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{January 2, 2013}   Swinging, Sex, Soul-Ties & Lives

The title of the blog screamed out at me…It was about a threesome that a woman had, that ruined her life.
Man and Two Women in Bed Together
As a person who has quite an opinion about sex and especially subjects like
swinging and threesomes and such, I merely yawned and placed my fingers on the
A-S-D-F and J-K-L keys and began to read the blog-prepared to respond.
But some ways into it, my hands backed off my keys because thisparticular
subject about a threesome had such a strange twist to it that it felt like the
tips of my fingers got burned.

To summarize what it was about, a woman wrote in to the site to ask her for
advice about she and her fiancé making a decision to spice it up in the bedroom
by inviting another woman to join in the festivities.
Well, the woman selected another woman with whom she had a [previous] coworker
relationship with and eventually the three of them “got it poppin.’”

The details of the threesome were that it was awesome, everybody had a great time
and it was pretty much better than expected.

Thumbs up.


The twist was that the invited guest called with news of another unexpected
guest that would be apart of all their lives: she conceived.
With this news, the soon-to-be wife is a bit taken aback because the fiancé has an
“oh well” attitude about it and doesn’t seem to be as upset about it [as she is].
What this trio plans to do about this baby is not what the subject of what this
blog is about so I’ll end the details of all that-right there, so that I can get to the
point of this blog.

I write about situations like this in a book that I am writing, in the last chapter called
The Secret To Him Not Cheating On You & Making it Last Happily Ever After,”
where in it-I go into some pretty explicit and atypical details about what I strongly
feel is the “remedy” for infidelity and keeping the sex in the relationship spicy.
Spicy with a kind of variety that plays on the male mind such that, if practiced enough,
it will make cheating an “awkward” thing because (unlike) in regular “cheating,” the thrill
is that it’s done in private and the wife or fiancé does not know.

threesomeBut with my method, whether the cheating was already done
(or better if spearheaded at the thought of), my suggestion is that the couple “feast”
off the other person with whom the cheating was done with or was about to happen with.
And by “feasting” I blatantly mean, bring her (or him) into the bedroom and share him (or her)
in between the two of you during foreplay or during actual sex. And too, if during your pillow-talk
and closeness, you, (or he) reveal (or discover) that there’s a little sexual spark lit somewhere
deep for the others old flame, feasting on that (too) will put that fire out
(how so, we’ll explain shortly).

This “feasting” exercise is so atypical and mental that it could very well bring out all
kinds of emotions between the two of you that [sexually and emotionally] you probably
didn’t even know was there (or had it in you to be brought out in you in this way).

In this remedy that I invented (and swear by) called RPC: Reverse Psychology Cheating
(how it came about is detailed in the chapter as well) but, it is such that in order
for it to work, the woman has to be strong enough to be able to handle the exercises
that I suggest, and the man has to be willing to share (his mind) with his woman.
And vice versa.
We’ll get back to that shortly.

But back to the subject of this blog.

My thinking about SEX is this:
When we have sex with people, we create “Soul Ties” with them regardless if it
was relationship or even a one-stand stand.

The emotional or mental aspect (or lack thereof) involved in the act of having sex
is not so much the “Soul Tie” as is the fact that–of this entire universe and the
billions of people in it, you and one other person have shared with one another;
apart of yourselves that billions of other people in the universe have not
(with one another).

So a “Soul Tie” has been created at a different level of connecting (our spiritual centers)
than we all are connected (together) in this universe. Our “spiritual centers” are the private
parts of us that responsible for making (penis) and giving life (vagina).

No matter the attachment, we connect with a kiss because the power of life and death too,
is in the tongue.

So no matter the degree of emotion or attachment (or not), “billions” of people are not going
to be able to kiss you or have sex with you, and billions of people are not going to be able
to kiss and have sex with that other person, but some one (or however many) did.
But it certainly will not ever be billions.
That is your soul/spiritual “tie” (connection).

Having said that, when we are in a relationship by which (to both our understandings) we are in
one of monogamy, the fact is: a bond is/has been created. As we consummate, we often times contemplate
various ways that we can keep the intimacy such that our lover will be fulfilled enough so as to not
step out of the relationship (and break the bond).

What happens is, some couples (whether they want to admit it or not) get bored-intimately.
And the intimacy becomes routine, to sometimes dull and done out of habit or duty [so as to “show up”
in the relationship and let that role serve as our “expression” in the understanding and agreeing that
“I too, am apart of this relationship.” ]

Sometimes, when we get bored (and give it a fancy name called “adventurous”), we like to try
kinky and unusual things. But when those things involve inviting another spirit into the bedroom
(with our bond), we’ve given an invite to create a Soul-Tie (unnecessarily).
And that’s when “spirits” awaken.

When a bond is created, although threesomes (and swinging) can be sexually exciting (while in the act),
those ties mixed with that bond create an energy of some kind.

If a man allows another man to have sex with his woman, or the woman allows (or joins in) on another
woman having sex with her man; the two people by which the bond has been created will indeed carry
thoughts in their minds that they may (or may not) discuss with one another (that’s neither here nor
there-as it pertains to what this blog is about, so we’ll leave it at the fact that an “energy” is
created—and we’ll move along)…


Moving right along.

As a woman (in a relationship with a man), we have to understand that men are different species when
it comes to sex. A man’s “same difference” in comparison to women’s “same difference” with regard to sex,
is about as close a “same difference” as the male-female understanding about relationships is: We can come
together, but our coming together is from two different perspectives and understanding
(but we can still come together).

I said that to say this.

Because men are “different,” there are some things that (while in a relationship with a man) your
man should not be exposed to (with you). When it comes to sex, love, intimacy and all things involving sex;
with a man, it’s on a kind of “person-to-person basis,” like their minds seem to work in flashes or like
the flickering of a light going on and off. And each ‘off’ and ‘on’ is representative of a different person,
a different situation, and a different circumstance.

You have to catch that light on-and leave it on: for you.
You have to make sure that all things that go on in the dark (when the light is out) is too,
with you-isolate his thoughts and thinking, and feeling.

Men are funny creatures that vascilate like off and on switches.
A man can be in a relationship with a woman for years and the two of them may
(or may not) have ever talked about swinging or having a threesome-yet, he may have experienced swinging
or having a threesome with the relationship before her. All this time, your relationship is what it was,
but when he asks to be, or you turn him on to that (although he may have experienced before); you are
turning him on (all over again) to something “new” (all over again). And that is when it comes down to
Soul-Ties -v- Bonds…it may change your whole relationship around for the worse, not so good, or the demise
of it altogether. But it’s almost delusional to think “it makes your relationship better.”

The truth of the matter is if bringing another Soul-Tie into your Bond makes your relationship is “better”
that because of [inviting that in] chances are; you really don’t have a “bond” already
(a mental + emotional + physical + communicative connection).

In the nature of cheating:the desire behind cheating is not so much in the cheating as the cheating is
(itself) a secret.
But that doesn’t mean that inviting another spirit in between your two spiritual
centers is a cure for it.

threesome_1347019655_460x460You can’t turn a man on to certain things (and “everything”) in an effort to spice up your love life,
especially when they involve introducing other people, spirits, and physical entities into the mix.

When you wake up something in a man (sexually) it has to keep going.
While trying to stimulate his desires and meet his needs, the thing is, you the WOMAN, you have to
decide if that “thing” is something that’s healthy for the energy of your bond (or relationship),
and you know in your heart of hearts is sure not to backfire or cause tension or a riff later on…

No matter how much a man might love you or care for you, when you turn his light on to certain things
(for hispleasure), he’s not going to stop to consider the negative effects of the possible “later.”

The problem with us women is that after we’ve done every position and cleaned out the entire book of
Kamasutra, stood on our heads, had sex in elevators, sex on the copy machine at work after everyone’s left,
and other unusual places; we are constantly trying to think of ways to satisfy him as if he is some kind of
animal that’s going to run off into the wild if we don’t get it cracking.

389700_3992578942156_1815036763_n Now let’s not get it twisted, wedo have to keep it “poppin,’” but the other fact of the matter is—he is
NOT an animal, he is a man.
Don’t let that picture of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution fool you and play on your head…

We are human but we are not animals.

The difference between animals and human beings is that animals are instinctive (as are humans) but they do
not have intuition, or thrive in a kingdom where their outward sexual behavior is met with shame or scorn when
they see a potential mate, hop up on her (in front of every other animal in the wild) does his business, and flees.

We human beings live in a society (kingdom) where our sexual behaviors are dictated by the shame, scorn of other
intuitive persons like us. So we are guided by either: moral, personal, or religious compasses + our intuition,
conscience (and discretion).

Outside of their choice of species for mating, animals are indiscreet, and indiscriminate.
They do not “master” themselves for anything other than survival. They are sexual creatures (like us),
but they do not have “desires” (like us) so they simply survive…they don’t “think” indiscriminately. Period.

We human beings live in a society (kingdom) where our sexual behaviors are dictated by the shame, scorn of other
intuitive persons like us. So we are guided by either moral, personal, or religious compasses, and our conscience
(and intuition).

Animals do not “master” themselves. They are sexual creature like us, but they do not have desires like us so
they survive. Period.

We (humans) are equipped with the tools to master ourselves (and our desires). And we become “beasts” [slang] we do.

The strongest we will ever be is when we master certain desires with discipline and self control aided by our
consciously being on top of a thing.

When we exercise discipline in eating well, and master that-THE RESULT IS: We lose weight or maintain good “heart” health.

When we exercise, and become disciplined in doing so; THE RESULT IS: We become fit.

So when it comes to those things that feed our desires like sex, money, food etc., when we become masters of what it
is we will (and will not do) to do/have/obtain those things;THE RESULT IS: We become masters of ourselves.

The fact of the matter about monogamy is that it is a decision: A conscious decision requiring constant self-discipline
and self-control (just like the exercise and eating well example I just gave). When we consistently make a conscious
decision to be monogamous-THE RESULT IS: We maintain a healthy, thriving, blossoming relationship.

As a woman, in a relationship and bond (a mental + emotional + physical + communicative connection) with a man,
you have to be very aware that because men are differentthey will indeed have a plethora of desires.
But you have to find a way to CONTAIN and sequester those desires, ownthem-take control of them so that
they may be used a fuel for the desire between the two of you (rather than acted upon outside the relationship).
By your openness and his willingness share those desires with you whether it be in conversation at dinner or pillow talk,
but especially during foreplay and during sex(as explained here); THE RESULT IS:
The secrecy involved in cheating (which fuels the act) suffocates.
Although the secrecy involved in his entertaining the thoughts turned desires get intercepted,
it still allows his desires to run free however, they become contained, shared, and feasted on
between no one but the two of you…

And as this is practiced (exercised) THE RESULT IS it not only brings you closer
(intimately, mentally, emotionally, and physically); anything outside of [what you are in practice “containing”]
feels foreign feels foreign, it’s not as easy to infiltrate-not even in his head and while away from you, because
with enough practice; he’ll be conditioned to bring whatever it was (that met his eyes and entered his head)
home to you-for the two of you to (sexually) “feast” on, without whole other body disrupting your
house, home and flow.

Secrecy + what’s kept in the head is what typically fuels desire, but when you share it, it becomes fuel for the two of you.

And just like somebody who finally gets it right (e.g eating right and exercise) it becomes a “lifestyle” change for them.
A monogamous and sexually fulfilling relationship between two people; if exercised enough can too,
make the relationship “swing” by a pendulum atypical that, AS A RESULT: Becomes a lifestyle.


{December 24, 2012}   Day. Discipline. Deciding.

It’s a little bit like a Monday or a day in life:
We may have to slay a lot of dragons in which we might
have to kick @$$ & taking down many names (or vice versa)
while disarming and nunchucking, but in the end
when the walls close down; there’s power in the
discipline of deciding what your next move will

Happy Monday. 🙂


{May 24, 2012}   Spiritual Spanx.

A spiritual person is a spiritual person when they write, walk or speak.

The most honest you can be with people (human beings) is to walk and write from behind spiritual buffers-stand front and center and speak to them from who YOU are (like your regular conversation).

That, in and of itself, is a spiritual experience for you and them-both…

I do not write (or speak) to gather crowd or hide behind buffers, because I have nothing to hide…but much to share.

Having said that, I appreciate any and everyone who appreciates my “fat”…straight like that.

{May 1, 2012}   Reflections of.


When we elect to take a thing to mean something negative without the courage of
clearance to be sure; that says a whole lot more about us than we’d ever like,
or care to admit.

That would be because it’d be a toss between ego, or conscious:
both which we’d rather toss the blame, rather than see it’s reflection.


{April 15, 2012}   Temple-ly Yours.

Take care of, and stay in total control of you.

To give up control of you is to give in to false &
helpless beliefs, doctrines, or mantras that other
human beings are and can be the cause or effect of
your happiness or joy, or sadness and sorrow.

Like a magnet, nothing can get to, or in you-that
isn’t of, or in you (already)…

Anything that reaches any emotion in you should work:
-with you
-for you
-on you
-through you

…you are in control of anything working “you.”

You cannot receive sorrow, if isn’t already in you.

As well, you cannot receive happiness, or feel joy
if it isn’t already of you.

Your body isn’t your only temple, it is also
your own heart, and your own mind.

Own it!
Bless up.

{April 2, 2012}   Epiphany in the Sun.

Had an epiphany while running with the sun today. The wind reminded me that when you come to terms with the fact that:

-Consequence is not a coincedence.

-Karma’s function is to punish & teach as well as surprise & give.

-Everything is relative (including death and taxes).

-Nothing’s for certain (except death and taxes).

-Everything we complain about being done to us-in some form or another, we’ve done to someone else too.

-A life lived is by choice & design or default.

…you are free of more than you think, and know all that you need to know and can control.

Life then begins.

Again and again and again.

So live, and enjoy it!

{February 19, 2012}   Show.

Like “love” we tend to toss that word around to express
its action without actually expressing its action.
…and we stop there. The intent, the thought,
and the sentiment is good enough (so we think).

Like “positive” or “be positive,” we tend to toss that
sentiment around as an (ill-attempt) to encourage-without
actually assisting, encouraging, ennobling, motivating, or inspiring.
“Please don’t disturb my groove,” is what that means
when we merely toss that sentiment.
Because we toss it, and we stop there.
The sentiment is good enough to make us look good without
actually taking action on making to whom we send its sentiment-do
positive enough, or feel positive enough.

In expressing gratitude, we are quick to say: “I’m so inspired.”
…and we stop there. That so open-ended and momentarily sincere…
Inspired to:
-Feel what?
-Share what?
-Be what?
-Do what?
-Change what?
-Dream what?

When we speak of things, ask, and answer questions to ourselves
(like we do to, and around others); our personal integrity can do
nothing but force us to genuinely act upon what we say.
(That is…when we have personal integrity)…
When we think it, we feel it-we then, act upon it…(as best we can).

Instead of being so quick to “throw” love
(under the guise of positivity and gratitude)-do something about it,

-Feel love
-Be love
-Shave love
-Give love


“Toss” love.
“Throw” love.
and show-off, Love…

How about:
“Show love,” my Love…

Anything less than demonstrative of all the above is positively
counterproductive, conducive to, and equal to nothing = NEGATIVE.
That’s what “negative” means: of, doing, equaling to nothing.

So let’s get over sounding deep and looking good for “show.”
Let’s stop pointing fingers at, and outward.
Dig deeper.
Go in.
Mean it (if you can’t show it).
And if you’re not gonna show, that’s cool-but don’t say it.
Simply act like you don’t know.
Because if you don’t show.
You can’t grow.
And you can’t very well Ennoble, Assist, Encourage, Motivate,
or Inspire someone else to grow if you don’t “Show.”
You know?…

If power of life and death is in the tongue, then we not only
should be careful with what we say, but as well-we ought be
careful with what we do (and do not do)…with what we say, too.

What’s good for the gander will always and forever
(equally) be good for the goose.

That being said:
-What do you?
-What mean you?
-What say you?

{February 14, 2012}   Grow. Love.

I often contemplate love.
Because if you really know love, you know that there is always a new and better way to do it-everyday. That’s how you grow love.

And that’s how you grow, Love.

{October 5, 2011}   Night and Day

With gratefulness and appreciation for both: the night and the day; gives us ample the time with more to do in a twenty-four hour day.

Things that life are made of.

Do it.

{October 4, 2011}   Life.

☼ Life is sooooo underrated…♡ Score. ☼

{October 3, 2011}   Rising Sun.

Sunrise is a gift of the new day where its
presents are clarity for your vision(ary)
and a Picasso for your clear canvas’ painting.

Repair. Prepare. Renew.

{September 24, 2011}   The 80-10 Rule.

Most often, we have a tendency to think that it’s a kind of “spiritual spell”
that we send out into the universe to place upon another person that we “feel”
has harmed or hurt us. We tend to think that is Karma’s main role.

Rarely do we contemplate the notion that her purpose and mission is also
something that is a result of choices that we make, or a message or a lesson
that she wants to give us-just as much as the blessings we are so used to
attributing her in thanks for.

I had what I considered to be a “life altering” experience that plagued me for years.
And during those years, I think I “carried a big knife” of Karma wishes for the person
that I felt was the reason behind all that I had gone through
(as a result of my response to the trauma that originally started off on a level playing field).

I have a motto: “if you don’t want to slip or get caught slipping, stay away from slippery places.”
Sometimes however, you won’t know that you are in a slippery situation until slippery happens.

Well, slippery happened. And the unfortunate part about it is that I was the one
without the “power” in the situation. In dealing with people (especially in non-business)
having the “power” in a situation should never be an issue unless someone has ill-tent
or if ill occurs.

Well, ill occurred. And the one with the power in the situation took everything to
a whole new level that was way over my head and in no way could defend and no one
else (uninvolved) could even entertain the thought of (much less-understand).
The more I put the person as out of control as I could, they turned it up each
step of the way until I was backed into a corner. They thought it was cute, clever
and so covert that they handled it all as if I was locked in some underground
basement that was miles away from life and civility and should just deal
with it-because there was no where to run, hide or yell out to.

That angered me. That is when I had to think of a master-plan: fight back
with the only resource and ability that I had to fight back with, which
involved “beating ‘em in their own neighborhood” (so to speak).

Well, I got results (somewhat) in that it lessoned their “power” (somewhat).
They knew it was not in their best interest to be so brazen with me in ways
that they were in the beginning. Because although I did not have the “power”
or resources to (literally) beat ‘em in their own neighborhood, the steps that
I did take, put me on their soil (in ways they never entertained the thought I had in me to do).

Though I got results (somewhat), eventually it plagued my life in ways that
I not only didn’t anticipate, but didn’t carefully “map out.” Because I only wanted
freedom from the situation and to get it eradicated, I didn’t feel that I had to
“map out,” premeditate or lie about anything in order for the truth to set
me free from them. But it didn’t work that way. What I sought out to be free
from turned more into a sensational happening to the eyes of others,
whereas my mind and reasoning behind getting it dealt with were
far from “sensational.”

It was a nightmare.

Seeing as though I could tell that no one was going to have any
interest in seeing the situation as serious as it was (from my mind’s eye),
I began to present it to anyone what I felt could free me from it, in a way
that would be “sensational” to them. I was desperate by this time.
Because every passing day, it seemed like this person’s mess was all
cleaned up-yet, the both of us knew that they hadn’t and weren’t going to walk away.

I could not believe it.

Every day, I nearly woke up and went to sleep “praying” to be in the know
when Karma’s shoe was going to drop in that person’s life. I refused to live
with the fact that this person blew into and through my life like a storm
(uninvited) and got was getting away with it (unscathed).

All that was left after the storm was: the sensation, the skepticism and me.
My life was ruined as a result. Because the truth that I defended and fought
with in comparison to their “power” over the situation-made everything look
like it was probably my imagination or an over-exaggeration of what really

No matter how far I had gotten with my results, deep down inside of me,
I could not live with the fact that the person was not punished. I needed to know,
to see and to witness Karma in action in order for me to be satisfied.

(Many of us) think that once we call upon Karma to get at people that we feel have
caused us harm, we must also oversee her work[ings].

No slaying dragon fantasy of how it should be done in our heads is further from her
spiritual realm of reality (that she is in control of).

What I learned about Karma is that though she is not blind, she is deaf
(to our cries and calls to her). Almost like “talking too [her] hand.” How do I know this?

I met her.

She’s this little white-haired, wise old-lady who sits in a wooden rocking chair
behind a one-way, sound-proof window with her legs crossed-flipping through the
pages of her itinerary as if she is flipping through the pages of a magazine;
finding out who’s naughty, and who’s nice. Because she knows that she is coming to town…

She’s not a friend any more than she is a foe to you, or to me.

She has no attachment to either one of us. No “favorites.” No “least favorites.”

She’s less interested in us-individually, and more interested in us in relation to
the world, the universe, and other people and things co-existing with us.

She’s merely an unbiased universal gate-keeper who rewards, reminds and runs the
reaping of what we’ve sewn (positive or negative, bad or good).

Whatever is relativity true, false or so (from person to person), is concretely:
true, false, or so (to her and her only). That’s her role. She is the universal
go-between and the referee of all that we debate and have tug of wars about.
She is the final decision maker who rings the bell (to begin), or throws in the
towel (to make an end).

Man down.

After awaking from a haze of what I assumed was the gist of Karma’s ways, clarity
came into view and this I learned was true: Karma’s spirit is kind of like that
saying that goes: “life is 10% of what happens to you and 80% of how you respond to it.”
That 80% is the sum of the pain you’ll collect, the lesson, the blessing, the demise,
the rise, the fall-all that. Because that 10% is: none of our business, out of our
control and the [good or bad] workings of Karma.

So all the while, I was standing behind that window, beating on it-trying to tell
her how I wanted her to come down on that person, what I learned is that you do not
call shots for Karma-she calls her own. She does things her own way and by her own
time-as she is related to Father Time. Her secret about how and when she is going to
do whatever it is she is going to do is between herself and “To Whom it Concerns.”
Karma is and never will be any of our business. I learned that they hard way.

In order for you to keep your sanity, and live a life with any semblance of normalcy,
you have to adopt the 80-10 rule and respect that fact that She runs that 10% and You
have a whole 80% to deal with and live with. Take from that-lessons or blessings and make
lemonade out of lemons with a life of your choosing: bitter, sweet or both.

I chose to make it sweet. So pour some sugar on me.

The only way I could make peace with the situation was to see make the “sweet” of it.

Had I not had that episode in my life, I never would have known who my real and true friends
were, from who really wasn’t. Everybody is a friend when things are well and smooth sailing.
But it is the traumatic times in our lives when you are able to see true colors shine through
or fall back. I was grateful to the episode for giving me that lesson. As a result, I changed
my life around and re-arranged my definition of what a “friend” is and became more careful
about who I gave that title to. Luckily “BFF” became a substitute for “friend,” because if
it weren’t for that, I would’ve been down to 3 “friends.”

Pour some sugar on me.

The “sweet” of it made me stronger. Although I can admit that it altered my personality
somewhat, it did so in areas that I really needed and otherwise, would never know.
And from it, I learned the lesson that you get it how you live it. That’s with everything.
From getting the results of something from the level you live it, down to getting the life
you want to the level of how you live it (as well).
That put fire under my but and took me from a mundane level of comfort and complacency,
and forced me to BE about what I TALKED and as well: DREAMED about.

The only freedom in this life that you really have is the access and options that you have in it.

Pour that sugar all on me.

In order for me to stay sane, I had to make my bitter turn sweet by letting go-and letting
Karma work her hand-if and whenever she saw fit.

So what do I know about Karma?

I know that Karma’s spirit is like a field of seeds, gardens or weeds: lessons,
messages or blessings, but not ours to “pick” from.

So the floral of the story is this:

I spent years of my life, fighting a battle that wasn’t mine in the first place.
And while I was so busy on a crusade to join forces with Karma in getting the person
back for what I felt they put me through, years had passed and that person had sealed
their own fate and demise-without my help, after all. The curtains they brought down
onto themselves had nothing to do with me (after all), but rather, what they had done
to me was a debt they owed to Karma-who finally paid ‘em a visit
(after all and on her own time). I didn’t even realize that person had their meeting
with Karma already because I was too busy trying to make Karma my ally and slay the
dragon the way I saw fit (in my head). Years had passed and she had already come to
town and did what she came to do and was now behind that sound-proof one-way window;
sitting in her rocking chair, reviewing her itinerary and done with the both of us
(my nemesis and me).

It took a long time and my quality of life and personality to be shifted somewhat,
for me to finally realize that I still had a whole 80% to work with (after all).
And although Karma didn’t slay the dragons the way I wanted to (from scene in my head),
she still handled her functions in my nemesis’ life in ways that I never could have
imagined-nonetheless (after all).

So all was not lost, and I’m working on and with that, as I write-right.

Right now? Score: 80-10.

Stay tuned…


{September 20, 2011}   Day and Night.

Every morning, I am thankful for the gift of the day-for
allowing me to open it and chose my present-present.

Every night, I pray to have held on to; my heart and head.
And keep them in sync while I dream to make manifest dreams
that don’t have to be chased, but rather, within my reach
from out of my sleep.

What are you thankful for, and dream of when you’re awake
from your sleep?


{September 13, 2011}   Bringing Sand to the Beach

If life is what we make it.
We can:
*make sandcastles in the sand
*bury ourselves beneath it
*sink in it
*leave footprints in it

{September 11, 2011}   Emergency 9.11

If you know or keep up with me, you know that formalities and gestures
(no matter how serious the matter or its intention); annoy me and crawl under
my skin more than anything in this world.
Because they are most often self-serving and are “THE” day at a “THE” time rather
than one CONSISTENT or GRADUAL day at “A” time.

Life goes on for the gesturer after the gesture.
Their [good deed and feeling] of saying: “I attempted,” “I suggested,”
and “I offered” almost always ends right there.

My thinking regarding formalities and gestures is as such:

Don’t serve me dinner or hand me a turkey at Thanksgiving and December
25th, when on February 5th I may need that same dinner and turkey. You will be no
where to be found. So hand me that turkey or serve me that dinner on Thanksgiving
or December 25th-on February 5th as well, or teach and show me to ways that I could
buy my and serve own.

We are all guilty of formalities and gestures on a public or personal scale
to varying degrees-with those we know personally, and as well, those we do not know personally.

It’s like that trite thing we do when we see someone from our past.
We take their phone number at the end of the conversation, knowing that we most
probably will not (or do not have much of a reason to call). But the formality
and gesture of the offer or exchange somehow smooths things along for us (or them).

For years, I have been so guilty of the doing the same thing. Until I recently
got comfortable with saying (and meaning): “Well, it was good seeing you and I
hope all is and continues to go well with you.”
(If I know in my heart
there is probably no need for me to offer or exchange contacts as a formality or gesture).

I do not like feeling that kind of “guilty.” So I gave up on that narcotic.

I refuse to spew my political rants on social forums unless I know
that I am on route to Capital Hill to stand next to people who are actively-on the daily-fight
to do something about all that I am ranting on Twitter about. That (to me) is counter-productive
and ignorant. Because it serves no one-not even the ranter.

That being said, if I cannot show you, teach you, serve you dinner and give you a turkey on
February 5th, I would rather decline to stroke my dutiful ego on Thanksgiving or Christmas
for the sake of saying: I did my part in something “ennobling” for that (literal) day.

If I cannot look you in the eye or you cannot look me in the eye and say: “I am offering/exchanging my contact with you because I really need to talk with you,” then I won’t suggest, exchange or offer.

As I mature and keep it real with this person that I have to lie down at night and wake
up in the morning to look at; formalities and gestures are no longer my style of clothing
for the day. Because people are serious about:
-their life
-their heart/love
…(and all the subcategories that fall up under all three). Regardless the face and
fronts that they put on for the world.

Stop and take a look at the words and rhetoric around you.

For many, the way we socialize today only adds to the insecurities we already have.

Observe the words in your face everyday like: “unfriend,” “random,” “de-friend,” “unfollow,” “follow,” “verified,” “block,” “unblock,” “deny,” “accept,” etc.

Those are words to set the mind up to tell the heart of a person that they are somehow:
validated, inferior, liked, disliked, superior, subservient, domineering, rejected, favorite,
un-favorite, accepted, included, apart of, apart from, isolated or separated.

As I point to my temple, I say to you:
That is all a mind game-baby-built for the strongest (who not only can survive it);
but who knows the game. And how to deal it, play it, deal with it, wheel it, will it, and win it…

EVERYBODY’s got on their persona and pixilated suit in this life and social game of three-card
molly, no matter how “natural” or effortless it looks. EVERYBODY’s “The Wiz” in this thing-just
to varying high and low degrees.

No matter who, just pay attention to the insecure or grandiose, inferior, competitive,
combative, justified and unsure rhetoric of the people around you. Each and every person…
everybody (the from the movers and the shakers down to and through the stealers
and the takers) are pixilated behind some form of insecurity that they are fighting
tooth, QWERTY keypad and nail, not to fall into obscurity on.

With that being said, when you can, where you can: DO.
Do keep it real.

Let me give you a side bar note about something in relation to the moral and my reason for this blog.

Have you ever watched Joy Behar interview a person? (She’s the lady comedian who one of the host on
“The View” and she has a late evening show on HLN as well, where she interviews celebrities, politicians, etc).
To a lot of people, she’s annoying as all get out (from what I’ve seen, read and heard).
She “seems” negative, piercing, nosey, antagonizing and downright offensive and invasive
(to some people that I’ve seen her interview). But do you know what the “problem” is with her?
She makes people “accountable” for what other interviewers often times leave open-ended or unanswered.

Often times, these celebrities and politicians get on shows and say profound or delightful things
(that would actually be interesting to hear how they arrived at such a conclusion or premise).
But on her shows, she will ask: “so how so?” or “why?” or “when?” or “what made you say that?”

When they’re being truthful about their delight or profoundness; they can flow right
into answering the question. When they’re untruthful or were savvy in saying something to merely
fill a line in an interview; they get choked up. That has happened (with Joy’s interviews)
more often than not.

I’m always curious about human behavior, so like for a year or so, I was almost obsessed
with watching her interviews (plus she’s funny).

But people (like Joy) who ask questions, require more to conclude or believe [in] a thing etc., Or people who provoke thought or contemplation (like what I’m doing in this blog), look like rebel-rousers and negative troublemakers who are problematic and chaotic.

But that’s not always so. People like that are the minority (in today’s world) so
[to mostly the insincere and superficial people] they upset the “status” quo.
(Or to those people who are playing the Laws of Power mind-game and use it to the
letter and like a bible to make it through this social life we’re living). With any
book-you have to know how to take what you need from it and apply it per-situation/per-person
(sometimes) in order to not lose your “humanness” in all this “stuff” in the world.

The point that I am making however, is that-day by day, we are becoming such
a nation of superficial exhibitionists. And these forums that we socialize on, enable
us to have the platform to be so-where we otherwise would have none. So with that
“opportunity,” we are becoming top-notch exhibition opportunists (now more than ever).
All of us: me, you, the person next to you and so forth. We’ve all been guilty at some point.

We are very concerned now, more than ever, with what other people think of us and
how they “view” us. So much so, that we are overly concerned with what we say
than we are with what we dobehind, and after we say it.

We offer sentiments of empathy that mean nothing five minutes after we publicly declare it.
We quote quotes that we do not live by-suggesting to our audience how they should live
in order to be considered “humane,” or “right” in their daily lives.

When if [like the quote that gets me the most: “Be the change you wish to be in the
”] we really did be the change we wished to see in the world; do you really
realize how much better a place this world we be if we really followed with action;
the sincerity we put on display-what it is we quote and say for either: attention, sportsmanship,
tradition or notoriety?
Think about it.

That is why I almost never quote quotes. I just say what I feel-even if it sounds like a quote.
I try and move away from that because I’m guilty of the same inaction as well-like you are too.
We all are.

Yet, there are people (on foot) out there helping, fighting and defending rights of things that
we are too busy quoting and publicly proclaiming-to pretty up our walls. They are out there climbing walls.
And they are not soldiers-they are civilians who take active stances to make phone calls, gather
lists and go to make things happen about the stuff that we offer superficial empathy and condolences on-everyday.
We think the extent of defense and help starts and ends at our borders-and it doesn’t.

There are people who know and help orphaned families and children of the people that perished in the
tragedies that we publicly emphasize about. We haven’t a care about outside of “what happened,”
much less-how their loved ones are living-since (their tragedy).

In spirit, karma and from the empathetic heart; condolences, prayers and empathy are more enough-but
best served quietly from the sincere heart. But when we pretty up our walls, personas and images with
condolences and empathy; we forget that the cure (in addition to the prayers and well-wishes)
is one thing that we all can agree on: our time and our money. Time is money just
like we can offer our time or our money in making anything that is wrong-right. And we allknow that.

What good is offering condolences and empathy on a thing for the sake of not feeling shamed for
not acknowledging something that, (if we can) would best be served by doing something about?

During my own years of superficiality and saying stuff to add to my “persona,” I became more
comfortable with keeping it “all-me” and all “about me,” rather than publicly offering or saying
something that I couldn’t (or wasn’t) doing anything about-past the chair that I sat in, especially
when I knew it was because I didn’t want people to shame me for not acknowledging. But in not doing
anything about it, I felt just as fake. So I learned to do what works for my soul while
empathizing from my heart-to whom it may concern.

But that’s me.


In 2009, I was on the Global Grind website, and Kimora posted a traumatic video of
this lil’ fourteen/fifteen year old boy who was brutally beaten by the police. It was all caught on video
(close-up at that). I had never seen anything like it. The boy was unarmed, swollen, turning blue and bleeding
from places I never could image (while trying to breathe). It was like the two cops had gotten a taste of the
adrenaline of what a human kill and torture felt like-and they beat this poor little poor to a literal pulp,
as if they could feel pleasure in their own bodies.

I held onto my chest and breath after I watched the family and the onlookers responding to it all,
but low and behold, after reading Kimora’s post about it-I couldn’t hold my voice back. So I sent
her a hell of a “how dare you” letter. Because I felt like, how could she post this type of story
and interject the fact that the family was having a hard time getting it brought to justice
(because of their finances). Yet, she is not only wealthy-but she posted and published the story
on her website!

For me, it shouldn’t have stopped there. To me, to not step up to the plate (whether silently or publicly)
was less than acceptable. So I read her the riot act about it-right on her website (which was deleted-and
as a writer, I usually keep everything I write but I just went right in and replied-and my post will never
see the light of day again).

All that is fine and dandy and I would be remised if I didn’t mention that when I followed up on the story
later-she did step up to the plate and help out.

Whether or not she had plans to do it before the post or after my post-that’s neither here nor there.
What matters is that she did something about what she PUBLICLY claimed to have empathized about.
So I respect that-thoroughly.

I wasn’t picking on Kimora because she was a public figure and because she was wealthy. Little did she know,
I had the same kind of debate with my best friend in 2005 when the IVR political debate was a hot button issue.
She and I argued like cats and dogs on the phone about it and we hung up and didn’t speak for weeks about her
concern about it versus my issue, which was: “Why in the hell are you playing arm-chair quarterback from your
chair and screaming at the television when there are people in Washington doing something about it?
Yet you and I are sitting on the phone arguing the issue and neither one of us are standing on any steps in DC!”

It just made no sense.
Some things, no matter how serious the sentiment involved, make no sense to comment on where there is
something that can be done after the comment, formality or gesture.

It’s pretentious, in a way.

In closing my long-story long, I say this.

In this day and age of being self-conscious of how we are looking to and FOR other people, we still have to
keep it real-and allow our empathy and sincerity to match that, versus our personas and egos.

So I’m going to start with myself.

On this day of remembrance, even some ten whole years later, outside of
where I was and what I was doing when it happened; I cannot recite to
you ONE person’s name from the 9.11 tragedy (and you, reading this, probably cannot either-in the midst of
all of our formalities and gestures).

But there are people who can: those whom it directly affected.

Regardless the conspiracy theories, the fact still remains: some people died. That’s real.
And my sincere and heartfelt blessings go out to the families and friends of those that perished on
this tragic date tear-stained in the lids of all our eyes to have unfortunately seen.

On this 9.11 date, in addition to the empathy and condolences that we PUBLICLY express for
these families and surviving loved ones, we should also use the thoughts of this day to consider
the things going on in our own personal back and front yards-to the people in our own lives (living)
whom we are awaiting to offer our empathy and condolences at what? Their perishing? Their funerals?

If we can publicly offer it to people that we don’t know, then what about the people in our own lives
(we owe it to) to step up to the plate and do the same? Make our own wrongs-right-rather than at tragedy.

While in our heartfelt formalities and gestures of the day, make them even more meaningful by
really meaning what we say-going forward even after today, as we cherish our
own loved ones and good times in the lives we live now, the way that we do in times of tragedy;
when to whom it would concern, is no longer here.

Keep it real with them (and yourself) while they are still here-like it’s an emergency

Be blessed.

{September 6, 2011}   Pinch.

All the time.

The Creator can be so good to you that you have to pinch yourself in preparation for the other shoe to drop.

Then you have to pinch yourself to remember that He doesn’t even wear them.

Just be blessed.

Beyond our presumptions, and assumptions lies our greatest liberation.

Don’t envy me.
I have nothing but:
*something to do
*something to look forward to.

All else outside of that, I will have to leave preoccupied by you.

Don’t pity me.
You know not of the blessings that have come from my rain or my pain. I’m blessed-I could never be made to feel shame.

Don’t hate on me.
You know of none of the battles that I am fighting and going through.
The things I do to turn my grey skies light-blue.
How I’m livin.’
What (ups) I’ve given.
What (if) of me’s been taken.
My poker face-when I’m really shaken.

I said it once and I’ll say it again to you:

Don’t pity me. Don’t hate on me. And don’t envy me.
I have nothing, but:
*something to do
*something to look forward to

All else outside of that, I’ll have to leave you concerned with and preoccupied by you.

In spite everything and all, when I fall, even taller-I stand tall.
I’m blessed, so I can thrive and smile.
I’m blessed-in my shoes, no one can walk 1/3 of a mile.

I’m blessed.
Highly favored.
Sweetly flavored.
Uniquely tailored.

I have something invaluable
*something to do
*something to look forward to

So allow me to school or liberate you:

As we concern ourselves with that… for you-you can discover this too.
What’s good for me, is also available too:
*something to do
*something to look forward to

Don’t pity, hate and envy, NOBODY’cause it ‘don’t serve you!

We lead and are lead by what we feel until we GROW into understanding what it is we think (and why).

We then have the CHOICE to lead or be lead by what we feel or what we think (and why).

One cannot mentally stimulate anyone who is not mentally ready.
One cannot mentally stimulate anyone who is not already mentally stimulated(able).

Being stimulated mentally is a MEETING of the minds, not an INTRODUCTION of the minds.

One cannot introduce mentally stimulating an adult mind any more than he can introduce mentally stimulating a child’s mind.

Both still have to grow into it (on their own), in order to meet the like-mind you.

In life, at living and in love, we meet people where they are at or they meet us where we are at, ideally, on the same wave length.♡

{August 18, 2011}   Spiritual Gratuity

Some things for which there honestly is no expectation, still deserve an explanation.

Because when we know better, we [have the opportunity and choice to] do better.

People have the function of personal integrity, selflessness, spirituality and the act of spiritual gratitude all twisted sometimes. It’s a silent way of paying it forward.

Paying forward is praying it (going forward)…

We are all spiritual beings (in spite of how deep some of us delve into us, as compared to others with themselves).

As spiritual beings, we are like vessels: recipients of blood and oxygen to ensure functionality.

The spiritual thing about being “vessels” is that, like the literal vessel; we cannot see it-but it thrives because of some THING that makes it function:

The element of air is: freedom.
Air is unseen but it is felt.
It is able to fill up any container that holds it, but it needs to expand indefinitely…

As a spiritual vessel, anything in life commands your: attendance, your affection, or your attention for any amount of time in which you have been:
• ennobled
• encouraged
• inspired
• motivated to do
• motivated to be
• motivated to have

Do not stunt its growth by:

• being spiteful to it
• stifling it
• suffocating it
• sequestering it

ESPECIALLY if it does not cost you anything outside of a little bit of personal integrity and spiritual gratitude. Anything outside of that is merely sententious.
That is not “love.”
That is not selflessness.
It is quite the opposite…

Let me give you an example of “personal integrity” (for which the reward of reciprocity is spiritual gratuity).

Personal integrity is a little bit like this VERY POWERFUL scene at the 3:00-3:39 point where you can see Mister over in the field watching Nettie reuniting Celie with her kids and herself.

Towards the end of the movie, this union was all made possible by way of Mister doing the right thing: going to the Immigration Department and releasing all that he held onto: spiting, stifling, suffocating and sequestering Celie-all those years.

It cost him nothing but a little bit of personal integrity to take that walk to the Immigration Department in order for another human being to breathe again; a whole new breath of life that she had been sequestered from…

So whether it be the wrong that you may feel someone has done to you or because of the wrong that you are holding onto out of spite for another person.
Or just the same-it may very well be the “right” that someone is doing for you in the form of:
• ennobling you
• encouraging you
• inspiring you
• motivating you to do
• motivating you to be
• motivating you to have


• spite them
• stifle them
• suffocate them
• sequester them

Spiritual gratitude is just a thing we do (in silent) even if [like Mister; watching from across the way-we do it without ever having to say: “I did this or that or this for you”].

It is an act of doing rather than withholding and spiting, stifling, suffocating and sequestering.

The beautiful thing about it all is that it is as free as the air we breathe and never costs us one dime in order to do so.

Personal integrity and spiritual gratuity is: what it does.

So make it dew, what it do: what it’s due.

And allow all deeds (done or undone) be between you and the Karma Gods.

{August 7, 2011}   Bliss, pardoned.

Pardon my bliss and blissful blinders.

I’m always so thankful, appreciative and grateful, that, one joy fits all: from waking to the sound of a bird chirping; a climb, a fall, that great beneficial call.

It’s all the same.

I never cry or complain.

But today, I cried. And asked in the Creator’s name:

“Continue to shield me from the all and every that I see-is nothing but perilous to me. Keep my head, my heart and my hands aligned, and in line, with my feet forward-going forward…Please.”

Today I cried with the rain outside.

Today, I cried like the rain outside.

Usually the big girl who asks for nothing, just enjoys the ride.

Today though, I put my foot on the brake, and I cried.


Any act of kindness that we can recollect is unknowingly pretentious.

Kindness is merely apart of who we are or who we aren’t-about as much as urinating is apart of what we do.

If kindness is who we are, it is merely apart of what we do.

Can you recollect how many times you urinated today?

{June 17, 2011}   A Certain Kinda Guarantee.

Uncertainty is that thing that we know nothing is guaranteed and certain except uncertainty itself.

But, for certain, there is one guarantee: that’s what life and living is all about.

Life itself is certainly beautiful.

{June 14, 2011}   She.

Worry is paralyzing, but still-she walks tall.
Smile on her face with tears about to fall.
She’s seen it all.
Never crawled.
Turns invisible.
Walks through walls.
Like nothing at all.
Stands tall-in ways that others fold and fall.
She: Not-at-all.


{June 9, 2011}   Love Reflection.

When you find something to latch onto for you-you are less likely to latch onto things-and lose you.

Magnetically, things that are for you will latch onto and connect to you.

That which is not, will lose and loosen from you.

{June 7, 2011}   Who We Be.

Of the hardest battles in life, we all are quick to say that it is life itself.

But if you think about it-one of the hardest battles in life is to treat people (not so much as the way we wish to be treated), but rather, the way they ought to BE (period)…the way our positive minds and hearts would see them (rather than, and in spite of whomever and however they may “be…”)

{May 11, 2011}   Through.

An old friend told me a story one day.

She laughed as she reminisced about the day that her nephew graduated because
pretty much everyone in his class was graduating with decorated honors and expected
to go somewhere in life.

She said that the graduation was so crowded that you would have sworn the world was
coming to an end and as per her-it looked as if getting through those doors and
securing a seat was do or die.

Much to his aunties dismay (her other sister) she had come from out of town
and this moment was more special to her than it was for the nephew.

“Good luck making your way through those doors-it’s filled to capacity
and the rest of us simply have to wait outside and just listen,” said my
friend to her sister-the auntie.

Well, that sounded unheard of to Auntie, so you want to know what my friend
told me she did?

She took a step back.

She held her head down while she rested her hands-folded in front of her legs.

She lifted her head up.

She stared at the crowd of people who had been packed at the doors for
the past hour trying to get any glimpse they could into the auditorium.

She then said: “in the name of Jesus, I’m COMIN’ through!”
My friend busted out laughing-clutching her stomach telling me this story.

“Did she make it through?” I asked my friend-excited like a nosey kid.

My friend said to me: “Angie, I don’t know how she did it, but she did
make it through…”

I watched my friend laugh uncontrollably while my mind traded the scene for
Moses parting the Red Sea and made way for people to come through.

I envied that moment.

No-I coveted that moment is what I did.
(But I knew that God would understand. He knows my heart and where we stand)…

While she continued to laugh, in my mind, I asked: “God am I worthy?
Am I ever worthy of making it through lifelike that? I’d love to
make it through areas where I only see barriers.”

(God laughed & hugged me so tight).

Since then wherever there is darkness, I still see light.

As sure as Louisiana is to Jumbalaya, like it’s been said by Dr. Maya:
“[they] wonder where her secret lies.”
Well for me, I have no secret through calamity’s eyes.

Now (in my mind) “In the name of Jesus, I’m Comin’ Through!”
…is a metaphor that I use too.

I refuse to duck, tiptoe, or run and hide behind any door.

I feel content regardless if I fall, rise, or hit the floor.

I feel that in life what’s for me, is for me.

I try my best to live my life like it’s Golden and whatever’s
Copper will just-be…

So take a look at these words and think of Me-why don’t You?

‘Cause love it or hate it:
“In the name of Jesus…I’m comin’ Through…”



{May 1, 2011}   Word Your World.

The written word and english language are so beautiful.

There are no amount of words selected that can camouflage: beauty, love humor, peace, joy, happiness, contentment.

Likewise, no matter what choice in words we use; there are no such selections that can camouflage: fear, inferiority, envy, hatred, jealousy, anger, self-hatred & insecurity.

That’s the beauty of the obscurity of the written word.

{March 21, 2011}   Spiritual Gossip.

Don’t fret, don’t worry.

Anyone who works at trying to block you at any thing will themselves, forever be jumping hurdles and running into brick walls ten times over.

Universe loves to gossip to her friend named Karma…

{March 20, 2011}   Debt Pro-ject.

In life, nothing is owed to us outside of what we lend or extend.

Whatever you expect, just make sure you pro-ject.

{March 20, 2011}   Don’t Receive The Hype.

When most sincere, true and from the pure heart; giving requires no claim or proclaim-no status post or boast.

It is a thought, deed or an act of a silent kind of kindness. Period.

The universe is a powerful and reliable messenger that needs no hype-man.

{March 20, 2011}   Good Foot.

The best good you can do is put your best good foot forward.

Because at any given moment, at any given time-you never know who you might be the good, best blessing for.

{March 20, 2011}   What’s Yours is Yours.

Whatever is blessed, is recyclable, flourishing, overflowing: abundant.

Whatever is God-given is blessed, and therefore: for you.

You can never lose it-because there’s plenty more blessings from where those blessings come.

You can only neglect to use it or misuse it-that is when you lose it…

{March 19, 2011}   Introspect Chin Check.

Validate feelings by making sure they are first: valid.

Separate feelings of upset, anger or resentment toward someone by being true to yourself and asking yourself this question:

“Do I feel this way because of something he/she did to me, or is it the direct result of something that I just feel?”

Truth is relative, and once we accept our own personal truth, we can grow on and go on, from there.

{March 17, 2011}   Square Biz and Balance Beams

Life is a funny thing.

I learn that we really “live it” when we stop trying to figure it all out.

Daily, I get some kind of confirmation from above that we will never figure it all out-because we are imperfect and human.

The only thing that is of “one,” constant, and balanced is that which is omnipotent-the rest come in twos as does the balance, continuity and consistency (that we seek).

What strenghtens us is to experience one thing and then opposite that thing.

We cannot fully know the effects of one thing, unless we have caused or felt the effects of opposite that thing.

We (as imperfect humans) are always teetering on the balance beam of life-trying to make it stand still.
We can never fully obtain this:

It is not for us to “obtain.”
I believe that it is for us to accept that we can never obtain it (consistently). That is merely “life happening” (as it is should).

No matter how perfectly “balanced” we have in mind a thing to be, or what we are to do, often times, something always comes along and knocks us off our square-putting us in a position to have to do some last minute changes and rearranging.

Day by day, in learning to really “live,” I believe that is how it is supposed to be, so that when all is balanced and consistent; we learn to appreciate it-like a surprise and gift.

In centering ourselves and getting our minds right, the best we can do [while in the moment of a thing], is ask ourselves: “is this thing right for me, after this thing?” (Whatever that “thing” may be).

Because in accepting the fact that some days we are surprised, blessed and granted with being firmly planted on our square, for the times we are not, the best we can do is to feel ahead and think ahead by having one of the most essential and valuable conversations we can have with ourselves-alone and in complete silence-beginning with these questions:

“Who am I?”

“How am I?”

“Why am I?”

…then we have the answer to “I am…” (fill in the blank).

After which, no one can knock you off your square-no matter how life happens.

I believe that no matter what happens, as long as we can answer those questions, we can get clear-and allow life to happen and then we can happen to life.

{March 9, 2011}   The Balancing Knack.

Never make decisions based on your emotions-when you are emotionally euphoric or emotionally challenged/upset (just the same).

Emotion and reason are not distant cousins-they are not even related.

Anything ruled by emotion has to be backed by logic (or at bare minimum)
rationale-in order for:
-truth to be founded (however relative to the beholder).
-anything sound or solid can be formed.

Emotion merely needs a place.

Rationale or logic need a reason.

Such as life: there will be more places to be and more things to do
[and fewer reasons] why or how.

Charity starts at home and then spreads abroad

Each one teach one

Be the change you wish to see in the world

O beautiful for spacious skies,
For amber waves of grain;
For purple mountain majesties,
Above the fruited plain! America!
America! God shed His grace on thee,
And crown thy good with brotherhood,
From sea to shining sea

…Oh how perfect. I can feel the perfection from here.
Can’t you?

Oh say you can. (I know you do).

Truth is: you don’t.

If charity started at home and then spread abroad, if each one taught
one and we were the change that we wished to see in the world; most probably,
there would be no discord from sea to shining sea.

Truth is: it’s impossible.

Why: because time tick keeps on ticking into the future-second by minute
by hour by day by year and whatever and all moment(s) with those times that we
did not spend on spreading our charity within our own home then spreads abroad,
teaching one, and being the change we wished to see in the world; we missed it-not hard to do.

Truth is: it’s inevitable.

That is because people are going to be who they are, like what they like and
subscribe to whatever they wish to; regardless of our charity, our teachings
and our being (shining) examples.

What brought this piece to mind for me was the recent (popular/culture) news happening
where it was reported that Louis Farrakhan had a few
choice words (of opinion) for pop singer Rihanna, where, he criticized her sexually-charged lyrics by referring to them as “filthy.”
(I am assuming he is referring to her recent S&M smash, laced with the following lyrics:
‘Cause I may be bad, But I’m perfectly good at it. Sex in the air-don’t care, I love the
smell of it. Sticks and stones may break my bones but chains and whips excite me

Welcome to America!
It all began on July 4, 1776 when…(oh, you know the story)…where, fortunately, we have certain
freedoms that contradict, offend, arouse or disappoint many (the adjectives go on and on).
But the reality is (and visualize, and understand this fact):

Notta’ one day since the days of old, has time gone back to
the days of old.

I repeat:
Not one day since the days if old, has time gone back to the days of old

Bummer 😦

But there’s a bright side!
We all have had some tender moments where we’ve puts our hands to our chests because of
sparks of nostalgia.
We have all had conversations and emotional moments that reflected days of yesterday.
But the truth is-those are moments, times have changed.
And tomorrow-going forward-they are going to keep changing and going and changing.

Never demand or ask anyone (public figure or private citizen) to rearrange their
grind to suit your agenda, ego, faith, belief or set of standards that you
subscribe to-especially if they are not your child or loved one.

As much as we would like to grab hold of certain public figures in the media
(who do have the “power” to control, change rearrange many things) it is not their job.
Their job is their “grind” and whatever that grind is-there is an audience for it.

Oh the horror!
How dare there be an audience for such filth and swine!
How dare there be an audience for science-fiction!
How dare there be an audience for wizardry!
Oh…How dare there be an audience for gardening. 😦
All those worms and dirt? What filth and slime!

There is an audience for every single thing we like and approve of.

There is an audience for every single thing that we don’t like and disapprove of.

Accept that.

Accept that by knowing that there are many things you-yourself may subscribe to that
the next person will refuse to give audience to.

You can have an opinion about whatever you would like to, but if your opinion is not law,
despite how “gospel” it may be, it does not matter-because you do not rule the world and
you are not God. No matter how much you go on crusades to fight against,
defame or rant, time ticks into the future and you…are…not…God…
Sorry to break the news to you.



A melting crock pot of a wide variety of: egos, faiths, beliefs and subscribers. And at some point,
especially if you as a: dignitary, intellectual, religious leader, educator or whatever
your“grind” (or label is), if you are really intelligent,
then you are rational.
If you are rational, then you are logical.
If you are logical, then you know how to separate your emotions from a thing from the reality
of an even bigger picture (involving that thing).

Anything outside of that is pure ignorance.

Make up your mind.

Are you ignorant?

Or are you intelligent?

Are you a dignitary, intellectual, educator or religious leader who fancies him/herself intelligent
but simply refuse to ignore your own ignorance all in an effort to try and control a thing that you
haven’t the power to control?

That’s ignorant.
And you can’t have it both ways.
You cannot expect people to fancy you dignified, an intellectual or educated but expect that all around
you starts and stops where your very own personal tastes, standards, beliefs and ego lie.
I’m sorry-it doesn’t work like that.

Regardless your walk of life, we all have them.
You know, those lil’ old ladies and lil’ old men who will tear a new hole into your butt for behaving
or speaking in a way that was frowned upon [and some-in their day and time] would have even gotten you
The kind that will insult us from head to toe-and all we should do in return is giggle.
Well, the thing about those lil’ old ladies and men, be they in our families or in our hoods; they do
not care to, have not worked for, nor do they strive to be “viewed” or considered dignitary/intellectual etc.
They simply are who they are (and out of respect for them-and what they are used to) it is expected that we
tip-toe around them and curb our worldly ways around them. And as well-we should.
They get a “pass.”
They are allowed to be as “battle-axey” as they please-without incident, upset or the mere thought
of disrespect.
Because usually, those kinds of lil’ old ladies and lil’ old men, have not been exposed to worldly things
in areas of education-leading them to more “dignified and intellectual” personas.
They are “TIME.” They represent “time” through many ages, generations and moments in time.
They have seen and experienced things that only history books collect-and some: none. Only memories in
their timeless minds.
They have lived lives one day at a time and raised and reared their families-generation to generation.
And because they do not present themselves as having been privy to that other side of life, they should
be respected in ways that we tip-toe around them and “Yes-ma’am” and “No Ma’am” and “No Sir” them so much
so that they begin to feel like it is apart of their name.
Our way with them should be toned down to what they are used to (as respectful as we can
and as best that we know how to-because the fact still remains; we live and have been brought up in a different
time in life).
These elders are dignitaries nonetheless-they are our superstars of time.
It is an honor to be asked by them to…go to the store for them, do their hair for them, be there cabbie
for the day, help clean their house, wash their feet, clip their toenails-it’s an honor.
It is an honor to be acknowledged by them-even if it is to simply do something for them.
When you are around these types, if you have any ounce of humility and respect about yourself as well as their
life’s climb; you should feel almost child-like.

Does that mean our elder men and women who are intellectuals, dignitaries (etc). should be respected
any less?

But there is a difference-a different set of responsibilities expected of them, as they too, have their
own set responsibilities and expectations placed upon us.
It’s simple.

When you (as an elder man or woman) have been exposed to a side of life and education where, because of,
you fancy yourself a dignitary, and intellectual, a leader (religious or otherwise) etc.; that means that
you have been exposed to a side of life that the average elder has not.
Your horizons have been expanded.
The other kind of elders (unfortunately) have not.
You expect to be respected as not only an elder, but as a dignitary, intellectual, leader etc.
They just expect to be respected on having lived lives and raised and reared families.
With being an intellectual, dignitary or leader (young or elder), there are set of responsibilities that
you have to adhere to and abide by:
And as an educated dignitary, intellectual, or leader; you are educated enough to know that acceptance
does not necessarily mean “agreeing” on a thing.
It simply means that we you are humble enough and unassuming enough to acknowledge and recognize that
other things and ways of life and time exist around you-other than what is in your immediate grasp-regardless
your subscription to it or no.

That is the difference between the elders of the old/”old-school” and the elders of the old-
co-existing with the “new school.”

So…What’s it gonna be?
Who are you gonna be?

Whenever we have a persona, label or title we expect others to respect and see us as, it’s never just-
“one-sided.” We, too have a responsibility-and that responsibility is not just all about us and our views,
standards and likes. We have to share and respect other’s-regardless how we feel about it or them.
When we are “intelligent/dignitaries,” we recognize, utilize, separate and use rationale as the divide between
our emotions and logic.

Education is not so much about learning “how to do” a certain thing in a field as it is the experience
afforded you: the accessibility of various subjects and fields of study that help you expand your thoughts
and questions-provide answers to things that we contemplate and consider.
“Education” is something we uncover down to the types of people in the world we work and live in.
And as an intellectual/dignitary/educated person; you are expected to know how to “accept” all; accordingly.

Like being married, for instance.
You can run around flagging a marriage certificate and a ring claiming “now married,” until you’re blue
in the face. But the bigger picture is the fact that there is responsibility involved in some things behind
that piece of paper.
That responsibility is the fact that it’s no longer about just-“you,” (alone).
It’s now about you and your significant other.

Same thing goes for claiming a degree of any kind.
We “educated” people get so caught up in our titles, labels and certificates, that we think it stops
there. The responsibility behind that certificate that we earn or work towards earning, is the fact that-that
degrees states that we made or are making certain sacrifices.
And within those sacrifices, we are forced to spend a great majority of our time: thinking, reading, studying
and testing from various subjects-all things that further expand our horizons.
Therefore, holding that certificate or working towards one; require that you not only throw your label,
title or accomplishment around; you now are expected to apply it.
Not just in your field of study, but apply the fact that your horizons have been expanded.
Your fellow man should be in receipt of this awareness in you-from you, versus the average (uneducated) person whose
horizons have not been expanded.
(Obviously, education is not the only “horizon expander.” Life experience is as well). And if you fancy
yourself mentally and spiritually elevated and a Life Student-you too, have a responsibility to apply the fact
that your horizons have been expanded as well.
That is the part of “education” and “being educated” that “educated people” forget [and some-don’t
even know] after the books are paid for, read and closed.

At some point, in your dignified, intelligent, religious or educated life, you are going to have to “accept” and
come to terms with that fact that time ticks into the future.

We cannot hold on to time (as much as we would love to), and while apart of living in this ticking of time into the
future; you also have to remove your label or whatever you subscribe to-with the understanding that not only does
this world revolve, it does not revolve around “you.”

The best that you can do is:
-mentor where you can
-mentor when you can
-mentor where it is wanted
-mentor where it is well-received.

If you are (truly) intelligent and educated and dignified, you do not press upon other people who too, share this
world with you, your views by way of cryptic, defamatory and aggressive tactics just to get your
point across in hopes that they will dignify [what is essentially your: ignorance, need for attention and control]
of a society for which you do not govern or own.
And interjecting God into the pot to ride shotgun (with your personal hang-ups does not count.
Because you are not God).

If you are intelligent and dignified and educated, you would know somewhere along the lines
and throughout the passing of time, charity starting at home and then spreading abroad, each one teaching one
and being the change that we wish to see in the world…somewhere along that careful passing down of “the way things
were” versus “the way things are,” somebody: neglected the lesson, rejected the
lesson or was not given the lesson-something you will never be able to pinpoint where, how or at what point.

How do I know this?
Because this world is imperfect and unpredictable in all its relative splendor.
Goose and Gander.
Throw it in the pot!

As you get older and fancy yourself wiser, at some point, you are going to haveto accept that time
and people will never be the way they were in your yesteryear. Grow up.

Throw it in the pot!
Nothing irks me more than for people [who fancy themselves: older and wiser, dignified, educated,
rational, logical and reasonable] to forget that they were once too, 20-30 something, but refuse to acknowledge and
let go of the fact (much to their dismay, upset and disapproval), that life at their 20-30 somethings,
was at a different time in life (in America)

Grow up.

Be dignified.

Prove that you are educated, wise, rational and logical.

But more importantly realize the best you can do is evolve (with the times).
As the world revolves, you have to: live and let be.

Throw it in the pot!
BE dignified enough to refrain from judgment, and attack on a thing for which you cannot control or change
(like at least she obviously was advised to do-seeing as thought her Twitter responses were removed):

But on an ironic and lighter note.
If you are going to go on a full-on attack a recording “artist”…“performing,” please make sure that you are not
photographed out frolicking, smiling from ear to ear and hob-knobbing (no pun intended), with someone who earned
the moniker: “Superhead” because of “performing” too.
You cannot convince the world that none of the Brothers in the Nation of Islam (following and guarding you)
did not tell you who she was before the photo op-I refuse to believe that. LoL.
They keep their ears to the street just as you do to pop culture-hence how you ran upon Rihanna. LoL.

Not judging her-but rather, Farrakhan’s obvious oxymoron.


*throws hands in the air*

Just charge it to the game and admit that you like the limelight, paparazzi, propaganda, attention garnering and publicity-justlike: Rihanna’s occupation’s grind (and um-Superhead, too).

So, (let you tell it) anyone who gives audience to Rihanna’s “stage” antics is, too:
Throw it in the pot!

The irony of that is-quite a few people have an opinion about anyone giving audience to Superhead as well (but, we’ll just charge that to the game as well).

And as a bonus, I will even give you credit for being too dignified, too intelligent, too educated, too intellectual (and too old) to know about all-a-‘dat 🙂

I could so caption the above these 2 pics-but even in all the laughter and humor of it all, that would open up a whole n’other can of worms. LoL.

{March 1, 2011}   Who You Be.

After the proclaim, you do not have to say
what you do or how you do.
Because when you do what you do;you live what you do,
and be what you do.
Others will know who you be by what you do
…that requires no elaboration or explanation-only what we say does.
We do, who we be.
We be, who we are.
Or we say what we do.

{February 20, 2011}   Perception Reflection.

Perception is everything to every individual-individually.

In its (relative truth), it is reality from behind ones own eyes,
rather than from the front of them, yet, something altogether different
from behind the eyes of the next individual…

That’s the beauty and uniqueness about each of our very own perceptive
realities, because they are our very own…

Henceforth, why it is always important to live your very own (individual)
reality as you [not only see fit] but as you see it

Because when all is seen, supposed, said and done, it
(or you) is never seen “one way.”

Do You.
Live You.
Be You.
For You.
And, for your eyes only…

{February 17, 2011}   Competency About Competition.

We all love a friendly [or even a heated and intense] game of competition
where the ball is being: bounced, thrown, caught or hit.

Though competition [is first] for the courts or fields; in the game of life
(when you are alive and living it); you cannot ignore the game of
“survival of the fittest” (a moniker given behind the psychology of it all,
but typically expressed when describing the game of life in the wild-for sure).

Roar, because the ball is in your court now.

Catch this:

When whatever it is that you do, you do it firstly (for you) and it
fulfills you (whether you or not you are paid for it) and that thing is
like second-nature to you; then that thing is a blessing that was gifted
to you-therefore, you have no competition.
What you have is called: CONTENDERS and RUNNER UP’s.

Those contenders are: time and other life demands that compete with you for
your time-pulling for your attention; asking from you-your undivided.
You know-that same reciprocal thing that you in turn ask for: time for yourself,
to practice and hone in on doing whatever it is you were blessed with.

Now beat this:

When and with whom did the Creator have competition with?

Counting down: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Game over. No thing, no one.
High score: Infinite.
Competitor: None.

That said, anything that you are blessed with is a gift from the Creator.
So if the Creator gifted it to you-it is already your “win.”
You have no “competitors,” only contenders of time and the demands of life.
Outside of that, you only have runner ups: those who put themselves into (an imagined)
competition with you because they are the ones scrapping, fighting and ripping at you as
if they haven’t their own blessings.

Foul play.
They have not taken the time to hone in on and discover what (or who) they are.

Scored tied.

Sometimes their blessings can be the same as yours, yet, they’re too busy concerning themselves
with your blessings to discover ways to use and unique their own.

In this lifetime, whether creative or technical, you have to know (and accept) that there is
pretty much nothing “new” under the sun. There are only new ways to do it or present it.
You cannot present a new way to do any thing until you learn to unique your own way of being
and doing a thing.

Game on.
Sometimes in order to do so, selfishness is a prerequisite.

Have you ever been called “selfish?”

I’m not talking about being called selfish with your money or other materialisms.

I’m not even talking about being called selfish because you’re the type who can dominate a
conversation with all things “you” so much so, that by the time the other person speaks,
you’re now out of time to listen.

I’m talking about the kind of selfishness where you have been so enthralled and caught up in
loving, honing in on and working at something so much, that you’ve been called “selfish” a time
or two (because that was your order of importance or priority) over anything else-that’s the kind
of selfish I am talking about.

That kind of “selfishness” is something that is not such much about the working on/at a particular
blessing of talent, or skill; but rather-the repetition and practice of a thing that creates not only
preparation (should opportunity arise), but yields one thing on top of another thing on top of another
thing, where, because of this habit (in its due time) you will have created many things (regardless
if it was through talent and skills or practice and will).
Habitually having done one thing on top of another thing, if a (negative) challenge (or opportunity)
presents itself, you are prepared, packaged and ready to get it crackin.’

The point of that is this.
Be it through the blessing of talent or skill or discipline and will; sometimes being a little bit
“selfish” (by my abovementioned definition) will put you ahead of the game (whatever that game may be).

Because people only feel a sense of competition with you when they are one, or all these things:
a) Feel that you are better than them at a thing
b) Wish that they, too, could do/be that thing
c) They are not prepared (even if they could do the same thing)

Don’t misinterpret what I am saying about preparation, because for some of us, some of our best is bred
as a result of being under time restraints and pressure. So when we are challenged by a “friendly”
game of “competition” (a business deadline or opportunity), the right kind of adrenaline gets to
pumping and that creative juice starts to flow, we can create masterpieces.

But when someone catapults you into an unfriendly game of “competition,” be competent about the
Competent meaning: be realistic about your ability to demonstrate how prepared you are to rise to
the challenge (of your unfriendly competition’s preparedness)-not their talent, not their skills,
not their ability (even if in your eyes-lack thereof, as compared to yours)…

Regardless of a presentable past or reputation to have done or the ability to do a thing, when you
answer and step up to an unfriendly game of competition (at the end of the day), being competent about it,
is what will make you the winner or the loser.

You do not have to answer to negative every challenge you are invited to.
Sometimes our occupations…our surroundings and even the people we think love us are all up in our
ears and ego, sending us spiraling out of control. When we answer to challenge for which we are not
quite prepared for, we look almost like we are hurriedly throwing boxes out of window with the landlord
and bailiff at the door-coming to put us out.

Have you ever been in a rush because you were running late for something very important and while leaving,
you can’t find your keys, your left shoe, your credit card and all things of importance?
All the while, that moment is approaching and you and your things are all over the place.
Eventually you gather them all, hop in the car, step on the gas and go full steam ahead trying to get there.
By the time you pull up to your destination, you’re still huffing and puffing and meanwhile, everybody turns
to look at you like” “what the hell?” (Happened to me-just the other day) LoL. At any rate.

You look out of control to them.
Not so much as “out of control/crazy,” but out of control/unprepared (rather than prepared, relaxed and ready
to get it crackin’)…
Not being prepared does not make you a loser. It simply makes you unprepared to win.
Not being prepared but answering to the prepared, simply makes you look like the loser-even if you know
(and all else know) you are a winner.

The preparation and package is what’s palpable. Not your past, parlance or pandemonium.
Because when all the roaring dies down, the winner of the game is the one who proved themselves most prepared
with the complete and delivered package presented…

Excuse my French and in my Antoine Dodson voice I’ll forewarn: “Hide ya eyes!”

Fuck boxes.
At the end of the day, nobody gives a damn about boxes.
They only hold things that are in preparation for the up and out!

Package, tighten and hold on to your respect for your blessed talent or skills before answering a
challenge unprepared-especially if you want to maintain respect for your talent or skills because as
harsh as it sounds, people love to kick you when you’re down, give audience when you clown or look desperate
for money, attention, relevancy and significance.
They don’t love you.
They make a mockery of your wrong moves (even when they know that your talents or skills outweigh your
wrong moves)…
What went out the window will be all they remember-no matter how much they claim to love you, support
and keep it real with you…

Look at Super Bowl Night, though Christina Aguellera is known for her talent, skill and ability to sing a hole
in a wall if she wanted to, the only thing the world cared about was the fact that she showed up unprepared.
And that’s what they hung onto.
Anything else about her regarding what she could and did do-went straight out the window.

Moral of the story is this.
When you know who you are, and you know what your blessings are-then you stand in the middle of that.
Go back to being a little bit “selfish,” and not only will you come back prepared and ready, but competent in
how to handle your functions with your contenders and runners up.
When you stand “selfishly” in your blessings and who you are, your contenders and runner up’s can never mistake
their positions.

With Love, Angela

{February 16, 2011}   Universe. Time. Yours. Mine.

Time is a funny thing.
You have a brand new appreciation for it when (even for a short amount of time), you spend time doing something else that you would much rather not be doing. And while doing so, you fantasize about all the things you would rather be doing, that-when that time was gifted to you-you did not respect it like you should have.

Time has been called many things from: mother, father, unforgiving and a thief.

Yet, the one other thing about Time is that while it slowly moves, and that pendulum swings and does its thing; it is subtly forgiving as well.

Forgiving in that, while it can be unforgiving (once it passes); that time becomes the past (every single second and minute of the day-consider it spent-no change left over. Yet,

the universe will sometimes conspire with Time to allow certain things to be removed or rearranged in your life, to allow Time to swing its way right back around to you and seductively ask: “I’m back now, so what are you going to do with me: now?

When the universe acts as a go-between and brings Time back around to you; you value Time, respect Time, and treat Time a whole lot better than you did when that time was once before-yours.

The relationship with Time, is a funny thing.
It is a gift and something to be cherished, valued and guarded with your life, for life.

Enjoy your time, today-all day, everyday.
Because once it is spent, it’s spent-no saving or change given back.

There’s no account made possible for it, we simply have to account for it.
So, make it count for something.

{February 10, 2011}   Run to the Light.

…you can really do that when you are fully in control
of your own person.

When you are fully in control of your very own person,
you do not have to spend your precious mind’s time and energy
trying to steer clear of things that are not only
out of control-but also out of yourcontrol as well.

Spending too much time concerning yourself with a thing
will consume you with that very same thing-even when you think
and insist you that you are running opposite and steering clear of it.
Because you think about it too much.
You focus on it more often than you would like to admit to.
You focus on it so much so, that you could not count your mental
consumption of it even if your tried to.

What we focus on-expands, regardless, whatever that focal point is.
Keep focusing on running from a thing only leads you to that thing.

As we spend our minds time and energy being that which we
(think) we run opposite of; we only mirror that thing.
We are full with it rather than constantly proclaiming to run
and steer clear of another thing (that we do not want).

Focusing on that thing you want to run to-lights the way to it.
Focusing on that thing you want to run from lights the way to that thing, as well.

That thing we want to run to, we have to simply be that thing,
do that very same thing and then we will become that thing.

We are what we repeatedly do.

We be.
We do.
We are.
Regardless the surrounding (that is, when we are fully in control of our very own person).
No surrounding.
No person.
No thing is responsible for how you: be, what you do and who you are (if they do not control you).
You and only you are in control of [and therefore are responsible for] your person.

Simple as that.

P.S-Never point, scream about and proclaim to run from/steer clear of a thing simply
because you have not taken your mind’s time or given energy towards focusing
on a thing [that you say] it is you do want…

Take inventory of as well as responsibility for:
-how you truly be
-what you truly do
-what (and how) you really are

When you stand in who you (really) are, you do not have to run from anything…

One to grow on-growing forward.

{February 8, 2011}   Spice of Life.

The irony of Aleichem’s quote:

“Life is a dream for the wise, a game for the fool,
a comedy for the rich, a tragedy for the poor…”
is that, be you wise, a fool, rich or poor; you have not lived life unless
you: dream, are at times- too leisurely, and laugh or experience tragedy at various times within life.

That is what life is: to it, through it and then out it is what it is to experience and be in it.

Somewhere in between dreams, leisure, comedy and tragedy; we find our balance, receive our lesson
and are therefore happy with life and the uncertainty that it brings-despite how uncomfortable we
think we are with the uncertainty in it.

{February 3, 2011}   Color Wheel. Color Feel.

Clarity-WHITE: Strength, Innocence, Wisdom

Inspiration-BLUE: Religion, Artistic Ability, Healing, Devotion

Passion-RED: Greed, Anger, Lust, Courage

Energy-ORANGE: Fertility, Dynamic Force, Pride

Optimism-YELLOW: Forgiveness, Mind Intellect, Vision

Versatility-GREEN: Versatility, Supply, Independence, Prosperity, Success

Radiance-PURPLE: Holy, Divine, High Spirit

Frailty-PINK: Tenderness, Universal Love

Formality-GRAY: Lack of imagination, Fear

Practicality-BROWN: Stagnation, Depression, Practicality

Reversing-BLACK: Draws all forces & emits: None.

{February 3, 2011}   Grow and Go

Life is like a field of flowers.
As we grow, we blossom.
We grow with those who grow with, support and love us.
Nourishment leads to reciprocation which leads to oscillation.
We never step on them-no luck can come from that.
No blessings can flourish in that.
Likewise, no luck or blessings can come from stepping on that which does not grow with and nourish us.
Those are simply thorns that we do not touch; we simply walk around or past that.

{January 30, 2011}   Walking Shoes

God is not:
A gavel, a knife, a sword, a gun, a noose, venomous sputum.
Or only for Sunday, Wednesday, Easter Sunday mornings and afternoon services or Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day feast pray-overs…

(God is not a weapon, situation or occasion)…

God is more than
A mid-sentence conversation piece or convenience to use to stand in front of our own personal feelings, weaknesses, judgment and insecurities…

(That is not Godly or “of God”-period)…

Yes, fear God-not living life…

God is not:
Condemnation, a competition or race; trite, fight, habitual, empty and redundant repetition or a shield for when we fear life and living in the world around us when it becomes just too much for us to handle…

(That is not Godly or “of God”-either)…

God is not:
To be called upon to hurry up and shut it down “beam me up!” for times when we feel that our emotional, interpersonal, personal, social, mental or financial needs aren’t met to our satisfaction-so we lose hope and faith that all negative things too shall pass and instead, we hope for, pray for and wish for him to stop doing HIS job, and HIS work to let us come play amongst him.

Sorry, if you woke up this morning-God’s not through with you; HE’S BUSY-he still has work to do…

(God made patience a virtue-practice it)…

Pure, unadulterated, angst and anticipation for God should be an almost selfish act of spiritual obsession:

“I just want to meet you! smell you! touch you! hear you! and bow to your feet because I crave you! need you! miss you! I want to hold you! hear you say that you love me and tell me that everything is going to be okay…”OH GOD!!!!!” (we’ve all yelled THAT many times before…) I LOVE YOU!…”

Anticipation of God should have NOTHING to do with anything other than the simple fact that you, yourself and YOU…just HAVE to have him…

(That is spiritual desire for God when your heart is on fire for Him)…

Anything other than that is to be waiting for Him in vain which means that you have lost faith that while he is at work when we are at play; he is overseeing things and ensuring that everything will be okay…

(That is impatience, faithlessness, despair and mistrust).

God is not:
Only a convenience to be called upon during times of thoughts of inferiority, distress, bad times and kicked-rock luck, but in good times and abundance as well. Don’t you think he knows “what’s really going on?”

(God is not a user or fair-weather, why should we be?)

A walk with God is not just enough to be in servitude, congregation, giving glory [or secretly, silently, viciously and spitefully demanding of others] the same glory and praise when and wherever; for YOU have NOTHING to do with someone else’s close personal relationship with the same God.

That other man has NOTHING to prove to little ole’ you but EVERYTHING to prove to his God…

God knows that without [or even WITH] Him getting the glory or honorable mention in ANYTHING man does, if He had a hand in it or not.

God knows if He is or is not the foundation, genesis and through to the end of ANYTHING your fellow man does, even though YOU may not-it’s just none of your business.

How, why or does knowing either way, serve you? Let God bless that or mess that..

(Keep religious spirituality in perspective-He’s big enough to tend to, watch over and listen to everybody, right?)…

He who does not exhibit spiritual scorn (by way of his words, energy and spirit itself) does not seek to antagonize and show contempt and as well, he is free of thoughts or feelings of scorn or contempt toward him-for his spirit, love and work is for and about his God-period.

He knows that his (true) devotion for his God uses him positively (for gospel: “good” and “good news”)-never antagonistically, therefore, he knows that all that he is in receipt of, is to, positive and without scorn or contempt as well.

He trusts that God uses and works on everybody.

You and your fellow man have a right to a relationship with the same God-no matter how loud the scream.

Do not assume that because you choose to scream louder, that the next man has any less a relationship with God than you do.

How dare you?

(Share Him. Trust in Him to oversee another man’s devotion to him or lack thereof)…

A TRUE walk with God is while in mid-thought, action, word or deed of anything vicious, evil, self-serving or venomous…or while: mid-PROUD, mid-ENVY, mid-GLUTTONY, mid-LUST, mid-WRATH, mid-GREED and mid-SLOTH; we stop in our tracks and ask for guidance, direction and re-direction while MID-EXPERIENCING these things…

That is what it is to be walking with God…

(Talk to Him)…

So as long as we pop, rock, drop and rep God, we should REMEMBER that we must CONSISTENTLY and CONSCIOUSLY rule it, pursue it (and if it FITS)…put on your OWN walking shoes…face-FORWARD, tunnel vision and DO IT…

(Walk with Him)…

{January 29, 2011}   ABOUT THIS BLOG SITE

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