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{June 28, 2011}   Feel in the Plank.

This new viral craze is SO dumb, but it is SO fun.
Oooh. I just can’t get enough of it.


*In my BEST classic Nettie voice:*



“You and Me-Us never parrrrt.
(Macky Da-Da)
You and Me must have one heart.
(Macky Da-Da)
Aint no ocean aint no sea.
(Macky Da-Da)”


“Nothing but death can keep me from it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

{March 10, 2011}   *Edith Bunker Voice*


Works for me.


(meanwhile, back at New York Post’s Offices):
I mean. Look guys. They BOTH have blonde tresses.
KERI ! …MARY! Get it?
That could work.
Come on guys.

(NYP office employees sigh in unison)

MARY ! KERI ! VERY ! very…pretty girls!
I mean-they both are awesome singers…I mean.
Help me out here guys!

(office employee):
Just…just…issue the apology dude. You screwed up the article-THIS is Mary:

Singer Mary J. Blige performs at Tyler Perry’s First Annual Rise Above It celebration at Boulevard3 on March 4, 2011 in Hollywood, California. Photo Credits: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

T.H.E Mary J. Blige

(NYP office employee):
And THIS is the MaryKeri you were thinking of big guy!

{February 6, 2011}   DJ.

MISS NG: *Cheezy Radio Announcer Voice*
It’s your hostess with the most-est that puts the Fire in your Desire and the Flight in Your Night.
Caller, you’re off the air.
So close the door if you want me to respond:

Ah yes.
My love and me are having a tough time, and things have gone too far.
I’m trying real hard, to undo the scars and bring things back up to par.
I’m cooking dinner tonight, and my lil’ honey will be over here soon.
Please put together for me, a compilation CD that’ll make my baby’s heart croon.
Ohhh a CD mix of those songs that you do.
Oh my goodness!
I want one too.
All over town I keep hearing all about you.

MISS NG: * Cheezy Radio Announcer Voice*
Well I’m here for you.
To help you unlock all mysteries and provide you with all the clues.
But listen closely to what it is I do:
I tailor the song and the mood exclusive to you…
And to make you and your lover make it ‘do what it ‘due.
Just keep in mind, while you bump and grind
My remedy works and drunkens the heart and mind
But your lover must “see” only you-in this moment in time.
We don’t only pick the songs exclusive and desired by you.
This here is about love
And that’s not what love’s supposed to do.
We pick out the songs that your lover will see in you.
You just tell me the mood
I can lyrically make the two of you
Wake it and bake it make it taste like food.
Even if you want to take it higher and produce yourselves a brood.
I can surely make this thing that happen for you.
Soul to soul.
However do you want it?
However do you need it?
I can make hearts and break hearts
Like new brakes I can bleed ’em.
Listen to me now:
Are you a damsel in distress tonight?
Did your lover hurt you some days ago
And you still have the blues with a little bit of hurt-residue?
Are you gonna lay out in the floor
And place your hand on your forehead-sort of like a Harlequin romance?
Or do you want the song to croon
Turn your back to your lover like soap-opera love in the afternoon?
For that, I can put together dramatic music like Celine Dion’s:
It’s All Coming Back to Me Now,” where the music is fierce!
It plays like a Broadway score.
Lyrics dancing in your heads
Telling a story of the hurt and pain your lover caused you and went Ham.
Each syllable, the music creeps up over the lyric and overpowers it
And then: BAMM!
You lay out it the floor-like a damsel in distress!
By the time your lovers kneels
And holds you in a sweet caress.
It will all be coming back to the both of you now
Your lover will then confess:
* NG sings*
‘Cause when you hold me like this. And when I hold you like that. We forgive and forget and it’s all coming back to me. The flesh and the fantasies all coming back to me now…”

Oh yes! Yes! I can see it now! Oh yes!
And then after that, I want to keep the pace slow
Because I want us to slow dance in the middle of the flo.’
Then we can take it to the back and close the door.
Where I’ll cut ‘em no slack, hurt-no more.

MISS NG: * Cheezy Radio Announcer Voice*
Awwwwwwwwwww sooki sooki now.
(NG snaps fingers and points at the computer screen)
I know what you want.
You want me to finish off the night having done all the love songs made possible by
Prince and classic R.Kelly and such.
Then move on over to their musical kinky side-much?
Is that what I’m hearing between the thoughts of this clutch?

Yes! That’s exactly what I want!

MISS NG: * Cheezy Radio Announcer Voice*
Okay I’m ready to put this compilation together for you.
Let me explain to you what I used to do.
I used to make compilation’s cassette tapes for your nights like this.
And send you lovers on many nights in bliss.
We’re in a different time and space now.
And what I do in this place now.
Is put you on a hold-so delicate, nice and sweet.
Get my permission for this mission from the artist via Tweet.
So hold a second and let me get this thing crackin.’
I waste no time. I’m never slackin.’
Hold please while I start my mackin:’

MISS NG: * Types on the computer*
Hello my artist friend. Are you down for the cause?

Uh. What cause is that @NGtheDJ? (says Singing Friend)

BeCAUSE of love is the cause…Because the music YOU make is what makes this
world go ‘round in applause. I would like to include your song on some
compilation sounds. Amongst other great artists like yourself I must say.
The lovers who are in receipt of this
Give testimonials about how your music gave them a lift
In return your CD’s will continuously sell.
Twenty years from now-you’ll still get checks in the mail.
So are you down for the cause-beCAUSE of love?

Uh. Okay. Fine by me.

I will get back with you on the specifics, my caller is smiling with glee

Caller, I got all my e-signatures for this compilation disc.
But there’s one more thing I cannot dismiss.
Though, because of love, the disc is free.
You must still pay your own shipping and handling fee.
If downloaded, the download is just as free.
But you still must pay what we call: “a gripping and handling fee.”
Five dollars either way.
Here is the link for you to pay
Just press “send” and you’ll be on your way

* NG sends link*

Oh I’m so happy. I can’t WAIT!

MISS NG: * Cheezy Radio Announcer Voice*
Well I’ma tell you just like I oughta.
As sang like Sissy’s daughter:
“My Love is Your Love.”
But just like that 80’s hit
I’ma break you off with this little bit:
* NJ sings*
“Don’t you…Forget about me.”

MISS NG: * Cheezy Radio Announcer Voice continues*
Keep me in that heart
That just got itself a jump start.
I don’t ask for much.
But remember this, while in the midst of your lover’s clutch:
Just a penny for your thoughts.
A nickel for your kiss.
And a dime if s/he tells you that s/he loves you
…will suffice.
Trust me while s/he lusts you
For me, that will be nice.
Keep me in mind for those nights where you need a little temptin.’
‘Cause I’m never slacking up-in-here-on my pimpin.’

I will! I will! Thank you! Thank you!

(Next caller):

MISS NG: *Cheezy Radio Announcer Voice*
It’s your hostess with the most-est that puts the Fire in your
Desire and the Flight in Your Night.
Caller, you’re off the air.
So close the door if you want me to respond…


{February 2, 2011}   Poor Punxsutawney Phil

Poor Punxsutawney Phil 😦

…that poor groundhog looks so startled.

Every February 2, I envision this man with a big tall hat, riding pants, a pot belly, no neck, and a long stick in his hand; busting open this old-fashioned wooden door that looks like it’ll give you splinters if you touch it.

Inside, an inhumane amount of groundhogs are piled up on top of one another, looking into the opened doors’ early morning light-in horror.

There, stands [this “handler” is what they call ’em], yelling out in an English accent: “What say you! What say you! Which one of you lit-tle pret-ties are coming with me today?!”

SLIDE TO 5:17-5:27 OF AUDIO…

{January 30, 2011}   Presidential. Period.

I like to collect President O’bama’s pics that float around the internet.
The photography is usually amazing.
For some reason, the pics always compel me to add captions to them-like they speak out.
Obviously, at the beginning of his term, I was having a field day collecting them to spoof.
But as time goes on, I’m not able to keep up with them all.
Please feel free to view and get your laugh on.
If you have some Pres pics, please share them with me.
Email them to me: angelashericeblog@email.com so that I can scan and caption them!


{January 29, 2011}   ABOUT THIS BLOG SITE

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Always…All ways.

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