-and look myself in the mirror the next day and parade it around like I did it myself.

A “concept” is a pitch-not a book or song or completed work.

That’s disrespectful to the game and the craft-any craft.
I don’t respect that.
If you’re going to delve into a craft-bethe craft.
Be the artist.
Articulate it. Communicate it. Deliver it and then call yourself that thing.
Anything that you want to do-if you want to do it that bad-respect yourself and the craft
enough to put the blood, sweat and tears in it, just like a “real” one does.

So, if she bypassed that part of her farce-then she gets my respect as a “writer.”
I will give her that much.

But a real writer writes for the love of it and if the money comes-it comes.
Obviously, (and ideally) any writer wants to be paid for and make a living off his work,
but they write for the love of it-first.

“Superhead” did not write her book for the love of writing, she wrote it for the need for money
(and revenge). It’s not just at the expense of exposing the truth that I have a problem with-but
dispelling her (true) intention under the guise of a “positive” spin, is the problem.
In the process and when the smoke cleared, she got no respect and further put her reputation
in the ground (by her own public histrionics), and now wants to lie some more in search of a buy-back and revival.

You redeem yourself with the truth (no matter the situation).
You don’t redeem yourself with a lie, by demanding a recount and claiming that your original truth
(but false intent) was all a lie.

That above posted redemption video was (like her usual self) was messy and not well-thought out.

If we still cared about what was in the book, it might matter-that’s “using your head” slash
“what’s up here” (pointing to my head like she did-her head-in the video).

If she came back this time, telling the truth about her intention behind why she wrote
the book (rather than that “positive” spin she sold with the packaged deal), we might
care about what she’s saying in the video (above). You can’t come back after an intention
(un-confessed), years of theatrics and then seek public redemption (with another lie).

Point being.

Rather than the theatrics (and lies) in the above video. It would have been just as easy, believable,
truthful and redeeming to have merely said:
“It’s like this: I am kicking down 40/45 years old. My vixen days are behind me. I wrote a book
some years ago that hurt a lot of people-as I too, was hurt; alas: the book.
I have moved on since then, but in the interim, continued to publicly spiral out of control.
Call it karma, call it what you want to-but I’m here to say this:
For the people that I’ve hurt-I apologize.
It may be too much, or too little or too late, but I do.
Sometimes in life, we do wicked or unfortunate things that teach us a lesson about life and karma
has a way of dealing with us, breaking us down, then rebuilding us.
While I did not set out to be “a writer” with my poison pen effort; I happened to have found (
in it) a love for writing.
I feel that is my thing.

Unfortunately, I didn’t discover this at a better and more constructive time in my life.
I found it only after the destruction…
Like you (and any other human being), I am under construction-and always will be
(like any other living and breathing human being).
And in this blueprint of mine, I chose to use my literary efforts towards real writing versus books
centering around being a “video vixen” and such.
I appreciate anyone who will consider taking this ride with me, while I embark upon this venture.
If all isn’t forgiven, then I merely appreciate you for taking the time to watch and listen to the video,
and hopefully in due time-all will be forgiven and I can be taken as seriously-as I am about this new route I am deciding to take.
I thank you in advance for your blessings, well-wishes and consideration.”

No one could have touched her in saying that.
I mean. What can you say to that? You could only respect that.
When you are candid and truthful, you can only leave hateful people speechless and people who love
you can only love you more.
That route would have been the most humble and honest way to seek the redemption and the believability
that she seeks, rather than creating another lie on top of a truth in order to redeem herself (like she did-above).

And as far as being taken serious for being a “real writer,” if “Superhead” found love in writing
while writing (that book), I applaud her, and really wish her well. I really do, sincerely.

But if she really was using her Superhead and “what’s up here” she wouldn’t have struck the
public (yet-again), with a lie like that and expect to be taken serious as: a woman, some man’s woman,
and as a (real) writer, in search of a “real” life (now)…

At this point (especially now), the world has evolved a lotsince the birth of Superhead’s
book (with the invention of social networks and such).

Since then, a whole sleuth of “models:” poorly misguided girls running
rampant and photographed: chin-on-floor, ass in air-complete with a head full of
“Indian Remy hair,” adopting first+middle names to “go by,” running to Atlanta and Detroit to get
big-bodied up (sitting on top of naturally thin thighs), club-hopping and traveling from city to
city in hopes of getting discovered for a reality show and giving or selling enough pussy to hopefully
make a living off of. The road that route has way too many miles on it for any woman
(at this stage in the game) to think thats her stairway to heaven on earth.

I’m human. And I understand…
If that’s your “thing,” fine. But don’t let it be your only thing.
While all that (may seem) like the quickest or last resort, make it “last.”
Back [that thang] up by something solid & valuable.
Sandwich it with something substantial.
TIP: About 90% all of that is backed by nothing substantial. That is why it comes (and goes) a dime a dozen.
Therefore, there are no other options but to trick and be tricked.

One thing’s for certain and two for sure: pussy will always sell even when rice won’t.
But the problem with that is, there’s some budding businessman out there (right now) with a boom-bastic
business plan about to give Chipotle a run for its money.

Just like talk don’t cook rice-pussy don’t either.

So step your game up.
If you feel you have to-use your sexuality or sensuality to lure ’em-fine. Even I do it-so what
(most all women do-to varying degrees).
Do it all you want. But rely on “what’s up here-” your other head, to sustain you (and keep ’em)…

Life is a trip. And I know that in a perfect world, it’s easy to be satisfied with your name your mama
gave you, as sure as your ability to sell, lend, loan, give and shake what yo’ mama gave you.
And it’s alright to do what you do as long as you know you’re going to get it how you live it-whatever
that “live it,” may be…
Own your truth and don’t expect nothing else outside of that fact, and then happiness and contentment
is yours (regardless of whatever it is you do)…

Don’t try to twist it and tangle it all kinds of ways-because you’ll choke yourself. When you are true
to yourself, you are not scared to be truthful. You are not afraid of what other people are going to think
and say about you, because you already know they’re gonna talk about you either way-no matter what you do.

Don’t be like the “Octomom.”
If you’re gonna stick your neck out-break it.
Sat there and had all those babies, got all that plastic surgery, (secretly) wanted some fame,
attention and to be the next “Kate Plus 8,” but by the time the media rode down on her, she changed her
whole game plan to where she choked herself every time she showed her face on television-to a point where
she started looking and sounding crazy-only to collecting welfare and a full
few books of foodstamps-after all that? Oh hell no.
That kind of shake-up (being all shook and nervous like she was); that be your inner self knowing what
your true intentions were, being spiritually magnified with the intuitive nature of your fellow man-seeing
underneath it all (and you know[ing] it).
It’s hard to jump back on track when you don’t stay true to yourself.
You get all choked up. You-be “spiritually” called to the carpet.

“Uh. Bring those cameras in here on me and my babies. Yes, we want a reality show and I’d love to let you
in on how we live,”
…if she would have done that-she would shut everybody down. All that humiliation and
public embarrassment (she allowed herself to be put through) would have been null and void. Because at the end
of the day-she really wanted to be famous she knows it.

Whether you be famous for being infamous, become famous for being infamous or famous the “old-fashioned way”:
TALENT, SKILL, VALUE; as long as you are aware that being famous is an illusion for the disillusioned without
(you-yourself) being wrapped and whisped away in the illusion of it all-all should be well.

But you’ve got to be bold in your truth (about anything -not just “fame.”)

People might hate you or talk about you, but they’ll (secretly) respect you. Furthermore, they’ll believe you
when you decide you’re ready to turn over a new leaf-because they already know your truth on the other side of it.

Use "Superhead" as a template and at least take her “positive” spin used in marketing that book as
a warning and something that Superhead (herself) didn’t super know: you can’t make a business out of tricking
yourself off in the business of “entertainment” and think from that point on you can be taken for anything
but “entertainment.”

I’m not judging.

I don’t knock anybody’s hustle.
I know that everybody has a story and a reason behind everything said and done.

But step your game up by knowing your worth-first.
That way, you can write your own tickets and rules for other people to have to play by.
Know that you’re worthy of better after learning what your value is.

It’s more to life than “reality show” fame and all the soul-selling things altered, done and spun to get
to that point; all for the sake of having something-beingsomething-down to where you have nothing.

Take some time to find out what it is about you that makes you something (special), before you wind up:
“nothing,” to the same world and group of people who you catered to and once gave audience to you.
That way of life has an expiration date-just like food does.

I could care less who paid for Superhead’s goods.

But pay a “different” kind of attention to Superhead’s “label,” because Karrine’s got a story to tell…

You, girlfriend slash reader of these words, be the writer and author of your own life,
with something (else) to sell that will always beat rice.

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