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{February 19, 2012}   Show.

Like “love” we tend to toss that word around to express
its action without actually expressing its action.
…and we stop there. The intent, the thought,
and the sentiment is good enough (so we think).

Like “positive” or “be positive,” we tend to toss that
sentiment around as an (ill-attempt) to encourage-without
actually assisting, encouraging, ennobling, motivating, or inspiring.
“Please don’t disturb my groove,” is what that means
when we merely toss that sentiment.
Because we toss it, and we stop there.
The sentiment is good enough to make us look good without
actually taking action on making to whom we send its sentiment-do
positive enough, or feel positive enough.

In expressing gratitude, we are quick to say: “I’m so inspired.”
…and we stop there. That so open-ended and momentarily sincere…
Inspired to:
-Feel what?
-Share what?
-Be what?
-Do what?
-Change what?
-Dream what?

When we speak of things, ask, and answer questions to ourselves
(like we do to, and around others); our personal integrity can do
nothing but force us to genuinely act upon what we say.
(That is…when we have personal integrity)…
When we think it, we feel it-we then, act upon it…(as best we can).

Instead of being so quick to “throw” love
(under the guise of positivity and gratitude)-do something about it,

-Feel love
-Be love
-Shave love
-Give love


“Toss” love.
“Throw” love.
and show-off, Love…

How about:
“Show love,” my Love…

Anything less than demonstrative of all the above is positively
counterproductive, conducive to, and equal to nothing = NEGATIVE.
That’s what “negative” means: of, doing, equaling to nothing.

So let’s get over sounding deep and looking good for “show.”
Let’s stop pointing fingers at, and outward.
Dig deeper.
Go in.
Mean it (if you can’t show it).
And if you’re not gonna show, that’s cool-but don’t say it.
Simply act like you don’t know.
Because if you don’t show.
You can’t grow.
And you can’t very well Ennoble, Assist, Encourage, Motivate,
or Inspire someone else to grow if you don’t “Show.”
You know?…

If power of life and death is in the tongue, then we not only
should be careful with what we say, but as well-we ought be
careful with what we do (and do not do)…with what we say, too.

What’s good for the gander will always and forever
(equally) be good for the goose.

That being said:
-What do you?
-What mean you?
-What say you?

{February 14, 2012}   Fortunate.

I love this song so much because it reminds me or three words that,
although have much ‘ado about sex and lust, where this song is
concerned-it has nothing to do with sex or lust:

“Adoration” and “Passion.”

It reminds me of the kind of love that a man feels for a woman
with his hands behind his back.
His only Valentine gift being a construction paper cut-out shape
of a heart; cut to precision-looking as though although it was handcrafted,
he took his time to cut it with what he felt about her-around the entire
circumference of the heart: carefully.

As he hands it to her, he does so with the kind of smile where he bites his bottom lip,
a dip in his brow-and tells her with his eyes: “It’s gonna get greater-later.”

And when the greater arrives-later, he still bites his bottom lip, with that same dip
in his brow; telling her that same thing with his eyes: in the good times, as well as the bad times.

He never lost that feeling about her-ever.

That is how and when a man truly feels fortunate to have his woman-all the time.

In my opinion. From in my heart.


{February 14, 2012}   Grow. Love.

I often contemplate love.
Because if you really know love, you know that there is always a new and better way to do it-everyday. That’s how you grow love.

And that’s how you grow, Love.

{February 12, 2012}   The Dealing.

When you know and love someone who [like anybody else-had their faults]
but above all of that-was so: Generous, Giving, and Sweet…yet in retrospects disrespect;
spent their entire life on their knees…whose feet literally went no where in this world-now
forced to live it on their back…face and eyes up toward the ceiling, now unable to use their
voice to speak…say what it is they’re feeling…

…Then you have no idea why, or what it is I am dealing.

Even if you knew me-if right now, you can’t say that you know this about me…right here is now,
so don’t ever say that you “know” me-and with what the fuck I’m:

So when I find time to smile.
Stay a while.
For my joy has to surpass sprints.
Stay teflon-tougher than the back of a slow-moving turtle.
It’s a must, even more than a fat woman thinks she needs a girdle.

{February 12, 2012}   Too Early To Go To Bed

Yesterday I had an epiphany.
And I cried a smile just as sure as my name is not Tiffany.

At that one moment in time.

I learned what “love” must truly feel like unattached to any thing, any body or mass, in every single way:
The beginning.
The in-between.
The end.

I tweeted that I finally knew what love must feel like to a sighted man, like what a blind man feels at his first experience in losing a balloon to gravity, and discovering what heartbeat feels like through an index finger.

“Amazing,” I concluded.

With a smile, I continued to work.

At 7:30p
I lay my body down.

At that very moment in time…

My eyes then reached for the clock.
My heart gave my mind a knock.
Then aloud, I yelled: “Uh Un! It’s way too early to go to bed!…”

I hopped up.
In search of energy.
Paced around the house for some time.
Still, I had more work to do.

Shortly thereafter.

I ran to The Border.
Turned on the radio and proceeded to place my order.
Around 8:22, something then turned my brown eyes blue.
It was DJ Tori who dropped me this clue:
“I interrupt this program, with some breaking [heartbreaking] news. At 3:55p P.S.T
Whitney Houston was pronounced dead.”

Sang The Blues.


In my head.

…It was way too early.

To go bed.

“Hearts are often broken.
When there are words unspoken.
In your soul, there are answers to your prayers.
If you’re searching for a place you know.
A familiar place. Somewhere to go.
You should look inside yourself-you’re half-way there.
Sometimes you’ll laugh.
Sometimes you’ll cry.
Life never tells us-the when’s or why’s.
But when you have friends. Who wish you well.
You’ll find your point when, you will exhale.”

et cetera
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