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{March 23, 2012}   The Key to Life For The Ambitious.

I figured out what the Key to Life is.

The moment that you associate success with a destination rather than a journey
(never-ending), you concentrate too much on one thing to lead you to a destination…

When we stop associating “success” with “money” and a “destination”-we journey: rich.

When you think about a destination, you arrive at a point that where you set out to be,
but upon its arrival-then what?

It’s all in you.

Think of yourself in dimensions and layers.

Every day, discover and uncover new things about you and all that you can do-that
no one else can do (like you).
That creates self-worth and value for, and in you.

When you remain confident in that fact, you will truly understand that the
Key to Life is a journey that is never-ending for you, because you become
aware of your many dimensions and grow a repertoire of “You”-that eliminates
the stress and frustration happens as a result of being and concentrating on
one thing, of one dimension.

I learned that those people “arrive” and crash.
After a while, the destination is boring to them.
They drive (and their drive) is in circles.


Spinning the wheel.


Their only happiness is usually in the spending because they themselves are already spent.
As a result they are not truly happy, nor are they really content.
That is because not only have they forgotten about the “journey,” but they traveled to the
destination on one thing and to a capacity of one-dimension and one destination…

You have to observe your surroundings of what you THINK you want, and WHERE you THINK
you want to be, in order to see what’s REALLY going on…to see if the destination is
really all you think it’s believed to be…

Make you the person you claim you are, driving to, or wanted to be…



Enjoy the journey and all things along the
way that come WITH it.

Enjoy and take the smooth with the rocky.

Enjoy the rollercoasters, and enjoy the train-wreck rather than
concentrating on “getting there.”

You have to look at success as a continuum of LIFE…

We live until we die.

As well, we journey until…

Or we die.

Ponder that.

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