A Girl in the World & the World in a Girl…

{February 12, 2012}   Too Early To Go To Bed

Yesterday I had an epiphany.
And I cried a smile just as sure as my name is not Tiffany.

At that one moment in time.

I learned what “love” must truly feel like unattached to any thing, any body or mass, in every single way:
The beginning.
The in-between.
The end.

I tweeted that I finally knew what love must feel like to a sighted man, like what a blind man feels at his first experience in losing a balloon to gravity, and discovering what heartbeat feels like through an index finger.

“Amazing,” I concluded.

With a smile, I continued to work.

At 7:30p
I lay my body down.

At that very moment in time…

My eyes then reached for the clock.
My heart gave my mind a knock.
Then aloud, I yelled: “Uh Un! It’s way too early to go to bed!…”

I hopped up.
In search of energy.
Paced around the house for some time.
Still, I had more work to do.

Shortly thereafter.

I ran to The Border.
Turned on the radio and proceeded to place my order.
Around 8:22, something then turned my brown eyes blue.
It was DJ Tori who dropped me this clue:
“I interrupt this program, with some breaking [heartbreaking] news. At 3:55p P.S.T
Whitney Houston was pronounced dead.”

Sang The Blues.


In my head.

…It was way too early.

To go bed.

“Hearts are often broken.
When there are words unspoken.
In your soul, there are answers to your prayers.
If you’re searching for a place you know.
A familiar place. Somewhere to go.
You should look inside yourself-you’re half-way there.
Sometimes you’ll laugh.
Sometimes you’ll cry.
Life never tells us-the when’s or why’s.
But when you have friends. Who wish you well.
You’ll find your point when, you will exhale.”

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