A Girl in the World & the World in a Girl…

{June 16, 2013}   Father, Dad’s and Men.

Outside of a select few of every other friend…women have NO empathy and understanding for, and towards one another (especially around men, and openly across the Internet and in public/other social settings).

Ladies, stop being so hateful and purposely trying to impress these dudes on the Internet [like the armchair quarterbacking of (some) of your all-of-sudden ballgame interests], by tossing “bitter” women around on Father’s Day–for expressing their displeasure of the deadbeat dad’s in their kid’s lives (or their own dad’s in their own lives).

UNFORTUNATELY, some women DO have that experience and too, ARE on double-duty for life (raising their kids, or having gone through life without a dad in theirs). Have some empathy and try to understand THAT, and the fact that those women may very well get over the neglectful dad, but as a woman of single parent; the hurt of the fact that the father is living, breathing and walking this earth is something they have to work through DAILY-the world outside their door already won’t allow them to wallow in self-pity, so they don’t need your opressing them in an effort to impress these dudes out here that you’re trying to seem “live,” and “cool” for.


Most shameful, are some of you same girls who (on this very same Internet) have broadcasted your OWN personal domestic situations and the fact that your OWN child’s father too-want nothing to do with your child yet, you think you’re being Internet- cute, dissing women (in front of these dudes). Are you serious?

Second ‘shame on you’ award goes out to the woman with NO kids, or having never experienced it-speaking so uncaring and harshly about something you know nothing ABOUT. You will never understand the plight of a single-parent woman and what goes through her heart and mind when she places her hand under the chin of her child’s while trying to hold her own up-never…

I’m going to shorten this PSA by offering this lesson to take with you: http://bit.ly/13RvmZH but ladies, let me close by saying this (because we ALL have experienced this thing one time or another in life, no matter HOW evolved we may now be): The next time YOU or another female close to you is crying, moody, agitated, hurt, pulling pant legs, getting ignored, rejected etc. by that dude she loves and wants that doesn’t want her BACK, (and although this isn’t the sole reason)… take a look at the examples men are getting of a WOMAN’S WORTHINESS and WORTH, based on how YOU devalue other women right in front of their faces…

“The Streets AND Tweets ‘is’ watchin.’ ” …for any man who hasn’t selected his wife yet; all that devaluing gets played on their subconscious. And in the dating game, all a woman needs is one minus in her corner with him and he falls right back on his subconscious and conjures up from that mixture; a thousand reasons why ‘she aint shit,’ and unworthy, not just of him-but of not even being treated well and respected, sometimes [for some women].

P.s- If ever you want to pump your chest and prowess by calling yourself “thinking like a man” think about this: MEN, have too much pride to shit on other men around women, unlike, and in ways [that women have no self-control in doing] around THEM.

Unfortunately, as a man himself, Steve Harvey only has the capacity to give you a man’s reaction to you/a woman, that (as a man himself); he thinks the biggest quest in a woman’s life is bagging a man and getting a ring. Not his fault in thinking that, he’s just telling it like a man would from his SUBCONSCIOUS by way of experiencing and watching all these women out here doing and saying anything they can in a fight for men’s attention, affection, love, or commitment-stepping on other women in the process. Think like a man and stop yourself right in that moment. You’ll make yourself look better (and like a LADY) in the process…

Instead of seeing other women as being in your way, do know that until you make peace with seeing diamonds in other women (no matter how flawed), you will never get out of your OWN way TO BE SEEN by a diamond kind of man. You (yourself) will only keep finding yourself with men who habitually take up with women from out their subconscious…

Keep it cute by being understanding ladies.

Keep it cute. Boys become men who become husbands and fathers, or deadbeat men and dads. Often times, it’s not always ALL their fault…

{May 17, 2012}   The Sickness.

One thing I absolutely, positively, unequivocally loathe /strong&gt
(right up there with pedophiles, serial killers, rapists & other weirdos)
is an envious & jealous person.

Because it’s a terminal illness and a VERY self-bludgeoning emotion that does not go away,
while remaining in a relentless pursuit and constant search their “To Whom I Am Concerned”
upon which to wipe their diseased and infected blood.


{March 24, 2012}   FEAR -vs- CLEAR

Let’s talk about FEAR.

Fear is not just some action in which we see a thing
and run for cover-to a corner, or behind some couch and begin
shaking and/or praying, to shelter ourselves from harm.

Fear is mostly the harm that we do unto others, as a result
of the preconceived notions, thoughts, or feelings that shake
and shaped our minds, and have shelter up in our own heads…

Please, whatever you do.


Or (think) you KNOW about fear…

Or whatever you DO about fear…

Read these words and know what “fear” really is.

Fear is fear of the unknown-the unclear about any: thing, place, or PERSON…

Racism is a poison that creeps and seeps into the crevices of the heart and
mind about any particular race, social status/socio-economic status, race, creed,
religion/belief about another person opposite (or unknown) as comparison to us/our own.
Rather than to establish dialogue and conversation, we have chosen to have a conversation
amongst ourselves-in our own heads, which fear makes us antagonistically act upon.

JEALOUSY and ENVY is fear.
Jealousy is a poison that creeps and seeps into the crevices of the heart and mind
about any particular person that we feel has something(s) that we wish we had,
cannot obtain, refuse to work towards obtaining, or know that we will not,
or are not capable of obtaining (being it: material, physical, or social)

HATRED is fear.
Like racism, hatred is a poison that creeps and seeps into the crevices of the
heart and mind about any particular race, social status/socio-economic status,
race, creed, religion/belief about another person opposite (or unknown)
as comparison to us/our own. Rather than to establish dialogue and conversation,
we have chosen to have a conversation amongst ourselves-in our own heads, which
fear makes us antagonistically act upon.

FEAR is fear
There is nothing to fear, but fear itself…
…’Nuff said.





Being bold opens up the way to “clear.”

Being bold eradicates fear.

These are words of “fear”:
“He’s just staring.”
“Now he’s staring at me.”
“Yep, he’s coming to check me out.”
“ ’These assholes..’ they always get away.”
Take a listen:

More words of fear (at 1:52):
(whisper)…“Fuckin’ coons”

And THIS…is the result of “fear,” and what the COWARDS WHO FEAR do:

When you harbor fear in your heart, your mind, and your thinking about a
person; you can impair the way that they think, feel, operate, function,
eat, sleep, and LIVE…


If ANY FORM of racism, prejudice, jealousy, envy, or hatred, is in your
head with regard to any other human being for which you have elected to feel
(or act upon); that means that you, too, have chosen to be a coward and
validate your fear as “real.”

Anything unclear, unrevealed, and unsettled is not clear-therefore it is NOT “real…”

And when it is not revealed, settled, or made clear (through something as
simple that a little dialogue and conversation will cure), we too, are
George Zimmerman-WITH or without a gun in our hands, Because we too, affect
the lives and livelihood of the people we “shoot”…just the same.

So as long as we:
…We too, are no different than George Zimmerman, unless or until, we get “clear.”

The way that we socialize today, “assumption” is the new conversation and
receipt of the way that we [choose] to receive, process, and believe “information,”
(especially about a person-another human being).
The more that we do this, the more we lose the capacity to care or change-either way.


Welcome to our “world.”

Where are YOU in this? On this? With this?


In line at the grocery store?

At school?

At work?

On the telephone or cell phone?

…You don’t have to be in Florida with a name called: “George Zimmerman,”
in order for you to be a coward like George Zimmerman.

Get your act [or whatever you feel is your lack] together.

Stop “shooting” at innocent people who you feel are “in your way.”

If you THINK you’re bold enough to pick up a literal [or figurative gun to “shoot”]
someone down by impairing the way that they: think, feel, operate, function,
eat, sleep, and LIVE; try being bold enough to initiate REAL dialogue and
conversation outside of the one in your own head-making you run up on
people-“shooting,” or shooting them…

That same person(s) that you “shoot” and shoot are HUMAN BEINGS with people
that (like you?): love them, need them, rely on them to make it back home
at the end of the day with all their emotional and mental faculties in tact.
They (like you?) have people that rely on and need them to make it back home
in one physical piece.
WITH peace.
IN peace.

Who are YOU to decide that they haven’t the HUMAN right to eat, sleep,
operate, function, or cope?

Who are YOU to decide that they haven’t the HUMAN right to the most peaceful
quality of life that they can live?

Who are YOU to decide that you have the right to run up on someone and interrupt
all of that-because of the fears in YOUR head?

Get OUT of your head.
And speak your mind.
Or forever HOLD your peace.
And hold your PIECE…
Stop “shooting.”
And stop shooting…

Most of us can relate to this situation, and our hearts cry out.
We can immediate say ourselves, or about our sons, brothers, and nephews:
“I am Trayvon Martin.”
But are you not “George Zimmerman?”, too?


{September 11, 2011}   Emergency 9.11

If you know or keep up with me, you know that formalities and gestures
(no matter how serious the matter or its intention); annoy me and crawl under
my skin more than anything in this world.
Because they are most often self-serving and are “THE” day at a “THE” time rather
than one CONSISTENT or GRADUAL day at “A” time.

Life goes on for the gesturer after the gesture.
Their [good deed and feeling] of saying: “I attempted,” “I suggested,”
and “I offered” almost always ends right there.

My thinking regarding formalities and gestures is as such:

Don’t serve me dinner or hand me a turkey at Thanksgiving and December
25th, when on February 5th I may need that same dinner and turkey. You will be no
where to be found. So hand me that turkey or serve me that dinner on Thanksgiving
or December 25th-on February 5th as well, or teach and show me to ways that I could
buy my and serve own.

We are all guilty of formalities and gestures on a public or personal scale
to varying degrees-with those we know personally, and as well, those we do not know personally.

It’s like that trite thing we do when we see someone from our past.
We take their phone number at the end of the conversation, knowing that we most
probably will not (or do not have much of a reason to call). But the formality
and gesture of the offer or exchange somehow smooths things along for us (or them).

For years, I have been so guilty of the doing the same thing. Until I recently
got comfortable with saying (and meaning): “Well, it was good seeing you and I
hope all is and continues to go well with you.”
(If I know in my heart
there is probably no need for me to offer or exchange contacts as a formality or gesture).

I do not like feeling that kind of “guilty.” So I gave up on that narcotic.

I refuse to spew my political rants on social forums unless I know
that I am on route to Capital Hill to stand next to people who are actively-on the daily-fight
to do something about all that I am ranting on Twitter about. That (to me) is counter-productive
and ignorant. Because it serves no one-not even the ranter.

That being said, if I cannot show you, teach you, serve you dinner and give you a turkey on
February 5th, I would rather decline to stroke my dutiful ego on Thanksgiving or Christmas
for the sake of saying: I did my part in something “ennobling” for that (literal) day.

If I cannot look you in the eye or you cannot look me in the eye and say: “I am offering/exchanging my contact with you because I really need to talk with you,” then I won’t suggest, exchange or offer.

As I mature and keep it real with this person that I have to lie down at night and wake
up in the morning to look at; formalities and gestures are no longer my style of clothing
for the day. Because people are serious about:
-their life
-their heart/love
…(and all the subcategories that fall up under all three). Regardless the face and
fronts that they put on for the world.

Stop and take a look at the words and rhetoric around you.

For many, the way we socialize today only adds to the insecurities we already have.

Observe the words in your face everyday like: “unfriend,” “random,” “de-friend,” “unfollow,” “follow,” “verified,” “block,” “unblock,” “deny,” “accept,” etc.

Those are words to set the mind up to tell the heart of a person that they are somehow:
validated, inferior, liked, disliked, superior, subservient, domineering, rejected, favorite,
un-favorite, accepted, included, apart of, apart from, isolated or separated.

As I point to my temple, I say to you:
That is all a mind game-baby-built for the strongest (who not only can survive it);
but who knows the game. And how to deal it, play it, deal with it, wheel it, will it, and win it…

EVERYBODY’s got on their persona and pixilated suit in this life and social game of three-card
molly, no matter how “natural” or effortless it looks. EVERYBODY’s “The Wiz” in this thing-just
to varying high and low degrees.

No matter who, just pay attention to the insecure or grandiose, inferior, competitive,
combative, justified and unsure rhetoric of the people around you. Each and every person…
everybody (the from the movers and the shakers down to and through the stealers
and the takers) are pixilated behind some form of insecurity that they are fighting
tooth, QWERTY keypad and nail, not to fall into obscurity on.

With that being said, when you can, where you can: DO.
Do keep it real.

Let me give you a side bar note about something in relation to the moral and my reason for this blog.

Have you ever watched Joy Behar interview a person? (She’s the lady comedian who one of the host on
“The View” and she has a late evening show on HLN as well, where she interviews celebrities, politicians, etc).
To a lot of people, she’s annoying as all get out (from what I’ve seen, read and heard).
She “seems” negative, piercing, nosey, antagonizing and downright offensive and invasive
(to some people that I’ve seen her interview). But do you know what the “problem” is with her?
She makes people “accountable” for what other interviewers often times leave open-ended or unanswered.

Often times, these celebrities and politicians get on shows and say profound or delightful things
(that would actually be interesting to hear how they arrived at such a conclusion or premise).
But on her shows, she will ask: “so how so?” or “why?” or “when?” or “what made you say that?”

When they’re being truthful about their delight or profoundness; they can flow right
into answering the question. When they’re untruthful or were savvy in saying something to merely
fill a line in an interview; they get choked up. That has happened (with Joy’s interviews)
more often than not.

I’m always curious about human behavior, so like for a year or so, I was almost obsessed
with watching her interviews (plus she’s funny).

But people (like Joy) who ask questions, require more to conclude or believe [in] a thing etc., Or people who provoke thought or contemplation (like what I’m doing in this blog), look like rebel-rousers and negative troublemakers who are problematic and chaotic.

But that’s not always so. People like that are the minority (in today’s world) so
[to mostly the insincere and superficial people] they upset the “status” quo.
(Or to those people who are playing the Laws of Power mind-game and use it to the
letter and like a bible to make it through this social life we’re living). With any
book-you have to know how to take what you need from it and apply it per-situation/per-person
(sometimes) in order to not lose your “humanness” in all this “stuff” in the world.

The point that I am making however, is that-day by day, we are becoming such
a nation of superficial exhibitionists. And these forums that we socialize on, enable
us to have the platform to be so-where we otherwise would have none. So with that
“opportunity,” we are becoming top-notch exhibition opportunists (now more than ever).
All of us: me, you, the person next to you and so forth. We’ve all been guilty at some point.

We are very concerned now, more than ever, with what other people think of us and
how they “view” us. So much so, that we are overly concerned with what we say
than we are with what we dobehind, and after we say it.

We offer sentiments of empathy that mean nothing five minutes after we publicly declare it.
We quote quotes that we do not live by-suggesting to our audience how they should live
in order to be considered “humane,” or “right” in their daily lives.

When if [like the quote that gets me the most: “Be the change you wish to be in the
”] we really did be the change we wished to see in the world; do you really
realize how much better a place this world we be if we really followed with action;
the sincerity we put on display-what it is we quote and say for either: attention, sportsmanship,
tradition or notoriety?
Think about it.

That is why I almost never quote quotes. I just say what I feel-even if it sounds like a quote.
I try and move away from that because I’m guilty of the same inaction as well-like you are too.
We all are.

Yet, there are people (on foot) out there helping, fighting and defending rights of things that
we are too busy quoting and publicly proclaiming-to pretty up our walls. They are out there climbing walls.
And they are not soldiers-they are civilians who take active stances to make phone calls, gather
lists and go to make things happen about the stuff that we offer superficial empathy and condolences on-everyday.
We think the extent of defense and help starts and ends at our borders-and it doesn’t.

There are people who know and help orphaned families and children of the people that perished in the
tragedies that we publicly emphasize about. We haven’t a care about outside of “what happened,”
much less-how their loved ones are living-since (their tragedy).

In spirit, karma and from the empathetic heart; condolences, prayers and empathy are more enough-but
best served quietly from the sincere heart. But when we pretty up our walls, personas and images with
condolences and empathy; we forget that the cure (in addition to the prayers and well-wishes)
is one thing that we all can agree on: our time and our money. Time is money just
like we can offer our time or our money in making anything that is wrong-right. And we allknow that.

What good is offering condolences and empathy on a thing for the sake of not feeling shamed for
not acknowledging something that, (if we can) would best be served by doing something about?

During my own years of superficiality and saying stuff to add to my “persona,” I became more
comfortable with keeping it “all-me” and all “about me,” rather than publicly offering or saying
something that I couldn’t (or wasn’t) doing anything about-past the chair that I sat in, especially
when I knew it was because I didn’t want people to shame me for not acknowledging. But in not doing
anything about it, I felt just as fake. So I learned to do what works for my soul while
empathizing from my heart-to whom it may concern.

But that’s me.


In 2009, I was on the Global Grind website, and Kimora posted a traumatic video of
this lil’ fourteen/fifteen year old boy who was brutally beaten by the police. It was all caught on video
(close-up at that). I had never seen anything like it. The boy was unarmed, swollen, turning blue and bleeding
from places I never could image (while trying to breathe). It was like the two cops had gotten a taste of the
adrenaline of what a human kill and torture felt like-and they beat this poor little poor to a literal pulp,
as if they could feel pleasure in their own bodies.

I held onto my chest and breath after I watched the family and the onlookers responding to it all,
but low and behold, after reading Kimora’s post about it-I couldn’t hold my voice back. So I sent
her a hell of a “how dare you” letter. Because I felt like, how could she post this type of story
and interject the fact that the family was having a hard time getting it brought to justice
(because of their finances). Yet, she is not only wealthy-but she posted and published the story
on her website!

For me, it shouldn’t have stopped there. To me, to not step up to the plate (whether silently or publicly)
was less than acceptable. So I read her the riot act about it-right on her website (which was deleted-and
as a writer, I usually keep everything I write but I just went right in and replied-and my post will never
see the light of day again).

All that is fine and dandy and I would be remised if I didn’t mention that when I followed up on the story
later-she did step up to the plate and help out.

Whether or not she had plans to do it before the post or after my post-that’s neither here nor there.
What matters is that she did something about what she PUBLICLY claimed to have empathized about.
So I respect that-thoroughly.

I wasn’t picking on Kimora because she was a public figure and because she was wealthy. Little did she know,
I had the same kind of debate with my best friend in 2005 when the IVR political debate was a hot button issue.
She and I argued like cats and dogs on the phone about it and we hung up and didn’t speak for weeks about her
concern about it versus my issue, which was: “Why in the hell are you playing arm-chair quarterback from your
chair and screaming at the television when there are people in Washington doing something about it?
Yet you and I are sitting on the phone arguing the issue and neither one of us are standing on any steps in DC!”

It just made no sense.
Some things, no matter how serious the sentiment involved, make no sense to comment on where there is
something that can be done after the comment, formality or gesture.

It’s pretentious, in a way.

In closing my long-story long, I say this.

In this day and age of being self-conscious of how we are looking to and FOR other people, we still have to
keep it real-and allow our empathy and sincerity to match that, versus our personas and egos.

So I’m going to start with myself.

On this day of remembrance, even some ten whole years later, outside of
where I was and what I was doing when it happened; I cannot recite to
you ONE person’s name from the 9.11 tragedy (and you, reading this, probably cannot either-in the midst of
all of our formalities and gestures).

But there are people who can: those whom it directly affected.

Regardless the conspiracy theories, the fact still remains: some people died. That’s real.
And my sincere and heartfelt blessings go out to the families and friends of those that perished on
this tragic date tear-stained in the lids of all our eyes to have unfortunately seen.

On this 9.11 date, in addition to the empathy and condolences that we PUBLICLY express for
these families and surviving loved ones, we should also use the thoughts of this day to consider
the things going on in our own personal back and front yards-to the people in our own lives (living)
whom we are awaiting to offer our empathy and condolences at what? Their perishing? Their funerals?

If we can publicly offer it to people that we don’t know, then what about the people in our own lives
(we owe it to) to step up to the plate and do the same? Make our own wrongs-right-rather than at tragedy.

While in our heartfelt formalities and gestures of the day, make them even more meaningful by
really meaning what we say-going forward even after today, as we cherish our
own loved ones and good times in the lives we live now, the way that we do in times of tragedy;
when to whom it would concern, is no longer here.

Keep it real with them (and yourself) while they are still here-like it’s an emergency

Be blessed.

The feeling is like this.

Have you ever seen the movie “Juice?”

Remember Q, Steele, Bishop and Raheem were friends.

Bishop killed Raheem.

Q and Steele was right there when Bishop killed Raheem and couldn’t
do a damned thing about it right now.

As a result of that, Bishop was like a total eye sore,
booger and sore thumb in their lives-they just couldn’t get away from him.

Every turn they made-he was a stressor and annoyance and NUISANCE in their lives.

To add insult to injury, after Raheem’s funeral-they all gathered at Raheem’s house.

Bishop had the nerve to give Raheem’s mom and sister his “condolences” and
stood there, looking in their faces like he was a pillar of empathy.

Remember that look that Q had on his face while watching Bishop talk like that to
Raheem’s family-when he stood there knowing the truth, but by God couldn’t do
anything about it right now?

Now, image that whole scene, accept the person that was shot, was you (figuratively).
You’re living, but there’s is nothing you can do about it (right now). Not because of blackmail
or fear or anything like that-but the shooter knows that it isn’t in your best interest right
now-and doesn’t serve you do anything about it (right now).

Your only way to keep your calm and keep your head (for far too long now) is to play the
game-to maintain your peace. But some days, you’re not in the mood to and regardless-either
way-it (or they) just won’t go away
(and weren’t even invited in the first place)…and all you got right now is to ride
and rely on karma.

But that bitch is taking too damned long…


{January 30, 2011}   What’s Your HTML?

Go to your Tool Bar.

Click: “View.”

Then: “Source” or “View Source.”
…that is called “HTML” (Hyper Text Markup Language).

Hyper Text Markup Language is the words and symbols
behind the face [of any page] that you are looking at…

It is the cryptic language behind the face that tells the
face how to present itself to you…

Those words and symbols tell a story and paint a picture with
its words but in front of those words is the face-the HTML is merely
the complexity behind that face which exhibits simplicity…

Any page of mine is my face, my canvas and my “HTML-” upfront rather
than behind…

Keep in mind however that though my HTML is on the front, I am a person;
not just a picture behind HTML…

My HTML (and complexity) is what lies behind this PERSON
(flesh and bone-just like you)…

Everybody has their own HTML…

I am merely displaying HTML-a mixture of how I think and what I think.
Which comes from various sources of experience or observation;
gathered into HTML code.

How I feel and what I feel (generally speaking).
A mixture of emotions: personal, interpersonal and not so personal.
Merely observations or experiences of others as well-past or present.

I write-so that is what I do: write-about a lot of things…

Because I chose to exhibit my HTML in way(s) that you may not chose to,
will not dare to or can’t…do not negatively judge me or challenge me when
what I’m merely doing is sharing with you for:
I am not judging.
I am not challenging.
I feel that if one does not judge-he should not feel judged.
I feel that if one does not challenge-he should not feel challenged…
(now decode then download that^ for a sec)…

If within the source of your HTML is filled with and of hate, envy,
strife, anger, feelings of resentment, mean-spirit and any other
weak emotional fear; then what you will see is merely you are
and what’s already inside of you.

If the source of your HTML is of happiness, joy, love and light and any
other emotion of strength (faith, hope, love, courage);
then what you will see is merely you are and
what is already inside of you as well.

If within the source of your HTML you love me, have love for me and/or you
personally KNOW me-then you fully understand, can decode, most probably have
seen or been with me while living some of my HTML, with and because of that,
you can do nothing but love me more after sharing my HTML…

So ask yourself this question:

Have you ever literally viewed the source of your very own HTML?

Where is YOUR HTML?

Don’t ever think that because it may not be written…that you yourself do not have a
story to tell and that because it may not be written, that it’s tucked away oh so well…

That’s just the very nature of cryptic (or hidden) HTML…


{January 30, 2011}   Fame

Most people who chase and run behind fame, do so-because they do not know their worth (if any) outside of the buffoonery that is widely celebrated and popular in the world today.

But for the ones who do know their worth and what they bring to the table; their hustle is no different than a college graduate refusing to work at Burger King.

They know that from beyond the sideshows and clownery-in its righteous, blessed and due time-they too, can have it their way (just like Burger King).

If I can do nothing else in this world, even down to lacing my shoes right, there is one gift that I do know that I was blessed with, it’s: the gift of gab and having a way with words-something that is worth more in value than buffoonery, popularity and fame-chasing (after the smoke and mirrors).

I love music. I can rap a lot. I can hold a tune, so I love to write hot: rap/pop/rnb/songs.
I am a student of life. A great story teller, and I know how to make you feel whatever I want you to feel-think whatever I want you to think (like a good storyteller is supposed to) so I write hot books.
I can draw and bring to life, things that work in my mind.
I stay inspired, intrigued and interested, so, I have a few resolves about how some things should work. So, I draw designs for those things (from my mind).
When it comes down to business, no matter what the business (but especially my business); I am as shrewd as it gets.
So I do all things necessary to legally make sure what came from my mind-is mine.

My vision is broad.
I see workable ways in how to make what works-work better.
My horizons are expanded every day that I wake.

My talents and my skills that I thrive in that that make me feel fulfilled, just happen to far extend sitting at a desk from nine to five. No, there’s nothing wrong with that-I do that too, but my spirit is drained and killed there.

With all that said, should I just toss, hide, ignore and bury my head in shame-simply because what I most excel and am interested in happens to be (in your eyes) “all about the fame?”
I don’t think so.
To do so would not serve me-that would only serve and make you feel full-right?…
So which do you feel-I should chose?
Which do you think is most important (to me). Your way or mine?…
I work hard, to be respected for what I do and can bring to the table.
I don’t seek to get by on my beauty and my booty.
For me, images of me are what’s smoke and mirrors. Should my will get weak-then I can compete.
Some things matter more to some people, for others-it doesn’t…
That’s just life. But I’m not concerned with that-I know what matters to me and I know who I am.

But since you so confidently and assuredly ride your assumption, allow me to humbly mount you with this ONE question:

Can you rock these words like me?
You’re human. Sure you would, if [like Burger King-you had it your way] and you could…

(That should address quite a few people who’ve been cruising for that dose of enlightenment that they so badly needed to digest).

Know the difference between a “Fame-Chaser” and somebody who happens to excel or love what they do that looks like fame to you. You may not have an idea, and as well-you have no idea of what I go through.

What I say is not about conceit or arrogance.
I have nothing to be conceited or arrogant about-everyday I am a work in progress.
None of what I say is behind malice or hostility of any kind, for I have nothing to necessarily defend.
But sometimes in life, and especially on this internet with a world of eyes and people who know you (but only thought your life and relationship with them only extended as far as talks about bullshit talk and bills); sometimes situations do not permit you to know the full person (depending on their connection with you).
It’s unfortunate if we never got to the part about dreams and aspirations and goals…
Well: surprise-surprise…This is what I do.
This is that other side of me.
Hello, hi-you. I am pleased to re-acquaint myself with you.
This is what I dreamed and worked on for years in between all the bullshit that we would say and do.
Sorry if I didn’t dream you. Dream around you or share my dreams with you.
I think that is very unfortunate, very
If I could have-I would have…

On another note, on the internet-behind pixels and words on a screen-people who definitely do not know you and have never so much as had a conversation with you, form opinions about you and question your motives; working overtime trying to discredit you, and diminish you to comfort their own insecurities.
As if somehow, what you eat will make them fat.

I don’t get that… 😦

There come times when you have to make yourself abundantly clear (on the internet) when you and all you do is on display.

My display probably looks very decorated. But trust me when I say, I was research, working, working towards and doing all of this-years before there was a Twitter, a Facebook and all these social forums with (partial) mounds of gossip, mean-spiritedness and inuendo running amok.

To some, my way and display may seem a big way.
Not because I’m bragging or fronting-it’s because I can deliver what I display, that is why I display samplers.
This ‘aint nothing new to me.
I worked on and towards everything I’m doing without an audience.
Sometimes I have to remind myself that I do have an audience.
That is what’s new to me…
All that you see on display, was in preparation wayyyy before the birth of a Twitter and a Facebook.
The highest paid woman in all of television can even vouch for that fact and you best believe I’m going to hang onto that as my time stamp in this thing-if nothing else. LoL. 🙂

I sign off by saying that I wrote this in my blog because I would much rather make draw my conclusions and facts for you, than to have to have them draw for me-incorrectly and untrue 😉

If you got nothing but love for me, thank you.
Rock with me while I rock with you.
And if you don’t-just kick ’em! LoL.
Nah. I got love for yous too.
‘Cause if you don’t have love for me-ohhh…it was only because you didn’t understand me.
But you do now! 🙂

Love all 🙂

{January 30, 2011}   Walking Shoes

God is not:
A gavel, a knife, a sword, a gun, a noose, venomous sputum.
Or only for Sunday, Wednesday, Easter Sunday mornings and afternoon services or Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day feast pray-overs…

(God is not a weapon, situation or occasion)…

God is more than
A mid-sentence conversation piece or convenience to use to stand in front of our own personal feelings, weaknesses, judgment and insecurities…

(That is not Godly or “of God”-period)…

Yes, fear God-not living life…

God is not:
Condemnation, a competition or race; trite, fight, habitual, empty and redundant repetition or a shield for when we fear life and living in the world around us when it becomes just too much for us to handle…

(That is not Godly or “of God”-either)…

God is not:
To be called upon to hurry up and shut it down “beam me up!” for times when we feel that our emotional, interpersonal, personal, social, mental or financial needs aren’t met to our satisfaction-so we lose hope and faith that all negative things too shall pass and instead, we hope for, pray for and wish for him to stop doing HIS job, and HIS work to let us come play amongst him.

Sorry, if you woke up this morning-God’s not through with you; HE’S BUSY-he still has work to do…

(God made patience a virtue-practice it)…

Pure, unadulterated, angst and anticipation for God should be an almost selfish act of spiritual obsession:

“I just want to meet you! smell you! touch you! hear you! and bow to your feet because I crave you! need you! miss you! I want to hold you! hear you say that you love me and tell me that everything is going to be okay…”OH GOD!!!!!” (we’ve all yelled THAT many times before…) I LOVE YOU!…”

Anticipation of God should have NOTHING to do with anything other than the simple fact that you, yourself and YOU…just HAVE to have him…

(That is spiritual desire for God when your heart is on fire for Him)…

Anything other than that is to be waiting for Him in vain which means that you have lost faith that while he is at work when we are at play; he is overseeing things and ensuring that everything will be okay…

(That is impatience, faithlessness, despair and mistrust).

God is not:
Only a convenience to be called upon during times of thoughts of inferiority, distress, bad times and kicked-rock luck, but in good times and abundance as well. Don’t you think he knows “what’s really going on?”

(God is not a user or fair-weather, why should we be?)

A walk with God is not just enough to be in servitude, congregation, giving glory [or secretly, silently, viciously and spitefully demanding of others] the same glory and praise when and wherever; for YOU have NOTHING to do with someone else’s close personal relationship with the same God.

That other man has NOTHING to prove to little ole’ you but EVERYTHING to prove to his God…

God knows that without [or even WITH] Him getting the glory or honorable mention in ANYTHING man does, if He had a hand in it or not.

God knows if He is or is not the foundation, genesis and through to the end of ANYTHING your fellow man does, even though YOU may not-it’s just none of your business.

How, why or does knowing either way, serve you? Let God bless that or mess that..

(Keep religious spirituality in perspective-He’s big enough to tend to, watch over and listen to everybody, right?)…

He who does not exhibit spiritual scorn (by way of his words, energy and spirit itself) does not seek to antagonize and show contempt and as well, he is free of thoughts or feelings of scorn or contempt toward him-for his spirit, love and work is for and about his God-period.

He knows that his (true) devotion for his God uses him positively (for gospel: “good” and “good news”)-never antagonistically, therefore, he knows that all that he is in receipt of, is to, positive and without scorn or contempt as well.

He trusts that God uses and works on everybody.

You and your fellow man have a right to a relationship with the same God-no matter how loud the scream.

Do not assume that because you choose to scream louder, that the next man has any less a relationship with God than you do.

How dare you?

(Share Him. Trust in Him to oversee another man’s devotion to him or lack thereof)…

A TRUE walk with God is while in mid-thought, action, word or deed of anything vicious, evil, self-serving or venomous…or while: mid-PROUD, mid-ENVY, mid-GLUTTONY, mid-LUST, mid-WRATH, mid-GREED and mid-SLOTH; we stop in our tracks and ask for guidance, direction and re-direction while MID-EXPERIENCING these things…

That is what it is to be walking with God…

(Talk to Him)…

So as long as we pop, rock, drop and rep God, we should REMEMBER that we must CONSISTENTLY and CONSCIOUSLY rule it, pursue it (and if it FITS)…put on your OWN walking shoes…face-FORWARD, tunnel vision and DO IT…

(Walk with Him)…

{January 29, 2011}   ABOUT THIS BLOG SITE

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