A Girl in the World & the World in a Girl…

{January 31, 2011}   Etch Your Sketch Before Your Sketch is Etched

A good thing about being a writer is that, a writer is in charge of drawing their own conclusions.

When a writer becomes published, he is then referred to as an “author.”

A man who is alive, is too, an author of his own life-should he chose to write it.

That being said, every moment that you live, live as alive as possible: etch your sketch rather than having your sketch being etched and concluded by others.

Because on a real live “Magic Etch A Sketch Screen,” there are two circular control knobs.
They read: “horizontal dial” and “vertical dial.”
Those dials put, control in the hands of others.
Having only directions of horizontal and vertical as controls, affords others the ability to sketch you in a box (where you will be etched).

The good thing about etching your own sketch (being the author of your own life) is that you are in control of your own direction.
That’s the magic in it.

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