A Girl in the World & the World in a Girl…

{May 13, 2012}   She.

All women are BEAUTIFUL.

When you think of, or say the word:
“UNCONDITIONAL,” no role should race through
to the finish line in the crevices of your mind than “MOTHER”:
The epitome of a character that, once accepted,
there is no understudy, but rather: a woman who embodies
what the true meaning what “unconditional” is;
who can give you the BEST examples of what it means to be
SELFLESS as a result of LOVING, CARING for [and even worrying!]
about another human being outside of herself.

It’s the woman in all of us, no matter what, or regardless…

So look into the eye of-hug, kiss, and tell her today
(and tomorrow, and the next day-going forward), whomever “She” may be.

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