A Girl in the World & the World in a Girl…

{December 24, 2012}   Day. Discipline. Deciding.

It’s a little bit like a Monday or a day in life:
We may have to slay a lot of dragons in which we might
have to kick @$$ & taking down many names (or vice versa)
while disarming and nunchucking, but in the end
when the walls close down; there’s power in the
discipline of deciding what your next move will

Happy Monday. 🙂


{September 26, 2012}   Rules for Life After 35

Earlier today, I saw a post from @OwnTv that read: “Rules for Life After 35” and the first thing I said (aloud) was: “Just LIVE dammit!”

But then as my day continued, as much as I tried to deny that I would even HAVE a “list”
of rules for myself, for living after age 35; I actually found out something about myself: I DO!

I’ll share:


1). Don’t look at the stairs as a nightmare literally (or metaphorically).

2). Whatever hair and makeup a woman does for herself to make herself feel beautiful
is fine (and her business). Consider the fact that any time a woman stepped out of the
house, she did the best that she could do for herself-for that moment, and in that time.
Do not ridicule other women-that’s an under 35 thing.

3). Let go of the: “Letters to my ___________ year-old self.”
As “deep” and poignant as we fancy them to be, whatever:
• Did happen
• Didn’t happen
• You wish had happened
• Wish never happened
…did contribute to the woman you are today. (And now). Be okay with that.
Your ___ year-old self cannot answer your adult-self back.
Besides, in some: form, shape, fashion, (or letter) somebody during your ___ year-old self’s
life and time someone did try and give you that same lesson. Remember? It’s just that back
then at that age, we did not have to capacity to listen and apply it-that comes with time, age and
experience.  Experience is a part of our growth. It is okay (and necessary) to reflect on it,
but writing a letter to it is not that deep or useful (now).

4). Gossip, female-to-female harassment, posse’ing up with the homies, and mean-spiritedness amongst,
and between other grown women is for young girls (and is bottom-barrel/extremely pathetic).
REAL divas (who by age 35-especially) should be in practice for carrying themselves with a
little bit more pride and class than that. You don’t have to make it a “sisterhood” but you don’t
have make it “hood” either.

5). Obsessive competing, jealousy, and envying other women is a pitiful, a terrible waste of your
self and time. It is a felonious case of voluntary spiritual suicide!

6). A six-pack, a no-pack/with nice obliques, or just a flat tummy; full-bared stomach days are over!
(as an outfit). It’s the equivalent of a sixty-year old man going through a midlife crisis-opting for
a sports car over a Cadillac. Sure, we love our small waists and flat stomachs, but 5-7 inches of
exposed bare tummy skin is desperate after 35. ½ or ¾ inch of tummy or less is still just as sexy.
Outside of that, wear whatever looks good on YOUR body and makes you feel

7). Tipping 20-30% is a necessity when dining out.

8). Decision over indecision.

9). Being diplomatic is a great (and necessary) quality. But honesty rules–and will forever be
respected (even if you’re hated for it). Be diplomatic to save time, headache, and
[for some business reasons] but never just to save face. That’s misleading and later
harmful to people.

10). Thoughtfulness will never age or be out of style.

11). A nude/clear/French/one-color manicure and pedicure is classy and “cute” too.
(Crud, 3-D designs, glitter, sparkles, multi-color, and Christmas-tree nails etc. are for young girls).

12). Plain, regular old hard, thick Vaseline (petroleum jelly) is your breasts, under-eye,
and face’s best friend (when applied at a specific time of day).

13). Don’t let the weekly hair-do appointment be priority over your health and refusal
to sweat it out sometimes.

14). Keeping up with the Joneses is the priority and concerns of teens and young adults.
By age 35, you definitely should have your own identity!

15). Thirty-five and older, and/or married, and/or kids is no excuse for
COMPLETELY letting yourself go! You, your husband, and/or your kids still need you around
(and in as good health as possible) right?

16). It’s okay to see that old friend/old boyfriend out and have conversation, share a hug,
and sincere sentiments and such. But skip the routine and formality of exchanging numbers
(when you know in your heart you probably won’t call or have anything to talk about past
whatever you talked about when bumping into one another-anyways!). Well-wishes and
“good seeing you” is okay to display, say, then go on your separate way. Don’t waste your
time (or theirs).

17). Valid or invalid, fair or unfair, there is always a good and especially “memorable”
reason why old friends or old boyfriends from your past are not in your now, or your future.
If that wasn’t the case, they would indeed be in your “now”-not in “passing,” or
“bumping into you” (online, the grocery store, or shopping mall).

18). Get out of the mindset and pressure of thinking that being matriculated into
needing/having a 401k is the only savings, investment strategy, and retirement option.

19). Your life is not over at 35 [and up]. A dream, hobby, education,
bucket list etc. has no expiration date (especially if you are more interested in personal
fulfillment rather than trying to keep up with the Joneses or other worldly “pressures.”)

20). Get it through your head and define for yourself what: Success,
Fame, and Wealth are. There are wealthy poor people just like there are poor-poor people.
Success is: (large or small) any goal that you planned, executed, and completed whether
it does or does not generate revenue! Self-work is, and always will be your greatest wealth,
asset, and investment! No amount of success, material wealth or worldly fame will ever
be able to pay for any self-work that you did not do on your way to it! The mental, emotional
(and physical) pain of working hard to make ends meet, yet, still can’t-is the equivalent
of having all the material wealth, success, and worldly fame yet, envying and being upset at not
being able to purchase things to better the self that really come free (had you done the work
beforehand). The only thing you can buy or build with material wealth without having done work
on self-are “things” and a “persona” (which to, is a “thing” nonetheless).
There’s “work to do” before you “get there.”

Get/be in practice for getting:

  • Your Mind
  • Your Heart
  • Your Priorities
  • Your Morals
  • Your Boundaries
  • Your Limits
  • Your Integrity
  • Your Soul
  • Your Spirit

…right before the money comes or you will be a danger to yourself and other people
who innocently cross your path!
Are you there yet?
Are you there yet?
Are you there yet?
Are you there yet?
Are you there yet?
Are you there yet?

Keep this thought in mind about worldy success, material wealth and/or fame:
After you are able to pay your bills on time and off (continously),
travel where you wish to (and at whim), eat all that [and where you’ve always/ever
wanted to eat], wear what you’ve always wanted to wear, have the sex that you’ve
always wanted to have etc., what next? What are you going to do with yourself?
Do you have a “self?” (that you love?) Don’t get rich and famous and be a danger
to yourself and other people! PLEASE!

21). As we mature-looks, and love is an important part of life to us all. Be considerate.
Don’t be the type of woman (who in passing, or while having conversation with another woman)
would see smeared lipstick or whipped-cream on the side of her mouth-send her on her way
and not tell her, yet, feel that another woman should have respect for the fact that you
are in a committed relationship and expect that she should have consideration to not
sleep with your man. The point is: Consideration is Consideration! (no matter the extent or extreme).

22). It’s okay to like nice or expensive things. But priorities are an order! If what you
“like” costs more than your rent or mortage payment, it’s okay to like it from afar
(or admire it upon other people who can afford it). If that be the case,
be content with knowing that you can at least point out the designer and the cost
of it (if it means that much to you-to retain that kind of “knowledge”).
Always know this and keep this FACT in mind:
People who can afford a pair of Loubou’s are not as impressed as people
who cannot afford them. Most often times (if you know you truly cannot afford stuff like that)
you are only “impressing” other people who too, cannot afford stuff like that.
So what sense does it make?
Prioritize and stay in your lane up to, and until.
It saves you from being preoccupied with unnecessary bullcrap that does not serve you,
or mean anything for growing you as a person (as does priorities).

23). Grown is always sexy.

24). Don’t allow weak emotions (over real, authentic conversation being had), to be your
first introduction to people and especially-other women. It’s a terrible thing to find
out later that it would have been nice (or beneficial to you) to know someone who you took
it upon yourself to treat badly, before getting to know them-only to find they do not wish to
be bothered with you-for any reason (beneficial to them, or otherwise). By age 35, we need
every solid, and positive relationship and experience that we can cultivate and share
(business or personal). Don’t blow it with weak emotions and silly bullshit that only makes
you look bad!

25). Don’t let the Internet/pixels make you “weird” and rob you of your people-skills.
By 35, we have to have essential people-skills that younger people are given passes and excuses
for not being responsible for not having. We lose our excuse after 35. It makes you look bad and
not worthy of the kind of respect [that by age 35] your presence should actually command.

26). Speaking of the Internet-it is how we communicate and connect today-we almost can’t
get around it. But understand what TRUE communicating and TRUE connecting really is.
I’ll explain it you:
Anyone who truly cares about you, and is truly interested in connecting with you-is front
and center with how they deal with you offline (and especially: Online).
• Sub-compliments
• Sub-“advice” etc.
…e.g-(chronic ways to call out to you-by using your verbiage, certain words you may use etc.)
in a status post (however-kind) is still not real true care in connecting and
communicating with you-personally (no matter how genuine it may seem). So don’t take (or consider)
stuff like that for you too personally. Honor it as coincidence.
Anybody who is truly interested in care or concern for you is front and center to directly
communicate or connect with you.
There is NO “mystery” where there is TRUTH.
There is no caution, circumstance, or situation that overrides any true care or concern for you!
At 35, you are not a child! That is how the youngsters “communicate” and “connect.”
Command your respect, and demand it of others who want you to, or feel you should respect them.
Other than that, mind your business and timeline, and allow them to mind theirs.
Honor and acknowledge niceties as coincidences.
It’s the healthy way.
Because again: There is NO “mystery” where there is TRUTH. And that bullshit will go on for years
if you allow or give audience to it.
Sometimes, for some people-that is the only “life” or connection to “the real world”
or people-they have.
So it can merely be an exercise or merely good for their online reputation or “look.”
So again-(seemingly) “caring” or “good”-don’t take personally what is not given to you “personally.”
If communicating and connecting with you is true-they will approach you personally.


“Mean/cruel/hateful” or “bad”-try and learn not to take it personally either.
If you feel it is-then be bold-approach it (personally).
At 35, giving audience to mean-spirited darts thrown at you confuses other people who share your
timeline with you. In the end, it’s not worth sub-responding (on your timeline). 99% of the
mean-spirited darts people throw at you is all because of them-how they’re feeling about themselves
and/or because of the way you choose to run your own program (not suiting their ego or place beneath
their foot). Consider the fact that 99% of the people who throw darts at you wouldn’t even know
where to begin to explain (to your face) their gripe if you gave them the opportunity or
invite. I assure you-they would only try and act like they have no idea what you are
talking about.
Quite frankly, that’s true, because the wrath and wrangles are only in their heads and hearts-where
they’ve got the 99 problems and choose to see you as 1 (threat and target)-not a damned thing you did
to them personally. That’s their problem-100% and 0% yours.
Live your life. At 35, it becomes a skill to learn to rise above silliness like that on the Internet.

27). Being true to yourself (no matter how painful to you, or someone else), is the
best gift you can give yourself. You sleep well at night and will always wake up on the right side of
the bed no matter what. The truth strenghtens you. Lies and dilusion pacify (and weaken you). Insist
on people (who mean you well) to always tell you the truth! Know YOU (to know who means you well).
Don’t meticulously “select” your truth for comfort’s sake. Select truth that you know in your heart
will strenghten you-that you know (in your heart of hearts) is something you need to hear, see, or know! 
Only you really know what’s true for you. All that seems harsh is not always bad anymore than
all that feels good is necessarily good for you. You have to know you to be able to
decipher the difference

28). Your happiness is in YOUR hands, and by way of YOUR design, decision, plan(s).

29). You do not have to be educated to be able to understand and apply simple logic, sense,
and sensibility.
Those qualities are necessary-and that, by age 35; you should have already possess.
As an adult, do not fall back into “kid mode” by preparing and being ready to point the finger
out that “someone is judging” [you]-and who does not know you personally, and therefore-does not
know your personal situation or circumstance!

If you see a man juggling a red apple, a yellow-banana, and a white orange; chances are, that
white orange will grab your attention.
It was something about that white orange that made you think, contemplate or consider.
The same is true with other people’s (mere) opinions or conversations or whatnot.
You cannot and will not be affected (or stop, consider, or contemplate) what does NOT apply to
you and therefore, did not grab your attention to make you react (negatively or otherwise).
Pay attention to your own emotions.
If any particular thing not aimed at you and you know for a fact-that person has no knowledge
of your personal thoughts, feelings, or experiences
-if they say something that strikes a chord
in you; that is your sign that there is some unresolved issue or thing that needs to be dealt with,
worked on, or let go of.
Don’t shoot the juggler, or the messenger-thank them! You know that you know the difference from
somebody trying to purposely hurt you (or not).
Don’t not own up to what is calling out to you by carrying a big knife around for other
people in the world around you have may have ironic opinions and conversations!
Sometimes your own “friends” and people who DO know you, your circumstance and situation-won’t
help or tell you!
Some irony, people, opinions, and coincedences are the only guardian angels you will get in your
life around you.

30). You can never have enough “friends” that you can afford to lose one (real) friend.


{September 24, 2012}   Choose & Cheerlead.

It’s all about:

Open in mind and free in spirit is to know that life is a gumbo of:
Free Will.
And the fact that your ‘God’ (and good), and your ‘Devil’ (evil) can be found in all-at any moment in life and time.

Choose and Cheerlead for you-today and everyday.
ALL day!

{August 8, 2012}   Your Pound of Cure.

The other day (for class extra credits) I elected to go and
participate in a psychological experiment whose sole purpose was to
measure risks of the human condition-risks that people are willing to take.

What better a prop to use to measure risk-taking than money huh?

Well, the test was set up such that you had to go into a room in front of
a big 32” computer screen (white, bright, and large enough for you the see and think).

The only other computer accessories was a computer mouse (for which your right or
left hand was to navigate through the questioning).
Throughout the test, there were 3 constant questions that rotated from left to right:
• Would you risk a 75% chance of losing $500, $700, $750, $950, $1200, $1250, $1600, $1750, or $1800.00
(the amounts varied through each question)
• Would you go on and hand over $750 (that $750 amount remained the same-throughout each question)
• Would you hand over $0 at a 25% chance at losing nothing at all

As I navigated throughout each question, I continuously clicked: $0…for which I stood the 25%
chance of losing nothing at all-although I stood a 75% chance at losing $500, $700, $750, $950, $1200, $1250, $1600, $1750, or $1800.00.

Because I neglected [throughout the test] to simply hand over $750 (continuously) stood a
75% chance of losing $950, $1200, $1250, $1600, $1750, or $1800.00. But I didn’t care.
I refused to just hand over $750.00 when I could continuously see that I stood a 25%
percent chance of losing nothing at all.

The fact that (for someone else not as optimistic as me, but more of a risk-taker than me), it may seem “logical” to go on a hand
over $750.00 rather than to take that 75% chance of losing well-over
$750 ($950, $1200, $1250, $1600, $1750, or $1800.00).

I tried, but I couldn’t see it that way.

By mid-test (with my continuously clicking $0/at the 25% chance of losing nothing),
I could feel the impatient and agitated body movement of the girl who facilitated
the experiment (most probably getting bored with my answers-where I continuously
clicked onto that annoying little red dot’s answer never changed throughout the entire
forty-five minutes that the test was held).

When the test was over, I looked over at her-she had a connected frown in her brow.

I broke the ice (and her uni-brow) as I smiled and said: “I sure was waiting on
that $750.00 amount to go down to [at least] $250.00 or so, and I probably would have
elected to simply hand over my money. Either that, or remove my 25% chance of losing
nothing at all…that would have forced my hand somewhere in there.

She replied almost defensively-as if she couldn’t wait to get it off her chest:
Even though you had a 75% percent chance of losing OVER the $750.00 that you
could have just HANDED over!?

I stood there (in that very moment) perplexed that she didn’t she what I saw, and
while standing there-I was a bit perplexed at myself, because although I never
fancy myself a pessimist, I always think that blind optimism is rather foolish.
A “reasonable” and “measurably” optimist is what I’d say I am, “faith” is an altogether
different meaning than “optimism.”

But while standing there in all my optimistic splendor (less the bliss),
do you want to know what it is I saw?

25% of Optimism and losing nothing (to me-in my eyes) is well worth more than a
75% Risk of losing [any amount + handing over all and definitely having nothing-at all].

Even if we took money away from the whole experiment and equation, in my optimistic eyes,
it’s no different than the saying that goes: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Regardless [what someone else may have seen-a 75% open door versus a 25% closing door]
I saw the 25% as one big gigantic wide-open door.

And truth be told, she could have turned that 25% down to 1% and I still would have
felt that I stood a chance of losing nothing at all.

Pardon my optimism, but I also learned something about myself that day,
that-like from behind my ebony eyes-you too should carry [this red dot reminder]
that I am passing on to you:


Even in [what may seem like] the greatest and overwhelming amount of darkness from
behind the most seemingly closed of iron doors, there is always a crack of light and bright.

If you can find and see yourself within that small percentage of light and possibility,
you win…so don’t concern yourself with “when”-that’s your value: “In.”


{August 8, 2012}   Solace.

You Find Solace and Sanctity Through Never-ending and Persistent Antagony’s Insanity.

Everywhere, everybody seems to think that money [fame/success] is the key to end all your woes,
your ups, your downs, your highs and your lows.

But never underestimate the power and necessity of personal self-success:
taking time out and spending time with yourself-learning yourself,
earning yourself-and discovering things all about your self there is to
learn you are all about (less worldly and monetary success).

It’s invaluable.

Literally (and I do mean literally) every single day that I wake up,
I am humbled when it is proven to me-right before my very eyes- how agonizing
it must really feel to have all the money, and/or fame, and/or success in the
world yet, from sun-up, to sun-down, still be in consistent “antagony” over
something or something possessed by somebody else that not even money, fame
or success can even pay for…
That has to be the most torturous existence to live in, yet-seek to expend from.
And one such that I can image the poorest and homeless of man is much better off [in comparison to].

Every single day, I am humbled and peacefully paced, because even as
of three years ago-I used to think it was the total opposite.
And for that…I am humbled.

God will always show you what you need to know-especially
when it is you who needs to know it.

There is more to “success” than “success” itself. Discover richness
and wealth in all things collectively you that money cannot buy.
That is your truth wealth (and value).

If you are not in self-preparation for it, outside of
persistent “antagony,” you really have nothing but consistent insanity.

I’m a living, alive, humbled witness of that demonstrative daily truth.

{May 30, 2012}   That’s Just It. Baby!

Anything [used] “AGAINST” you, is…never was…and never will be FOR you…

That’s just it.

Those who mind-don’t matter. And those who matter, don’t mind.

You don’t have to acknowledge, explain or excuse
nothing to anybody who has love for you.

“Shortcomings” are merely things: Assumed, Supposed, Conjured up,
Proposed & Imposed…by people who really have no love for you
and would rather see you long-going rather than:

-Coming out
-Coming up
-Moving up

…Period. Dot.

Give ’em hell, baby!.

(That’s gives ’em heaven)…

{May 29, 2012}   (Quote).

‎”If you are not yourself,
if you surrender your personality,
you have nothing left to give the world.
By the suppression of your individuality,
you lose your distinctive character.”- Edward Wilmot Blyden

{May 26, 2012}   Author’s Authority.

Authors (who are real writers) are very aware of the word “author.”

They know that an “author” can too, be a name slapped across a book, but actually written by a ghostwriter.

A real author is serious about their work,
because no matter what they write about, some part of themselves
will be in the mix.

With that being said (especially so as to signature stamp the work that they write),
a real author writes with “authority.”

The researching, Googling, double-checking and questioning stops there:
In between the pages of the words they say, and where in your mind-they
must play…

So in a real authors writing,
they know they had BETTER write like a
“know it all” (with authority)…

Well, I am a real writer who authors…
And in whatever I WRITE…if don’t “know it all,”
then how they hell can I “tell” it all?

For those of you who love and trust my “AUTHORITY”,
you are forever appreciated!

{May 24, 2012}   Spiritual Spanx.

A spiritual person is a spiritual person when they write, walk or speak.

The most honest you can be with people (human beings) is to walk and write from behind spiritual buffers-stand front and center and speak to them from who YOU are (like your regular conversation).

That, in and of itself, is a spiritual experience for you and them-both…

I do not write (or speak) to gather crowd or hide behind buffers, because I have nothing to hide…but much to share.

Having said that, I appreciate any and everyone who appreciates my “fat”…straight like that.

{May 1, 2012}   Trust Yourself.

It is so very easy to cult people:

  • looking for a temporary messiah
  • secretly growing impatient waiting on Jesus to come
  • secretly tired of living life, therefore (secretly) waiting on the world to end
  • crossing their fingers in hopes of an opportunity, deal, or chance at life. And living such that they are afraid to create one for themselves
  • looking for excuses to keep mistrusting their own self
  • looking for excuses to not want to strenghten their own lives, and pick their own hearts, tears & faces off the floor

 …The truth is:

 You put your own self out of business, and weaken your own spirit when you do that.

 So trust your self.


If you can’t trust your own self, then why should anyone else?

{April 24, 2012}   How High?

Did you cheerlead for you today?

When you jumped, did you hesitate and ask yourself: “how high?”

Or did you just DO IT!?

{April 15, 2012}   Temple-ly Yours.

Take care of, and stay in total control of you.

To give up control of you is to give in to false &
helpless beliefs, doctrines, or mantras that other
human beings are and can be the cause or effect of
your happiness or joy, or sadness and sorrow.

Like a magnet, nothing can get to, or in you-that
isn’t of, or in you (already)…

Anything that reaches any emotion in you should work:
-with you
-for you
-on you
-through you

…you are in control of anything working “you.”

You cannot receive sorrow, if isn’t already in you.

As well, you cannot receive happiness, or feel joy
if it isn’t already of you.

Your body isn’t your only temple, it is also
your own heart, and your own mind.

Own it!
Bless up.

{April 14, 2012}   Look. Leap. Jump. Go.


Inspiration is a circle of reciprocation like a game of French jump rope.

As the world keeps turning, you’ve got to stare at the rope turning mercilessly and then leap in-full speed ahead, both feet.


Words are powerful-they manifest.

Those words being said…we habitually inspire (or tritely say): “Rise & Grind.”

But to “rise,” we have to grind, after we rise [then] grind.

So that being said:

Rise & Grind.

Grind to Rise.

Grind & Shine.

Happy Wednesday.

Wake up.

In order to “chase,” “go after,” of “run for,” your dreams…you have to be awake to do so.

In order to “rise” as a result…you have to be and come alive from your spark of inspiration (inside).

Great morning 🙂

I love “life.”

And every day, I grow to fall more in love with the love of mine:

The Living.

The Learning.

The Discovery.

The kinds of things I discover and learn by accident.

…Or incident.

Without even trying to find and know.

I learned that those are the times that really
matter and mean what you really need in order to know,
to grow, to leave some things behind, take some things on,
get serious about some things, and less serious about other things.
In short: to change, and rearrange-every thing.

One thing I can say is this:

I never learned the truth about life, or things and the people in
it by treading lightly.
I always learn my BEST lessons and all that I need to
know at the “pushes” of certain buttons.

When that happens, I thank GOD with a grunt, because
you never know the GIFT of the risk of going too far.
At its opening…discovery of knowing if you’ve allowed
something or someone around you too long-you never know UNTIL…
you push that “right” button…

That is where all the answers and the truth is found…

That is when your freedom begins. Again and again.

I can’t explain that liberating feeling.

There is a kind of “magic” found in it that I can barely
explain-just something you can only understand at its experience.

Just felt like sharing as much of the good feeling about
it as I can conjure up in words.

Because I feel oh-so-good.

…And wanted to share it: as best I could.

The irony about the “Easy” button it is that you don’t get
the answers you NEED from it until the most challenging and
UNeasy moments…

So know that there IS such a thing as an “Easy” button…

You just can’t be too afraid to push it.

And then push past it.

That is when it all becomes “Easy.”

{April 2, 2012}   Epiphany in the Sun.

Had an epiphany while running with the sun today. The wind reminded me that when you come to terms with the fact that:

-Consequence is not a coincedence.

-Karma’s function is to punish & teach as well as surprise & give.

-Everything is relative (including death and taxes).

-Nothing’s for certain (except death and taxes).

-Everything we complain about being done to us-in some form or another, we’ve done to someone else too.

-A life lived is by choice & design or default.

…you are free of more than you think, and know all that you need to know and can control.

Life then begins.

Again and again and again.

So live, and enjoy it!

{March 30, 2012}   Tsk. Tsk. Risk.

Never go out of your way, to get in the way of-or to make an opponent out of someone who is willing to take risks that you are not, and “live life” better than you.

It’s a no-win situation.

Because they are better able to survive life, either way, better than you.

I figured out what the Key to Life is.

The moment that you associate success with a destination rather than a journey
(never-ending), you concentrate too much on one thing to lead you to a destination…

When we stop associating “success” with “money” and a “destination”-we journey: rich.

When you think about a destination, you arrive at a point that where you set out to be,
but upon its arrival-then what?

It’s all in you.

Think of yourself in dimensions and layers.

Every day, discover and uncover new things about you and all that you can do-that
no one else can do (like you).
That creates self-worth and value for, and in you.

When you remain confident in that fact, you will truly understand that the
Key to Life is a journey that is never-ending for you, because you become
aware of your many dimensions and grow a repertoire of “You”-that eliminates
the stress and frustration happens as a result of being and concentrating on
one thing, of one dimension.

I learned that those people “arrive” and crash.
After a while, the destination is boring to them.
They drive (and their drive) is in circles.


Spinning the wheel.


Their only happiness is usually in the spending because they themselves are already spent.
As a result they are not truly happy, nor are they really content.
That is because not only have they forgotten about the “journey,” but they traveled to the
destination on one thing and to a capacity of one-dimension and one destination…

You have to observe your surroundings of what you THINK you want, and WHERE you THINK
you want to be, in order to see what’s REALLY going on…to see if the destination is
really all you think it’s believed to be…

Make you the person you claim you are, driving to, or wanted to be…



Enjoy the journey and all things along the
way that come WITH it.

Enjoy and take the smooth with the rocky.

Enjoy the rollercoasters, and enjoy the train-wreck rather than
concentrating on “getting there.”

You have to look at success as a continuum of LIFE…

We live until we die.

As well, we journey until…

Or we die.

Ponder that.

{February 19, 2012}   Show.

Like “love” we tend to toss that word around to express
its action without actually expressing its action.
…and we stop there. The intent, the thought,
and the sentiment is good enough (so we think).

Like “positive” or “be positive,” we tend to toss that
sentiment around as an (ill-attempt) to encourage-without
actually assisting, encouraging, ennobling, motivating, or inspiring.
“Please don’t disturb my groove,” is what that means
when we merely toss that sentiment.
Because we toss it, and we stop there.
The sentiment is good enough to make us look good without
actually taking action on making to whom we send its sentiment-do
positive enough, or feel positive enough.

In expressing gratitude, we are quick to say: “I’m so inspired.”
…and we stop there. That so open-ended and momentarily sincere…
Inspired to:
-Feel what?
-Share what?
-Be what?
-Do what?
-Change what?
-Dream what?

When we speak of things, ask, and answer questions to ourselves
(like we do to, and around others); our personal integrity can do
nothing but force us to genuinely act upon what we say.
(That is…when we have personal integrity)…
When we think it, we feel it-we then, act upon it…(as best we can).

Instead of being so quick to “throw” love
(under the guise of positivity and gratitude)-do something about it,

-Feel love
-Be love
-Shave love
-Give love


“Toss” love.
“Throw” love.
and show-off, Love…

How about:
“Show love,” my Love…

Anything less than demonstrative of all the above is positively
counterproductive, conducive to, and equal to nothing = NEGATIVE.
That’s what “negative” means: of, doing, equaling to nothing.

So let’s get over sounding deep and looking good for “show.”
Let’s stop pointing fingers at, and outward.
Dig deeper.
Go in.
Mean it (if you can’t show it).
And if you’re not gonna show, that’s cool-but don’t say it.
Simply act like you don’t know.
Because if you don’t show.
You can’t grow.
And you can’t very well Ennoble, Assist, Encourage, Motivate,
or Inspire someone else to grow if you don’t “Show.”
You know?…

If power of life and death is in the tongue, then we not only
should be careful with what we say, but as well-we ought be
careful with what we do (and do not do)…with what we say, too.

What’s good for the gander will always and forever
(equally) be good for the goose.

That being said:
-What do you?
-What mean you?
-What say you?

{February 14, 2012}   Grow. Love.

I often contemplate love.
Because if you really know love, you know that there is always a new and better way to do it-everyday. That’s how you grow love.

And that’s how you grow, Love.

{October 5, 2011}   Night and Day

With gratefulness and appreciation for both: the night and the day; gives us ample the time with more to do in a twenty-four hour day.

Things that life are made of.

Do it.

{October 4, 2011}   Life.

☼ Life is sooooo underrated…♡ Score. ☼

{October 3, 2011}   Rising Sun.

Sunrise is a gift of the new day where its
presents are clarity for your vision(ary)
and a Picasso for your clear canvas’ painting.

Repair. Prepare. Renew.

{September 13, 2011}   Bringing Sand to the Beach

If life is what we make it.
We can:
*make sandcastles in the sand
*bury ourselves beneath it
*sink in it
*leave footprints in it

{July 9, 2011}   Crystalization.


…until it crystalizes to asbestos.

Nothing less than what your best is.

Any act of kindness that we can recollect is unknowingly pretentious.

Kindness is merely apart of who we are or who we aren’t-about as much as urinating is apart of what we do.

If kindness is who we are, it is merely apart of what we do.

Can you recollect how many times you urinated today?

{June 22, 2011}   Stick Shift.

No matter what I write or publish, I write not only about what I “know,”
I write about what makes me thrive-and what I thrive best at:
doing conversing, or communicating-not because it’s “popular.”

As long as I stick to what makes me thrive, I know I’ll always be in-and
continue to create my own lane.

One of the things I love about writing is that if I knew how to garden well,
as a writer-I would write about gardening rather than seeking to be a pro-gardner.

No matter who you are and what you wish to do; if you stick to what makes you
thrive and drive-you can’t lose.

Go win.


{June 21, 2011}   Bring It!

You don’t put on a pork-chop suit going into a lion’s den or swim with sharks without a fin, anymore than Chuck Norris will tell you not to go to a gun-fight with a knife or come to a Chuck Norris fight with a gun.

Tell ’em: Bring it!

Enjoy your day.

@ChuckNorriz (bot-for funny kick-ass Tweets)

{June 17, 2011}   A Certain Kinda Guarantee.

Uncertainty is that thing that we know nothing is guaranteed and certain except uncertainty itself.

But, for certain, there is one guarantee: that’s what life and living is all about.

Life itself is certainly beautiful.

{June 11, 2011}   Loose Ends.

Loose ends.
Weeks’ end.
It’ll have to be more than just then name of a group’s band.
It should have a knot tied tight at its end.

The wind.

{June 9, 2011}   Be Remarkable.

Some pencils don’t come with erasers and some ink pens do.

That’s the beauty in life.

Make your mark-your own way.

Mark your make.

{May 11, 2011}   Through.

An old friend told me a story one day.

She laughed as she reminisced about the day that her nephew graduated because
pretty much everyone in his class was graduating with decorated honors and expected
to go somewhere in life.

She said that the graduation was so crowded that you would have sworn the world was
coming to an end and as per her-it looked as if getting through those doors and
securing a seat was do or die.

Much to his aunties dismay (her other sister) she had come from out of town
and this moment was more special to her than it was for the nephew.

“Good luck making your way through those doors-it’s filled to capacity
and the rest of us simply have to wait outside and just listen,” said my
friend to her sister-the auntie.

Well, that sounded unheard of to Auntie, so you want to know what my friend
told me she did?

She took a step back.

She held her head down while she rested her hands-folded in front of her legs.

She lifted her head up.

She stared at the crowd of people who had been packed at the doors for
the past hour trying to get any glimpse they could into the auditorium.

She then said: “in the name of Jesus, I’m COMIN’ through!”
My friend busted out laughing-clutching her stomach telling me this story.

“Did she make it through?” I asked my friend-excited like a nosey kid.

My friend said to me: “Angie, I don’t know how she did it, but she did
make it through…”

I watched my friend laugh uncontrollably while my mind traded the scene for
Moses parting the Red Sea and made way for people to come through.

I envied that moment.

No-I coveted that moment is what I did.
(But I knew that God would understand. He knows my heart and where we stand)…

While she continued to laugh, in my mind, I asked: “God am I worthy?
Am I ever worthy of making it through lifelike that? I’d love to
make it through areas where I only see barriers.”

(God laughed & hugged me so tight).

Since then wherever there is darkness, I still see light.

As sure as Louisiana is to Jumbalaya, like it’s been said by Dr. Maya:
“[they] wonder where her secret lies.”
Well for me, I have no secret through calamity’s eyes.

Now (in my mind) “In the name of Jesus, I’m Comin’ Through!”
…is a metaphor that I use too.

I refuse to duck, tiptoe, or run and hide behind any door.

I feel content regardless if I fall, rise, or hit the floor.

I feel that in life what’s for me, is for me.

I try my best to live my life like it’s Golden and whatever’s
Copper will just-be…

So take a look at these words and think of Me-why don’t You?

‘Cause love it or hate it:
“In the name of Jesus…I’m comin’ Through…”



{May 1, 2011}   Surge. Urge. Splurge.

Nothing is more pleasing to the eye, ears and heart than to see someone get a surge of energy that gives them a creative thought or idea that makes ’em wanna move on it.

I especially love it when I’m there to witness it.

I feel what they are feeling-because I know how that feels…

{April 14, 2011}   You and With the World.

It’s more than just “being yourself.”
Love you, but also love “being yourself.”
Because you can never be unhappy knowing that there is no one else in this world that you would rather be…

…after discovering (and truly believing) that there is nothing “wrong” with that.

{April 8, 2011}   Create. Critique. Cheerlead.

Enjoy it. When you create anything from your own mind and heart, you can (and should) be your own critic and even moreso-your own cheerleader.

{March 21, 2011}   Spiritual Gossip.

Don’t fret, don’t worry.

Anyone who works at trying to block you at any thing will themselves, forever be jumping hurdles and running into brick walls ten times over.

Universe loves to gossip to her friend named Karma…

{March 20, 2011}   Don’t Receive The Hype.

When most sincere, true and from the pure heart; giving requires no claim or proclaim-no status post or boast.

It is a thought, deed or an act of a silent kind of kindness. Period.

The universe is a powerful and reliable messenger that needs no hype-man.

{March 20, 2011}   Good Foot.

The best good you can do is put your best good foot forward.

Because at any given moment, at any given time-you never know who you might be the good, best blessing for.

{March 20, 2011}   What’s Yours is Yours.

Whatever is blessed, is recyclable, flourishing, overflowing: abundant.

Whatever is God-given is blessed, and therefore: for you.

You can never lose it-because there’s plenty more blessings from where those blessings come.

You can only neglect to use it or misuse it-that is when you lose it…

{March 17, 2011}   Square Biz and Balance Beams

Life is a funny thing.

I learn that we really “live it” when we stop trying to figure it all out.

Daily, I get some kind of confirmation from above that we will never figure it all out-because we are imperfect and human.

The only thing that is of “one,” constant, and balanced is that which is omnipotent-the rest come in twos as does the balance, continuity and consistency (that we seek).

What strenghtens us is to experience one thing and then opposite that thing.

We cannot fully know the effects of one thing, unless we have caused or felt the effects of opposite that thing.

We (as imperfect humans) are always teetering on the balance beam of life-trying to make it stand still.
We can never fully obtain this:

It is not for us to “obtain.”
I believe that it is for us to accept that we can never obtain it (consistently). That is merely “life happening” (as it is should).

No matter how perfectly “balanced” we have in mind a thing to be, or what we are to do, often times, something always comes along and knocks us off our square-putting us in a position to have to do some last minute changes and rearranging.

Day by day, in learning to really “live,” I believe that is how it is supposed to be, so that when all is balanced and consistent; we learn to appreciate it-like a surprise and gift.

In centering ourselves and getting our minds right, the best we can do [while in the moment of a thing], is ask ourselves: “is this thing right for me, after this thing?” (Whatever that “thing” may be).

Because in accepting the fact that some days we are surprised, blessed and granted with being firmly planted on our square, for the times we are not, the best we can do is to feel ahead and think ahead by having one of the most essential and valuable conversations we can have with ourselves-alone and in complete silence-beginning with these questions:

“Who am I?”

“How am I?”

“Why am I?”

…then we have the answer to “I am…” (fill in the blank).

After which, no one can knock you off your square-no matter how life happens.

I believe that no matter what happens, as long as we can answer those questions, we can get clear-and allow life to happen and then we can happen to life.

{February 21, 2011}   Needle. Then the Haystacks.

Live out loud.

Outlive “crowd.”

{February 21, 2011}   Out Box. Untie Knots.

Live allowed.

Outlive cloud.

{February 20, 2011}   Perception Reflection.

Perception is everything to every individual-individually.

In its (relative truth), it is reality from behind ones own eyes,
rather than from the front of them, yet, something altogether different
from behind the eyes of the next individual…

That’s the beauty and uniqueness about each of our very own perceptive
realities, because they are our very own…

Henceforth, why it is always important to live your very own (individual)
reality as you [not only see fit] but as you see it

Because when all is seen, supposed, said and done, it
(or you) is never seen “one way.”

Do You.
Live You.
Be You.
For You.
And, for your eyes only…

{February 16, 2011}   Universe. Time. Yours. Mine.

Time is a funny thing.
You have a brand new appreciation for it when (even for a short amount of time), you spend time doing something else that you would much rather not be doing. And while doing so, you fantasize about all the things you would rather be doing, that-when that time was gifted to you-you did not respect it like you should have.

Time has been called many things from: mother, father, unforgiving and a thief.

Yet, the one other thing about Time is that while it slowly moves, and that pendulum swings and does its thing; it is subtly forgiving as well.

Forgiving in that, while it can be unforgiving (once it passes); that time becomes the past (every single second and minute of the day-consider it spent-no change left over. Yet,

the universe will sometimes conspire with Time to allow certain things to be removed or rearranged in your life, to allow Time to swing its way right back around to you and seductively ask: “I’m back now, so what are you going to do with me: now?

When the universe acts as a go-between and brings Time back around to you; you value Time, respect Time, and treat Time a whole lot better than you did when that time was once before-yours.

The relationship with Time, is a funny thing.
It is a gift and something to be cherished, valued and guarded with your life, for life.

Enjoy your time, today-all day, everyday.
Because once it is spent, it’s spent-no saving or change given back.

There’s no account made possible for it, we simply have to account for it.
So, make it count for something.

{February 15, 2011}   Eat. Pray. Live Life to Be Alive.

Life is really a beautiful thing.

And so are people (and all alive things in it).

Everyday, even on moments in days when I feel not so inspired by life; in a matter of minutes, I find: people, scenery, and various things that bring me right back in it.

Just…little things are life-affirming for me. And I feel grateful, then thankful, then blessed.

Day by day, I learn that one of the main ways to be free in spirit and to truly “live and let live,” is to be at peace with the fact that all things we dislike and disapprove of in others (in some variation or another) we too, have either done or met the very same disapproval in the eyes of another.

It is a repeated cycle of life that we will all continuously do (on both ends), so, about the best that we can [humanly possible] do is, blow it in the wind rather than digest it.

I learned that when you fight against that realization as being a fact of life-it is very hard for you to not only live it-but also hard for you to be alive in it.

Often times, (as it pertains to people, rather than life situations) “it is what it is,” is not only some trite, misused and recycled choice of words for lack of better ones; but it is also relative judgment of another. (Relative interpretation of your personal feelings-rather than their reality).

“It is-whatever,” is letting the alive: live, and in doing so, you too, can ingest, live, and be alive (just like them).

Large or small, in spite of affliction and all; life is good-filled with beautiful people doing and feeling wonderful things.

Thriving and truly living life is the focus and concern on all the things we can love and do (something) about.

There is a whole big something of a world out there to love about, and do about.

Won’t you have some?

{February 10, 2011}   Run to the Light.

…you can really do that when you are fully in control
of your own person.

When you are fully in control of your very own person,
you do not have to spend your precious mind’s time and energy
trying to steer clear of things that are not only
out of control-but also out of yourcontrol as well.

Spending too much time concerning yourself with a thing
will consume you with that very same thing-even when you think
and insist you that you are running opposite and steering clear of it.
Because you think about it too much.
You focus on it more often than you would like to admit to.
You focus on it so much so, that you could not count your mental
consumption of it even if your tried to.

What we focus on-expands, regardless, whatever that focal point is.
Keep focusing on running from a thing only leads you to that thing.

As we spend our minds time and energy being that which we
(think) we run opposite of; we only mirror that thing.
We are full with it rather than constantly proclaiming to run
and steer clear of another thing (that we do not want).

Focusing on that thing you want to run to-lights the way to it.
Focusing on that thing you want to run from lights the way to that thing, as well.

That thing we want to run to, we have to simply be that thing,
do that very same thing and then we will become that thing.

We are what we repeatedly do.

We be.
We do.
We are.
Regardless the surrounding (that is, when we are fully in control of our very own person).
No surrounding.
No person.
No thing is responsible for how you: be, what you do and who you are (if they do not control you).
You and only you are in control of [and therefore are responsible for] your person.

Simple as that.

P.S-Never point, scream about and proclaim to run from/steer clear of a thing simply
because you have not taken your mind’s time or given energy towards focusing
on a thing [that you say] it is you do want…

Take inventory of as well as responsibility for:
-how you truly be
-what you truly do
-what (and how) you really are

When you stand in who you (really) are, you do not have to run from anything…

One to grow on-growing forward.

{January 30, 2011}   Flight and Fly

“I let my ‘haters’ be my motivators.”
I hear that so much that I felt the need to write about it.
That song is one so high and hot, that it ought to be inducted into the “Need To Rock then Roll Hall of Shame.”

Stop “letting (your) ‘haters’ be (your) motivators.”
That is a tension-filled, fight or flight negative experience.

Whatever it may be; be at one, and at peace with yourself and your process (if anything substantial is to be felt from it).

Succeed for yourself and the people who love, support and believe in you-not your “haters.”

When whatever it is you do, you do it for the love of it; you are on auto-pilot motivation, so there is no fight, just-flight.

On auto-pilot, you are already a success at take-off and through to the journey itself (regardless where it may or may not land).

Pardon the philosophy and psych major in me, but on the flip side of “letting (our) ‘haters’ be (our) motivators;” some “haters” are mere imaginary defense mechanisms for the frustration in our heads when we feel the pressure of, fear, and our inability to fulfill a task or goal.
That is natural-we are not super-human.

With that flip-side as a possibility, that is twice the reason to do what it is you do for the love of it and as well, for you-first. Because although (from our mind’s eyes and our finger pointed outward) the “hater” could very well be “them.”
As well, it could be the frustration in your head too-simply-you “hating” on you. (Blocking yourself, and being in your own way).

“Let my ‘haters’ be my motivators.”
Exhaustive, unnecessary, but more more importantly: impossible.
So why put yourself through it?

I know some cliches’ can sound so poetically good that it seems so “right.”
But all that is good is not always “right,” right?

Trust me, I know…we do have real “haters,” when we are not idle, but instead are moving about and trying to work towards our dreams or goals.
But since they are “haters,” why give them your attention and call their hate “motivation” for you?

If someone “hates” you, they will not gas you up to motivate you.
They have no fuel for your fire, they want to snuff yours out-that is the only motivation they have for you-can, and will give to you.
They do not want to give you encouragement-they want to point out your flaws to hurt-not help you.
They do not want to inspire you in your process, they want to make feel like your process is flawed.
They do not want to motivate you-they spend too much time accusing you of having ulterior motives.
Why let them cause you any turbulence?
Spare them.
They are already a torment to themselves: competing, cutting and working overtime trying counterbalance your balance.
They can’t fly.
They need your air-your wings.
They’re too busy navigating negatively; hoping to crash into you-hoping to break you apart.
You can’t fly if you’re too busy focusing on them “hating” on you.
Ignore them-they are just out gas for themselves when they’re out of focus-but so will you, if you provide the gravity.

When what you do is truly a God-given blessing and a gift given to you-you have no competition.
Only the blessed, and spiritually in-touch know and respect that law and secret.
You’re on Most-High, they’re on low-high.
Your thoughts and processes are peaceful and calm with clarity in your eyes.
Their thoughts are turbulent and wrecked with shrapnel in theirs.
They can’t see you past the debris in their eyes.
They don’t see you beyond their contempt and scorn.
They do not want to see you.
They do not want to see anything right, positive, good or true in anything that you do.

Only once you fully understand that everything is relative and the Most High is the only one who has jurisdiction and sovereignty over what is righteous, real and true; can you dream, be, and live from a place that is authentically you.

“Hate,” giving power to “haters” or even hating on yourself (being in your own way) begets nothing.
Nothing motivated and conceived by hate of any kind has ever given birth to anything great.

Fall in love again with your progress by showing some love and respect for your process, rather than giving power to hate and “haters.”

One thing for certain but this flip-side is for sure: when you let your haters (real or imagined) ALL fall back, you will find the strength to be more motivated to move on and forward filled up with a diesel kind of petroleum to send you to altitudes high as you plan and pray on.

And should you experience any turbulence, at least you took your lovers rather than your “haters” along the flight with you.

With their love for you, support and belief in you-you certainly will not crash.
The “haters”-just bypass and fly past in order to keep your process, thoughts, and dreams in the clouds.

Land for light and love-not darkness and hate.

Do like the songs says: “pretend like airplanes in the night-time are like shooting stars.”

Landing for love and the lovers. Stay motivated.
Love, -Angie.

{January 29, 2011}   ABOUT THIS BLOG SITE

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Always…All ways.

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