A Girl in the World & the World in a Girl…

{February 12, 2012}   The Dealing.

When you know and love someone who [like anybody else-had their faults]
but above all of that-was so: Generous, Giving, and Sweet…yet in retrospects disrespect;
spent their entire life on their knees…whose feet literally went no where in this world-now
forced to live it on their back…face and eyes up toward the ceiling, now unable to use their
voice to speak…say what it is they’re feeling…

…Then you have no idea why, or what it is I am dealing.

Even if you knew me-if right now, you can’t say that you know this about me…right here is now,
so don’t ever say that you “know” me-and with what the fuck I’m:

So when I find time to smile.
Stay a while.
For my joy has to surpass sprints.
Stay teflon-tougher than the back of a slow-moving turtle.
It’s a must, even more than a fat woman thinks she needs a girdle.

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