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I created this blog because as a WRITER/AUTHOR , I write and publish actual FICTION AND NON-FICTION BOOKS, but those are stories and lessons that I consider gifts-gifts in which I hope to inspire, enlighten, empower or at the very least, entertain, as you experience my work.

When I am online some places, my thoughts limit me to 540 words, where I am not necessarily looking for a thumbs up, but would much rather share thoughts or dialogue instead.

When I am at other places online, my thoughts limit me to 140 words, where I find myself using my time line as graffiti for my thoughts-to, with, at or for “everyone-” (“everyone” meaning: whomever’s reading: near or from afar).

If you know of me and have followed or friended me online, you’ve probably already gathered that I am a very “COMPARTMENTALIZED” kinda girl. I feel that everything you do, profess, say or have; has a place and its own space and place. And SOMETIMES MY GRAFFITI CAN TURN INTO LITTLE SHORT STORIES, and I find myself wanting those thoughts and feelings in a place all their own-to share in a place where [like an acquaintance recently made me laugh and said]: “if you can’t say amen-just say ‘ouch!'”

Well, at my blogspot-we either say:
Alrighty Then!
(or we Adlib)
…but we never say “ouch,” because it ‘aint that kinda party over here-that is not my content’s intent or purpose.
It’s all in good spirit, not mean-spirit.
To provoke thought, contemplation and consideration; something to take with and share with you.

When I blog, as with my novels, you will always hear me say that I write to provoke: thought, contemplation, consideration or at the very least-entertain.

As a friend or a person (outside of being a writer) I am a conversationalist and a listener and observer twice that.
My eyes and ears are always open. So being well-rounded and well-versed; when I blog, I may blog about a wide variety of subjects-but not strictly for entertainment.

It is very easy to select subject matter from television and popular culture because there is a lot going on within it.

When I look at movies or television shows of today (regardless whatever our opinions about them are), I see them for [one side] of representations of how group-dynamics work in (human) socialization.

Whether it be for the camera or not; observing shows like: “Survivor” and reality shows etc., do provide you with (if the not truth) something to think about in our own lives, the lives of others, and how we really do socialize (today).

Even when we watch them and play armchair quarterback at the screen, we (in our real lives) socialize either the same way or differently (in some same way). We cannot deny that, in spite of our personal feelings about these shows.

That being said, since, as a writer, and what I refer to myself as: an expressionist of erotic, self-efficacious, introspective, reflective and metaphysical literature; whatever I write (be it my books-the racy or mainstream) I look forward to enlightening, empowering, or inspiring positive or constructive dialogue that is either helpful or thought-provoking (where the heart, mind and person are concerned).

Where blogging is concerned, I like entertainment/celebrity/gossip blogs as well.
But because of just…how I am; when I read them, the questions and dialogue in my head is geared toward what lies beneath it all-the subject matter or issue as it could relate to myself or my readers, not just the segment for ridicule, laughter, finger-pointing and entertainment.

My interest (as a writer and a blogger), (when I write blogs for my “Movies/TV/Popular Culture/Music” category) is not to uncover whether a segment or happening in it was real or for publicity/television; my interest is the subject matter or issue itself-that Ifeel is worth blogging about.
Ones that I feel provoke thought, consideration or contemplation.
Ones that I feel are useful or helpful to one, many or the masses.
Whether they are true or not, or any personal attachment to it is totally NOT my interest, concern or strategy in my blogging.

I am a writer and writing is my pleasure, but business. So, the issues or subject matters that suit my blog agenda that provide me with blog material to write about-closely identifying what I write novels about, in conjunction with how I identify myself as a writer: an expressionist of erotic, self-efficacious, introspective, reflective and metaphysical literature, is of my interest and concern.

So with that, and from my perspective, I interject certain subject matters within the categories on my blog.
Because although we may be entertained by blog stories and television, I still look (not to laugh or shake my head at mean-spirited comments); but sometimes, when I watch or read something, the person that I am…looks the take something from that (regardless its truth or no).
No matter how superficial, as far as I am concerned, it still has a “matter” (even when we think it’s a frivolous matter, whether it be in our own lives or someone else’s).

So when I blog, I blog to hopefully lesson the “frivolousness” or the “superficiality” of these matters by presenting my opinion about them constructively; in hopes to inspire positive or constructive feedback rather than the common blatant mean-spirited jabs and stabs with no meaning or anything constructive to think about or take away from it.

Frivolous, superficial, entertained, interested or indifferent, it is all still apart of our world.
And me? I am merely one person in the world of many and the masses…blogging about many things in the world.

I will post when the thought or feeling hits me and 540 or 140 words just isn’t enough.
But when I do post, you will know via MY TWITTER or MY WEBSITE‘S “last update” link, atop its page.

I love to share my thoughts-not sell my thoughts.
My stories and philosophies (books) are on sale because I seriously doubt you’d want to read a blog 200+ pages long! And they are stories/narratives, rather than compartmentalized thoughts on various subject matters.
So hello blog: “A Girl in the World & the World in a Girl.”
And here-on my blog, I share.
Everything that I think has texture.
Everything that I feel makes me think.
I am a writer, a thinker and a feeler and as well: observant, very opinionated, but: understanding and human. And I recognize and respect the same in others.

The birth of this blog is one that I felt in my heart to replace the collection of short-stories, contemplation, etc. that in between my work, I was compiling for a book (“Eyes’ Window. Soul’s Prose. Contemplation, Quotes & Poems by Angela Sherice) because I want my readers of my fiction and non-fiction to know the writer behind the stories and philosophies as a person/human being.

Day by day, as I write MY BOOKS; my “bloggish” thoughts get in and I would stop and do an entry for the compilation/book in my Blackberry’s Memo Pad.
It is so packed.I think and feel-all day-everyday so, it goes on and on.
And my heart told me: “Angela, come to terms with the fact that “Eyes’ Window. Soul’s Prose: Contemplation, Quotes & Poems by Angela Sherice is not for sell, it is for share. What are you going to do when the book is published and you have five more thoughts that day-pull the book. Get over it-Eyes’ Window. Soul’s Prose: Contemplation, Quotes & Poems by Angela Sherice is a blog-not a book, despite how book-pages lengthy or filled up your Blackberry is-just share it, give it away. Let your readers get to know the writer behind the work on a blog!”

If you do not know of me-hello and welcome, I am pleased to meet you.

If you do know of me-hello again…we have to keep meeting like this…

Welcome, all.

Thank you!
I look forward to sharing this experience with you.
So journey with me while I journal for you…

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