A Girl in the World & the World in a Girl…

{May 26, 2012}   Author’s Authority.

Authors (who are real writers) are very aware of the word “author.”

They know that an “author” can too, be a name slapped across a book, but actually written by a ghostwriter.

A real author is serious about their work,
because no matter what they write about, some part of themselves
will be in the mix.

With that being said (especially so as to signature stamp the work that they write),
a real author writes with “authority.”

The researching, Googling, double-checking and questioning stops there:
In between the pages of the words they say, and where in your mind-they
must play…

So in a real authors writing,
they know they had BETTER write like a
“know it all” (with authority)…

Well, I am a real writer who authors…
And in whatever I WRITE…if don’t “know it all,”
then how they hell can I “tell” it all?

For those of you who love and trust my “AUTHORITY”,
you are forever appreciated!

{September 13, 2011}   Bringing Sand to the Beach

If life is what we make it.
We can:
*make sandcastles in the sand
*bury ourselves beneath it
*sink in it
*leave footprints in it

{June 22, 2011}   Stick Shift.

No matter what I write or publish, I write not only about what I “know,”
I write about what makes me thrive-and what I thrive best at:
doing conversing, or communicating-not because it’s “popular.”

As long as I stick to what makes me thrive, I know I’ll always be in-and
continue to create my own lane.

One of the things I love about writing is that if I knew how to garden well,
as a writer-I would write about gardening rather than seeking to be a pro-gardner.

No matter who you are and what you wish to do; if you stick to what makes you
thrive and drive-you can’t lose.

Go win.


{June 14, 2011}   She.

Worry is paralyzing, but still-she walks tall.
Smile on her face with tears about to fall.
She’s seen it all.
Never crawled.
Turns invisible.
Walks through walls.
Like nothing at all.
Stands tall-in ways that others fold and fall.
She: Not-at-all.


{June 11, 2011}   Loose Ends.

Loose ends.
Weeks’ end.
It’ll have to be more than just then name of a group’s band.
It should have a knot tied tight at its end.

The wind.

{May 29, 2011}   Playing Misty for Me.

If you have been on this online ride with me (over the past one and two years that I’ve had a
Facebook page, Twitter, and this website), for starters: thank you. ♡

You’ve probably taken note of the fact that I love music and I love to write (rap, pop & RnB) songs.

Though I do not post frequently about it, believe it or not, I still lease and buy beats, and write music.

And since I am being honest and revealing in this blog-I am about to show you what the HAYELL my
problem is…with where I be at…with it!

I’m an emotional sponge of my surroundings that I like, love or feel connected to-regardless
how detached I may seem. (Trust me, I’m just-reserved most times)…

That being said, as a writer (novel writer),
I write from the heart. I put logic and rationale aside, unless I’m writing through a character (first person)
and they are explaining or reflecting. Other than that, in writing dialogue and narrating the story itself-it’s
from the heart: strictly expression, emotion and heart.

As far as songwriting?

Let me tell it, when it comes to selecting a hot beat…I’m your girl-trust me.

I know a hit-making beat when I hear one in the first 20 seconds.

I know a “B-side” track when I hear it.

I know an “A-side” track when I hear.

When it comes to dissecting a beat (verses, chorus’, bridges/multiple bridges-if any, etc.),
I can break the beats’ minute segments for the verses, chorus’ and bridges to get it ready for
lyrics to be inserted in. In short: ARRANGEMENT.

I write without music or to music.

Many-a-mornings, I wake up from dreaming and even before focusing in/fully awake-I have music
(lyrics + beats) in my head and I slide to the edge of the bed, grab my Blackberry and record myself
singing the lyrics and duplicating the beat playing in my head for that beat-making genius that can
make the beat from hearing it being sang to him/her.

If you follow me on Twitter,
you’ve probably read on my timeline where I mentioned that my “alter-ego” is logical and rational,
a straight and to the point tough as nails kind of person-a thinker.

Whereas my “ego” is emotional, expressive, creative, relaxed, fun, chill, silly and
just-laid back-a feeler. The thing about songwriting is that songwriting has everything
to do with everything else except: logic and rational.

Songwriting, music and songs are about feeling-period.

So in songwriting, it can’t be over-thought nor should it require too much thought.
It has to be relaxed and written-not dissected.

What slows my roll in songwriting is my EFFING alter-ego.

Read on…

That “alter ego” of mine always wants to peek through and dissect and over-think a
verse and it’s meaning-trying to make sure it “makes sense,” etc.
But that’s not what songwriting/songs/music is about.

It’s not about “dissecting,” (with logic or rationale).

It’s about “infecting” (with emotion and expression).

What slows my roll, as well as what slows my role in songwriting is my “alter-ego.”
It always wants to peek through and “evaluate” sometimes-and I piss myself
off with doing that.

Truth be told, I have some great songs (not recorded and posted on my website as yet),
that I’m defeating myself with-by letting my (logical/rational) alter-ego judge me-so
they’re sitting and waiting-being dissected while I try and turn my alter ego off and
just let it flow!


RIO “Talk”

DONP “You R”

DONP “Fitted”

JINX “Tha Line”

JINX “War”


DONP&187 “MissingYou”

JINX “Dirty”

DonP & 187 “HIDE THE PAIN”



Nothing pleases me more than to bring a song to life from a producers beat.
And I know that they long to see that happen.
That’s what they work for, just as much as they work for the money.
They are finger genius’ to me and I respect their craft like crazy.

I sat on my “alter ego” when I wrote the song:

TWO WAYS” (beat produced by CJ Beats)

SET-IT-OFF“/(“Set it Off” video concept)

…the above mentioned can rest-assured the same.

When I let my “ego” flow, they too, will be demo’d and put up on my ReverbNation website.

The point of this blog?

Today (5.29.11) the below-mentioned video was posted online.
I found it through one of my fellow bloggers.

It prompted me to write this blog.

If you listen to this chick-this is JUST the “alter-ego” I’m fighting
with when I write music. *laughs*

This girl almost set me up for a set-back. *laughs* Luring my “alter-ego” to come back out.

Granted, I understand, relate (and agree) with what she is saying (where logic and facts are concerned),
but the fact of the matter is: it has NO place in what music is about and she… DEFINITELY
couldn’t write music and I’m sure her IPod is filled with instrumentals and if not, she has plenty of
music in there simply as segues for conversation pieces!

Check her out:

Music isn’t supposedto be “literal” down to the lyric.

…Music isn’t supposed to “make sense.”

Music is supposed to “take sense.”

…take over your: Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste and Hearing; something we all have:

Hence, why music is universal.
Rationale and logic are not.

Music of any genre or whether it is instrumental or lyrical; puts the mind to sleep-opens
the heart and plays with the senses…


As I silence “making sense,” I shall proceed.

Yes indeed.

{May 1, 2011}   Surge. Urge. Splurge.

Nothing is more pleasing to the eye, ears and heart than to see someone get a surge of energy that gives them a creative thought or idea that makes ’em wanna move on it.

I especially love it when I’m there to witness it.

I feel what they are feeling-because I know how that feels…

{May 1, 2011}   Word Your World.

The written word and english language are so beautiful.

There are no amount of words selected that can camouflage: beauty, love humor, peace, joy, happiness, contentment.

Likewise, no matter what choice in words we use; there are no such selections that can camouflage: fear, inferiority, envy, hatred, jealousy, anger, self-hatred & insecurity.

That’s the beauty of the obscurity of the written word.

{May 1, 2011}   Art Farce

A real artist never really spends a significant amount of time talking about art.

He walks about art.

It’s a: “so who are you really trying to convince” or a: “watch…read…feel…take a seat…take a listen or a taste and I will convince you.”

Art is the abstract over the concrete as is the verb about it being a noun (says the dictionary).

It’s a: “I will show you, bring to you, bring you through, make you, shake you, place in front of you, put into you: a person, place or thing-all by doing…
And being: ‘art.’ ”

{April 8, 2011}   Create. Critique. Cheerlead.

Enjoy it. When you create anything from your own mind and heart, you can (and should) be your own critic and even moreso-your own cheerleader.

{February 17, 2011}   Competency About Competition.

We all love a friendly [or even a heated and intense] game of competition
where the ball is being: bounced, thrown, caught or hit.

Though competition [is first] for the courts or fields; in the game of life
(when you are alive and living it); you cannot ignore the game of
“survival of the fittest” (a moniker given behind the psychology of it all,
but typically expressed when describing the game of life in the wild-for sure).

Roar, because the ball is in your court now.

Catch this:

When whatever it is that you do, you do it firstly (for you) and it
fulfills you (whether you or not you are paid for it) and that thing is
like second-nature to you; then that thing is a blessing that was gifted
to you-therefore, you have no competition.
What you have is called: CONTENDERS and RUNNER UP’s.

Those contenders are: time and other life demands that compete with you for
your time-pulling for your attention; asking from you-your undivided.
You know-that same reciprocal thing that you in turn ask for: time for yourself,
to practice and hone in on doing whatever it is you were blessed with.

Now beat this:

When and with whom did the Creator have competition with?

Counting down: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Game over. No thing, no one.
High score: Infinite.
Competitor: None.

That said, anything that you are blessed with is a gift from the Creator.
So if the Creator gifted it to you-it is already your “win.”
You have no “competitors,” only contenders of time and the demands of life.
Outside of that, you only have runner ups: those who put themselves into (an imagined)
competition with you because they are the ones scrapping, fighting and ripping at you as
if they haven’t their own blessings.

Foul play.
They have not taken the time to hone in on and discover what (or who) they are.

Scored tied.

Sometimes their blessings can be the same as yours, yet, they’re too busy concerning themselves
with your blessings to discover ways to use and unique their own.

In this lifetime, whether creative or technical, you have to know (and accept) that there is
pretty much nothing “new” under the sun. There are only new ways to do it or present it.
You cannot present a new way to do any thing until you learn to unique your own way of being
and doing a thing.

Game on.
Sometimes in order to do so, selfishness is a prerequisite.

Have you ever been called “selfish?”

I’m not talking about being called selfish with your money or other materialisms.

I’m not even talking about being called selfish because you’re the type who can dominate a
conversation with all things “you” so much so, that by the time the other person speaks,
you’re now out of time to listen.

I’m talking about the kind of selfishness where you have been so enthralled and caught up in
loving, honing in on and working at something so much, that you’ve been called “selfish” a time
or two (because that was your order of importance or priority) over anything else-that’s the kind
of selfish I am talking about.

That kind of “selfishness” is something that is not such much about the working on/at a particular
blessing of talent, or skill; but rather-the repetition and practice of a thing that creates not only
preparation (should opportunity arise), but yields one thing on top of another thing on top of another
thing, where, because of this habit (in its due time) you will have created many things (regardless
if it was through talent and skills or practice and will).
Habitually having done one thing on top of another thing, if a (negative) challenge (or opportunity)
presents itself, you are prepared, packaged and ready to get it crackin.’

The point of that is this.
Be it through the blessing of talent or skill or discipline and will; sometimes being a little bit
“selfish” (by my abovementioned definition) will put you ahead of the game (whatever that game may be).

Because people only feel a sense of competition with you when they are one, or all these things:
a) Feel that you are better than them at a thing
b) Wish that they, too, could do/be that thing
c) They are not prepared (even if they could do the same thing)

Don’t misinterpret what I am saying about preparation, because for some of us, some of our best is bred
as a result of being under time restraints and pressure. So when we are challenged by a “friendly”
game of “competition” (a business deadline or opportunity), the right kind of adrenaline gets to
pumping and that creative juice starts to flow, we can create masterpieces.

But when someone catapults you into an unfriendly game of “competition,” be competent about the
Competent meaning: be realistic about your ability to demonstrate how prepared you are to rise to
the challenge (of your unfriendly competition’s preparedness)-not their talent, not their skills,
not their ability (even if in your eyes-lack thereof, as compared to yours)…

Regardless of a presentable past or reputation to have done or the ability to do a thing, when you
answer and step up to an unfriendly game of competition (at the end of the day), being competent about it,
is what will make you the winner or the loser.

You do not have to answer to negative every challenge you are invited to.
Sometimes our occupations…our surroundings and even the people we think love us are all up in our
ears and ego, sending us spiraling out of control. When we answer to challenge for which we are not
quite prepared for, we look almost like we are hurriedly throwing boxes out of window with the landlord
and bailiff at the door-coming to put us out.

Have you ever been in a rush because you were running late for something very important and while leaving,
you can’t find your keys, your left shoe, your credit card and all things of importance?
All the while, that moment is approaching and you and your things are all over the place.
Eventually you gather them all, hop in the car, step on the gas and go full steam ahead trying to get there.
By the time you pull up to your destination, you’re still huffing and puffing and meanwhile, everybody turns
to look at you like” “what the hell?” (Happened to me-just the other day) LoL. At any rate.

You look out of control to them.
Not so much as “out of control/crazy,” but out of control/unprepared (rather than prepared, relaxed and ready
to get it crackin’)…
Not being prepared does not make you a loser. It simply makes you unprepared to win.
Not being prepared but answering to the prepared, simply makes you look like the loser-even if you know
(and all else know) you are a winner.

The preparation and package is what’s palpable. Not your past, parlance or pandemonium.
Because when all the roaring dies down, the winner of the game is the one who proved themselves most prepared
with the complete and delivered package presented…

Excuse my French and in my Antoine Dodson voice I’ll forewarn: “Hide ya eyes!”

Fuck boxes.
At the end of the day, nobody gives a damn about boxes.
They only hold things that are in preparation for the up and out!

Package, tighten and hold on to your respect for your blessed talent or skills before answering a
challenge unprepared-especially if you want to maintain respect for your talent or skills because as
harsh as it sounds, people love to kick you when you’re down, give audience when you clown or look desperate
for money, attention, relevancy and significance.
They don’t love you.
They make a mockery of your wrong moves (even when they know that your talents or skills outweigh your
wrong moves)…
What went out the window will be all they remember-no matter how much they claim to love you, support
and keep it real with you…

Look at Super Bowl Night, though Christina Aguellera is known for her talent, skill and ability to sing a hole
in a wall if she wanted to, the only thing the world cared about was the fact that she showed up unprepared.
And that’s what they hung onto.
Anything else about her regarding what she could and did do-went straight out the window.

Moral of the story is this.
When you know who you are, and you know what your blessings are-then you stand in the middle of that.
Go back to being a little bit “selfish,” and not only will you come back prepared and ready, but competent in
how to handle your functions with your contenders and runners up.
When you stand “selfishly” in your blessings and who you are, your contenders and runner up’s can never mistake
their positions.

With Love, Angela

A good thing about being a writer is that, a writer is in charge of drawing their own conclusions.

When a writer becomes published, he is then referred to as an “author.”

A man who is alive, is too, an author of his own life-should he chose to write it.

That being said, every moment that you live, live as alive as possible: etch your sketch rather than having your sketch being etched and concluded by others.

Because on a real live “Magic Etch A Sketch Screen,” there are two circular control knobs.
They read: “horizontal dial” and “vertical dial.”
Those dials put, control in the hands of others.
Having only directions of horizontal and vertical as controls, affords others the ability to sketch you in a box (where you will be etched).

The good thing about etching your own sketch (being the author of your own life) is that you are in control of your own direction.
That’s the magic in it.

{January 30, 2011}   Delivery.

You can lead a horse to water.
But you can’t make him drink.
You “CAN” claim you’re a champion lover, but the proof is in your delivery.
You can help make a baby, but can you deliver?
Well then the product of the prize is essentially the fruits of the deliverer’s labor.

Debts I paid them all to you. I paid and paved the way for you.
If the proof is in the puttin’ then it was me who put it on.

What good are dancin’ feet to one who can’t deliver the dance?
Can do is what really matters, all else means nothing at all.
‘Cause you “can” pull the rug from beneath my dancin’ (and deliverin’) feet, doesn’t mean that I will fall.
Nobody is perfect, I know I’ve done my wrongs, but I have no reason to hide in a shell.
My strength comes from those who remained in my corner, knows my heart and mean me well.
I said it once before, it’s not what you “can” say, but what you “can” do.
Ooops, I contradicted myself in that song I did and delivered about you.

It’s not all about what you “can” do, but it’s all in the delivery.
So I ask-once again: “Is it true that you “can” (deliver too?)”

I wrote this to put something on your head, for the next time you think of slaying and defaming my name.
Make sure you “can” do AND deliver all of your claims to fame.

Until then, I’m turning my back on you-my shoes you’ll never fit
May the last words you’ll here from me come from that other hit:
“These boots are made for walkin-’ tell you what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna put on my walking boots and I’m gonna walk all over YOU…”



{January 30, 2011}   I Never Finished What I Started.

Ever since I was a child, my mind has traveled from mile to mile
To many places, persons and things
Refraining from making promises, afraid of what tomorrow brings
But you can’t call me a procrastinator
I never promise to get back later
Everything from A to Z, every canvas that I’ve touched
Friendships/relationships, yes they all meant much
It’s just that I never finish what I’ve started.
Yet I try so hard not to do anything half-hearted.

Detached? Astrology tells me that I am not.
Does completion really put me on the spot?
Though my mind at times appears lost in space
My heart has always been in the right place:
With you…
And everything else for that matter
But since loving you this one thing I have gathered
That I never finish what I started, yet I try so hard not to do anything half-hearted
But of everything from A to Z
I’m so glad that you were sent to me
To help me finish what I have started, to give you my all whole hearted.
You’ve proven to me time and time again that you are here to stay
And wouldn’t have it any other way
You make me finish what I started
Regardless how many times we’ve parted

If I could think of one song that reminds me of you
One that makes me cry even when I’m not feeling blue
It’s called “The Wind Beneath My Wings,” you know that one, don’t you?

I never finish what I started…



{January 30, 2011}   I Hate You.

When I see you I see fog.
I hear rain. I feel fire. I feel pain.
The mere thought of your touch to mine feels like brisk cold wind to my skin.
And it’s because I hate you.
I hate you for all that you did, and all that you didn’t do.
Can’t say that I hate you for all you didn’t say. You said plenty-you just never followed through…
Nor did anything “Me” or anything “You…”
No matter what I think of when I think of you, tears from the years marinade from inside
And make their way to crowd my tired eyes.
But they never fall anymore.
They just sit there.
Filling up in the wells of my soul and then like the Grim Reaper, here comes the fog: Guess who?
I hate you.
On fire, my heart palpitates and sends Fahrenheited sensations to my chest down through my limbs.
A place once filled with the pitter-patter of butterflies moving all around and about at whim.
I hate you so very much because you put many miles on my heart.
You make me wonder if this was in your plan right from the start…
Funny how you crept on me, then in to me and left nothing but skid marks all the way through me.
I hate you for all that I went through for you, with you and because of you.
I hate the fact that I share this universe with you.
I hate everything that reminds me of you.
I hate that you breathe the same air that I breathe.
I hate you.
I just hate you, and wish that you would leave…
I never loved so hard, hated or hurt so bad.
I hate you so much because with no warning-like the same way you entered my life-you made me hate you right in the middle of loving you…
And for that, I just nothing but hate you.

©2001 AngelaSherice


{January 30, 2011}   Flight and Fly

“I let my ‘haters’ be my motivators.”
I hear that so much that I felt the need to write about it.
That song is one so high and hot, that it ought to be inducted into the “Need To Rock then Roll Hall of Shame.”

Stop “letting (your) ‘haters’ be (your) motivators.”
That is a tension-filled, fight or flight negative experience.

Whatever it may be; be at one, and at peace with yourself and your process (if anything substantial is to be felt from it).

Succeed for yourself and the people who love, support and believe in you-not your “haters.”

When whatever it is you do, you do it for the love of it; you are on auto-pilot motivation, so there is no fight, just-flight.

On auto-pilot, you are already a success at take-off and through to the journey itself (regardless where it may or may not land).

Pardon the philosophy and psych major in me, but on the flip side of “letting (our) ‘haters’ be (our) motivators;” some “haters” are mere imaginary defense mechanisms for the frustration in our heads when we feel the pressure of, fear, and our inability to fulfill a task or goal.
That is natural-we are not super-human.

With that flip-side as a possibility, that is twice the reason to do what it is you do for the love of it and as well, for you-first. Because although (from our mind’s eyes and our finger pointed outward) the “hater” could very well be “them.”
As well, it could be the frustration in your head too-simply-you “hating” on you. (Blocking yourself, and being in your own way).

“Let my ‘haters’ be my motivators.”
Exhaustive, unnecessary, but more more importantly: impossible.
So why put yourself through it?

I know some cliches’ can sound so poetically good that it seems so “right.”
But all that is good is not always “right,” right?

Trust me, I know…we do have real “haters,” when we are not idle, but instead are moving about and trying to work towards our dreams or goals.
But since they are “haters,” why give them your attention and call their hate “motivation” for you?

If someone “hates” you, they will not gas you up to motivate you.
They have no fuel for your fire, they want to snuff yours out-that is the only motivation they have for you-can, and will give to you.
They do not want to give you encouragement-they want to point out your flaws to hurt-not help you.
They do not want to inspire you in your process, they want to make feel like your process is flawed.
They do not want to motivate you-they spend too much time accusing you of having ulterior motives.
Why let them cause you any turbulence?
Spare them.
They are already a torment to themselves: competing, cutting and working overtime trying counterbalance your balance.
They can’t fly.
They need your air-your wings.
They’re too busy navigating negatively; hoping to crash into you-hoping to break you apart.
You can’t fly if you’re too busy focusing on them “hating” on you.
Ignore them-they are just out gas for themselves when they’re out of focus-but so will you, if you provide the gravity.

When what you do is truly a God-given blessing and a gift given to you-you have no competition.
Only the blessed, and spiritually in-touch know and respect that law and secret.
You’re on Most-High, they’re on low-high.
Your thoughts and processes are peaceful and calm with clarity in your eyes.
Their thoughts are turbulent and wrecked with shrapnel in theirs.
They can’t see you past the debris in their eyes.
They don’t see you beyond their contempt and scorn.
They do not want to see you.
They do not want to see anything right, positive, good or true in anything that you do.

Only once you fully understand that everything is relative and the Most High is the only one who has jurisdiction and sovereignty over what is righteous, real and true; can you dream, be, and live from a place that is authentically you.

“Hate,” giving power to “haters” or even hating on yourself (being in your own way) begets nothing.
Nothing motivated and conceived by hate of any kind has ever given birth to anything great.

Fall in love again with your progress by showing some love and respect for your process, rather than giving power to hate and “haters.”

One thing for certain but this flip-side is for sure: when you let your haters (real or imagined) ALL fall back, you will find the strength to be more motivated to move on and forward filled up with a diesel kind of petroleum to send you to altitudes high as you plan and pray on.

And should you experience any turbulence, at least you took your lovers rather than your “haters” along the flight with you.

With their love for you, support and belief in you-you certainly will not crash.
The “haters”-just bypass and fly past in order to keep your process, thoughts, and dreams in the clouds.

Land for light and love-not darkness and hate.

Do like the songs says: “pretend like airplanes in the night-time are like shooting stars.”

Landing for love and the lovers. Stay motivated.
Love, -Angie.

{January 29, 2011}   ABOUT THIS BLOG SITE

Just: Angie

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Always…All ways.

et cetera