A Girl in the World & the World in a Girl…

{May 26, 2012}   Author’s Authority.

Authors (who are real writers) are very aware of the word “author.”

They know that an “author” can too, be a name slapped across a book, but actually written by a ghostwriter.

A real author is serious about their work,
because no matter what they write about, some part of themselves
will be in the mix.

With that being said (especially so as to signature stamp the work that they write),
a real author writes with “authority.”

The researching, Googling, double-checking and questioning stops there:
In between the pages of the words they say, and where in your mind-they
must play…

So in a real authors writing,
they know they had BETTER write like a
“know it all” (with authority)…

Well, I am a real writer who authors…
And in whatever I WRITE…if don’t “know it all,”
then how they hell can I “tell” it all?

For those of you who love and trust my “AUTHORITY”,
you are forever appreciated!

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