A Girl in the World & the World in a Girl…

{August 14, 2013}   The Kendrick La’Movement.

Regardless whether it’s silent, you’re tip-toeing, or ignoring;
we all know what’s going on: a movement was created.

If something inspires you to think, act, react,
or feel, either way-just the same-a movement was created.
After which, it is up to the mover to keep it shaking
(with, or without your permission, and with, or without
your cooperation, blessing, or participation).

But the truth is, it can’t be denied or ignored.
This is not a passing phase.
It’s a force to (now) be reckoned with [and answered to-on wax].
Its already reached the likes of:
Big Daddy Kane, Pusha T, Big K.R.I.T, Mac Miller, Joe Budden,
Just Blaze, Trinidad James, Tyga, Talib Kweli, Fabolous, Cassidy,
Wiz Khalifa, [and even former Laker’s coach Phil Jackson I might add—despite
the fact that he didn’t understand the rap context with which his
named was used, bless his heart]. I’m chuckling.

But he did it.
Who is he?
And what is “IT”
KendrickLamar_photo_Dream-Urban “He” is Kendrick Lamar-that’s who.
And “he” got our attention. But inadvertently, little did he know,
he also opened the gates for every rapper (male or female) to flood
it with flow by flowing himself on Big Sean’s “No Id” freestyle
(which included Big Sean and Jay Electronica too, by the way).

I’m not a rapper by no means, but I’m a poet and a writer-so just call me a floet-I’m cool with that.

Call me impartial, but I’ve always had a thing for [all kinds of rap] but it’s
something about listening to the sounds of the hustle and flow
of a rapper tooting their own horn about why dancing to the beat
of their drum [versus the next man’s] is where the party’s
at—just gets me excited. It reminds me of the essence and root of hip hop:
• Bravado
• Lyrics
• Storytelling—period.
(The hook or the beat didn’t matter so much).

This La’Movement by Kendrick Lamar excited me that I gave it a name.

I’m happy to hear this kind of gallantry and bravado about a rapper’s
prowess come from a rapper’s mouth DIRECTLY [and without question
about WHO he was talking about].

I don’t think it was to start beef, or even to “call out” or
challenge any [named or unnamed] rappers but rather-lyrics of true
honesty about what he feels about his desire to kick the door in-in this
game and be amongst the greats-because he feels that he too, is just as
great (and he is proving himself to be).

Why does it excite me so much?

Because if you know the history of rap, what I think will become of this
La’Movement is (even if just for a little while) it will be sort of like
that old Roxanne Shante/Real Roxanne answer to UTFO that kept spinning and
spawning raps that answered the rap before it [and on and on].

This thing though, spearheaded by Kendrick, I feel will start a movement that
will press the pause button on rap with top of the line beats and repetitive
hooks that carry the song [and end up glorifying mostly: money, “hoes,” clothes,
drinking, strip clubbing, and other indiscriminate “turn up” behavior].
This thing, here-this La’Movement, will be an exercise in having [called out
rappers as well as rappers not mentioned] step into the ring and put forth their
prowess as well (on wax).


I feel that this verse on Big Sean’s record that was act of true passion and
honesty from Kendrick that inadvertently will end up being something in the
rap game-that will be worthy of being remarked in rap history.
This kind of thing hasn’t be done since Roxanne Shante/UTFO, you know.
It just hasn’t.

Another good thing about this is that, if you’re paying attention and know
how the rap climate fluctuates; although women have contributed to the rap game,
the foundation of what’s going to sell will ALWAYS be determined by male rap
(over female rap).

So when you have male rap dominating the game merely talking about
“money,” “hoes,” “clothes,” “clubbing,” “drinking,” etc. it presses the pause button
on the female’s ability to get in the game unless she comes in talking about something
wretched (“ratchet”), or along the lines of what the male rappers are talking about currently.
And nowadays, there aren’t too many rap females sitting it out right now, and underground on
mix tapes really trying to come in the game talking about being “hit from the back”
(in order to sell records to keep current with/along the line of what males are rapping
about right now-at this moment time). The male domination in the rap game is so strong
right now and some of the heaviest hitters and female protectors are dead and gone and
the ones that are living aren’t exactly looking to take the next rap damsel under his
wing and put her on.

Just like a woman is quick to say: this is a man’s world, the males in this lions den
of the music game have every right to say and feel the same (about stepping over into this
male dominated field): she’s got to hold her own, Yo.

With that being the case [and reality], not many female rappers sitting it out right now or
rapping underground are willing to compromise their skill and rap game respect for stepping
into a rap climate that’s singing only tunes suitable for them to twerk to and rap about, too.
So if she’s trying to sell records RIGHT NOW-in THIS rap climate; she’s going to HAVE to be
nearly as ratchet (under the guise of her “sexy”) as what these male rappers are rapping about
right now, because in THIS climate, if she comes out poppin’ about her rapping prowess-it’s
not going to be so well received (in the mainstream)…

A movement couldn’t happen until a male rapper changed his tune. And little did
Kendrick Lamar know-he did that.

This movement that Kendrick got started CAN change the game in a way that will benefit
a whole lot of people:

• it will give the rappers who are putting out “candy” (and known only FOR putting out candy)
a chance to prove they too, can step their game up
• it will give the real lyricists who [right now are putting out Hip-POP “candy”-to sell records
and stay along the lines of the rap climate] a chance to put THEIR candied mics down and do some real
spitting again (like they already can). It’ll be like exercise to them-returning home
(to the essence and roots of hip-HOP)
• and too, it will possibly RE-open that door for female rap to bomb rush the
game and talk their talk, too.

We shall see, huh?

The Internet is a’buzz with people having laughed at @JoellOrtiz-the first to step
up and answer Kendrick (especially having not even been mentioned on Kendrick’s verse)
but know this: THAT’s Hip Hop. That’s what he was supposed to do.

When the UTFO / Roxanne movement happened, when didn’t have Twitter.
So we thought these girls stepping up to these rap dudes was all apart of an
extension of the rap. News traveled slow then. So it took YEARS for many of us to
find out that UTFO (who rapped about this girl named “Roxanne”) didn’t even KNOW
these girls answering their raps [from–as Queen Latifah coined it]: “a can of paint.”
But it took Hip Hop to another level!

So let Kendrick Lamar and all female and male rappers who dare to step up-cook, ok?

That movement was Hip Hop history.
I love Hip Hop. You love Hip Hop.
And that brand of love-deserves an encore in a new way (for more than one reason)…


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