A Girl in the World & the World in a Girl…

{May 30, 2012}   That’s Just It. Baby!

Anything [used] “AGAINST” you, is…never was…and never will be FOR you…

That’s just it.

Those who mind-don’t matter. And those who matter, don’t mind.

You don’t have to acknowledge, explain or excuse
nothing to anybody who has love for you.

“Shortcomings” are merely things: Assumed, Supposed, Conjured up,
Proposed & Imposed…by people who really have no love for you
and would rather see you long-going rather than:

-Coming out
-Coming up
-Moving up

…Period. Dot.

Give ’em hell, baby!.

(That’s gives ’em heaven)…

{May 29, 2012}   (Quote).

‎”If you are not yourself,
if you surrender your personality,
you have nothing left to give the world.
By the suppression of your individuality,
you lose your distinctive character.”- Edward Wilmot Blyden

{May 26, 2012}   Author’s Authority.

Authors (who are real writers) are very aware of the word “author.”

They know that an “author” can too, be a name slapped across a book, but actually written by a ghostwriter.

A real author is serious about their work,
because no matter what they write about, some part of themselves
will be in the mix.

With that being said (especially so as to signature stamp the work that they write),
a real author writes with “authority.”

The researching, Googling, double-checking and questioning stops there:
In between the pages of the words they say, and where in your mind-they
must play…

So in a real authors writing,
they know they had BETTER write like a
“know it all” (with authority)…

Well, I am a real writer who authors…
And in whatever I WRITE…if don’t “know it all,”
then how they hell can I “tell” it all?

For those of you who love and trust my “AUTHORITY”,
you are forever appreciated!

{May 24, 2012}   Spiritual Spanx.

A spiritual person is a spiritual person when they write, walk or speak.

The most honest you can be with people (human beings) is to walk and write from behind spiritual buffers-stand front and center and speak to them from who YOU are (like your regular conversation).

That, in and of itself, is a spiritual experience for you and them-both…

I do not write (or speak) to gather crowd or hide behind buffers, because I have nothing to hide…but much to share.

Having said that, I appreciate any and everyone who appreciates my “fat”…straight like that.

{May 17, 2012}   The Sickness.

One thing I absolutely, positively, unequivocally loathe /strong&gt
(right up there with pedophiles, serial killers, rapists & other weirdos)
is an envious & jealous person.

Because it’s a terminal illness and a VERY self-bludgeoning emotion that does not go away,
while remaining in a relentless pursuit and constant search their “To Whom I Am Concerned”
upon which to wipe their diseased and infected blood.


{May 13, 2012}   She.

All women are BEAUTIFUL.

When you think of, or say the word:
“UNCONDITIONAL,” no role should race through
to the finish line in the crevices of your mind than “MOTHER”:
The epitome of a character that, once accepted,
there is no understudy, but rather: a woman who embodies
what the true meaning what “unconditional” is;
who can give you the BEST examples of what it means to be
SELFLESS as a result of LOVING, CARING for [and even worrying!]
about another human being outside of herself.

It’s the woman in all of us, no matter what, or regardless…

So look into the eye of-hug, kiss, and tell her today
(and tomorrow, and the next day-going forward), whomever “She” may be.

{May 3, 2012}   Lucky.

I’m not very big on luck, but I must admit-I do
feel lucky when a lady-bug crawls on me, a butterfly
flits around me, a red robin bobs in front of me,
and when I run; a catepillar makes himself visible…
so that I don’t step on it.

{May 1, 2012}   Trust Yourself.

It is so very easy to cult people:

  • looking for a temporary messiah
  • secretly growing impatient waiting on Jesus to come
  • secretly tired of living life, therefore (secretly) waiting on the world to end
  • crossing their fingers in hopes of an opportunity, deal, or chance at life. And living such that they are afraid to create one for themselves
  • looking for excuses to keep mistrusting their own self
  • looking for excuses to not want to strenghten their own lives, and pick their own hearts, tears & faces off the floor

 …The truth is:

 You put your own self out of business, and weaken your own spirit when you do that.

 So trust your self.


If you can’t trust your own self, then why should anyone else?

{May 1, 2012}   Assumption Dysfunction.

FACT is about the closest distance between perception, and reality, and truth.

But fact would require removing assumption.

And well, without that, some people would have nothing to tend to, or gossip about...

{May 1, 2012}   Reflections of.


When we elect to take a thing to mean something negative without the courage of
clearance to be sure; that says a whole lot more about us than we’d ever like,
or care to admit.

That would be because it’d be a toss between ego, or conscious:
both which we’d rather toss the blame, rather than see it’s reflection.


{May 1, 2012}   Focus is Expansion.

Negative or positive, good or bad, whatever we focus on: Expands.

If you focus on a person, it is your personal responsibility to look for the gift and the lift.

After all, you get only what you came for.

And whatever that is…it’s yours, to open, or to close.

If it is not a gift…then return it.

et cetera